Top Posts of July

Top Posts of July August 9, 2013

I’ve seen some other Patheos writers do a summary post of their most popular posts of the past month and I thought that was a really good idea. Since I have Google Analytics on my page, I can look up and see which posts got the most attention and that should help me to learn what people are looking for so I can give you more good content.

The most popular posts here for last month were:

1) No Wedding Night Sex?

Okay, I can see how this would draw some traffic, even though that wasn’t what I was trying to do. I wonder how many people search, find that post, click on it, and don’t get what they are expecting.  Then again, maybe people are as intrigued as I was when I heard about this. Plus I think the picture I put with it was PERFECT.

2) Cultural Appropriation And Me

I’m glad that this post trended for me. I think it’s a really important subject, particularly for this blog. I think people need to know that it is something I consider. I’m not just doing Indian things because they’re cool or exotic or neat. I come to Indian culture with a lot of knowledge and respect. But people can still be offended by me and it’s their right to feel that way.

I think we see a lot of posts from people of minority cultures frustrated by cultural appropriation and there aren’t many posts from the people doing the appropriating, to explaining. Or rather, not many that aren’t super defensive. Mine is maybe a teensy bit defensive.

3) You Americans and Your Divorces

The message of this post is important to me, so I hope it travels far and wide! Americans are all different and have different beliefs, experiences, and behaviors. If you think you know Americans, I hope this post will open your eyes to the incredible variety we have.

4) The Ten Avatars of Vishnu: A Guide

I hope people find this one useful. It’s important information for a Hindu to have!

5) How to Wear a Sari (Saree)

I’m pretty proud of this one. I wanted to make sure it was really comprehensive, so I included text instructions, video, and step-by-step pictures for several different styles. It seems to be something that plenty of people are curious about!

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