Krishna Janmashtami 2015!

Krishna Janmashtami 2015! August 29, 2015

Even though Krishna Janmashtami is late this year, taking place in early September instead of late August, it  still snuck up on me! I’m thrilled to realize that the big holiday season is just about to begin. This year Krishna Janmashtami is September 5th.

Here you can see more information about Krishna Janmashtami (celebrating Sri Krishna’s birthday) from my previous years’ posts:

And this year I decided to run a giveaway because I shut down my Etsy shop but I still have some of my beautiful crocheted Krishna dolls. You can win one for sharing The White Hindu with new people!


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  • Hidimbi Hidimbaa

    That Krishna doll is so cute! I’m making my Janmashtami decorations right now! I hope you have a really awesome Janmashtami celebration!

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