The Biggest Golu Displays

The Biggest Golu Displays September 22, 2014

Golu/Kolu doll displays for Navratri are a South Indian thing and I’ve become connected to the tradition because nearly all the other Hindus I know are South Indian and most of the communities are participate in are South Indian.

I love this tradition. I love having something to collect and a purpose for it. I love thinking up themes and displaying my collection. I look forward to someday sharing this tradition with my children and having them help me pick themes and make dolls.

Today I wanted to learn about some of the largest displays there have ever been.

Here’s an image from a display of 69,000 dolls that won a Guiness World Record:

Here’s one with a separate tableaux for 12 different emotional states:

Some more impressive displays!


Some say that originally the steps represented the levels of consciousness, so low consciousness creatures were displayed at the bottom and it moved up the chain to human beings and Gods.

Next week I’ll show you my golu display in my brand new house! 😀

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Toys vs Sacred Objects

Toys vs Sacred Objects

Toys vs Sacred Objects
"Call Girls and Chennai Escorts ### ###"

Toys vs Sacred Objects

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  • Ragtimelil

    What are they?

    • Ambaa

      They are displays of dolls set up for Navratri much like Christians would create a Christmas Village scene.

  • Ragtimelil

    Do they depict anyone in particular?

  • Trent Campbell

    It’s so interesting which aspects of Hindu culture we, as Westerners, get to experience based where in India the Hindu community we find ourselves a part of come from. You and another good friend of mine have most experience with south Indian traditions. The Hindu community here, however, is mostly Caribbean and Gujarati. So, when you get Onam and Golu dolls, I get jhandi pujas, garba and chowtal singing at Holi. 🙂

  • Madhu K Agnihotri

    Nicee !!!

  • vanavil Kalaikoodam

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  • vanavil Kalaikoodam

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