The Atman Provides

The Atman Provides July 8, 2013

This is a phrase I used to hear a lot from my parents growing up. There is this idea that if we can trust the universe and relinquish our fears and worries to it, God will make sure we have what we need.

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but it is a good practice, I think, to try to turn over control to the Atman (our greater Self/ultimate consciousness). I’m not sure it works for everything, but it can make us feel more at peace with the parts of life that feel out of our control.

Back when Brad and I were moving into our new apartment I agreed to get a cat. We already have a small dog (mine from years before I met Brad) but as much as he loves our dog Thea, he is more of a cat person. It wasn’t a good time while we were preparing to move, but I figured that once we got settled into the new place, we could do it.

That was March and it is now the beginning of July. We talked about getting a cat, but I was always reluctant to spend the money on the adoption fee or not sure we would get exactly the kind of cat I could live with (I am not a cat person, but I could enjoy a cat who is super affectionate and little). So time went by and we never acted on this plan.

This past week we went to Ohio visiting old friends of Brad’s. He goes every year and I’ve joined him the last two. The day after the fourth of July, we were getting breakfast in town when a woman and her daughter stopped us to say that they had a free kitten available. He had been found abandoned the night before, they said, and they were desperate to find him a home. They held the little kittie out to us and he was as cuddly and sweet and affectionate as one could imagine.

It seemed as though fate had delivered exactly the right cat to us without our having to look for it at all!

So we took the kitten and named him Moksha because he was found on July 4th, a day of celebrating freedom.

He’s home with us now, enjoying settling in, cuddling, and playing with Thea. The vet says he’s as healthy as can be and probably about three months old.

I try whenever I can to let go of my need to feel like I’m in control of everything. I practice trusting in the universe. Even, for example, in worrying about coming up with new blog posts! I try to trust that a topic will present itself in time for each post!

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