How to Have a Hindu Housewarming

How to Have a Hindu Housewarming September 29, 2014

I missed a few days of posting last week, did you notice?

The reason is that we’re in the process of moving and it’s an extremely hectic time! Last week there were some days we didn’t have Internet and other days we didn’t have computers (they were still in boxes).

But now I’ve got my new home office set up and Internet at the new house. I should be able to get back onto schedule!

As we move in, part of the process is to conduct a Hindu housewarming ceremony (Griha Pravesh). I believe this will be a sapoorva griha pravesh because we are moving into a home that already exists (not new construction).

We will most likely do a modified/simplified version rather than bring in a priest (and a cow).

The key elements are:

  • boiling milk over in an open pot
  • cracking a coconut in the driveway
  • puja to Ganesha and Lakshmi

I’ve got my coconut ready to go!


Suggestions from my Facebook page include:

  • hang chili and lemon in the doorway
  • bury a small amount of gold on the property
  • have a party and feed guests
  • tie fresh mango leaves across the doorway
  • do a satyanarayn pooja

For the Satyanarayn Pooja, here are some resources:, Youtube, eHow, and Wikipedia

If you want to go more advanced and have the help of a priest, take a look at the website for your local Hindu temple. They often include listings of the cost for a priest to come to your home to perform the ceremony. Be sure to prepare a good vegetarian meal to offer the priest while he’s there!

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  • Congratulations on the move! Blessings on your new place.

    What we did when we moved in 2011 was puja to Lakshmi and Ganesh, break coconut, and boil milk until it overflowed. The milk can have a pinch of saffron in it. We also hung a Ganesh bell by the door.

  • murasaki

    Darn, I wanted to see pics of a cow in your living room 🙂 Best of luck in your new home!

    • Ambaa

      🙂 I have a cow statue…

  • Sangeetha R

    Hi Amba, congratulations on your new home. The Grihapravesh rituals defer from place to place. We do the following at our place

    1) Ganesh puja in the morning before ceremony (done by priest)
    2) A formal walk-in to the house with close family members. You can do this either before the ganesh puja in the early morning or just before boiling the milk as guests cheer. The lady of house hold a lighted lamp and enter first. Other members of family follow and close family members like parents and siblings and their families can follow. Family members hold various cherished objects like jewellery box or money box, idol or picture of favorite god,. bhagavad gita etc. Everyone enters with right foot!
    3) boiling milk
    4) feeding vegetarian breakfast or lunch to the guests depending on the time of Grihapravesh.
    5) Devi puja in the evening (done by priest)
    6) It is mandatory that family sleeps in the new house on the day of grihapravesh. Sometimes house may not yet be fully furnished, still we crash out on the floor with family members. Close relatives or friends may also join in this sleepover just for fun.

    • Ambaa

      That sounds very do-able! Thank you!

  • Vaishali Patel

    So I know this is some months ago now, but I was wondering if anyone could help me.
    I have been raised Hindu but I don’t know the ins and outs of moving into a home.
    I know the home should always be blessed before moving in to neutralise and harmonise the home.
    I am moving into a rented property in a few weeks, I live in Reading which does not have an established ‘Indian’ area and so getting provisions for a full-on ceremony is very very hard.
    I have at home ganesh murti, laxmi coin, divas and agarbatis.

    Is there something simple I can do to perform a type of ceremony.
    Also to mention…its just me…no family here