Your Choice: Christian or Jewish

Your Choice: Christian or Jewish April 10, 2013

I love that we’ve picked an all in one caterer/venue/planner for our wedding. It makes the whole thing a lot simpler to plan. I can just rely on them to fill in a lot of the details!

Of course they are used to producing standard, cookie-cutter, western weddings and ours is anything but! You get a choice of the color of your table cloths, but they aren’t really prepared for changes bigger than that.

Our site has a lovely online planning portal to help you organize the details of your day. However, they have only two templates for you to work with: Christian or Jewish. That made me laugh out loud. I know that it’s just because they have this animation of the processional and they only know the western way to do that. I’m not hurt or offended. I realize that what I’m doing is very different from the vast majority of American brides.

On the plus side, in person they seem delighted with the chance to do something really different! Everyone we’ve met with has been excited and thrilled to hear about our Hindu and Celtic plans. I bet it’s fun for them to get to see something really different.

So our venue is called Waverly Mansion and it is a historic governor’s home in Maryland. It’s got a nice unique feel to it, which we love. The wedding will (hopefully) be outdoors. We’ll have a ceremony in the garden area and then a reception under a large white tent with a Southern garden party feel. We’re getting married around noon time rather than an evening. It’s all coming together really well.

The caterer that provides service to the mansion is Catering By Uptown.

We’ve really enjoyed working with them so far. We went to one of their tasting events with a bunch of other couples and that was really fun. We tasted food and talked to vendors and I even signed up for a videographer (I try to be frugal, but this is one thing that I really, really wanted!) Their planning website is fun even though a lot of it is not very applicable for us. The food included a cake, but since we have a friend making a cake we were able to get more food in exchange for taking the cake off the contract.

I’ll let you know how it goes day of, but so far we’re very happy with our choice.

Some of the details:

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