Diwali 2015 [Hindu Holiday]

Diwali 2015 [Hindu Holiday] November 3, 2015

So first off we went to the midwife yesterday and everything went great. We heard the fetus’s heartbeat! It was pretty amazing. Helped to make it all feel real and the pain I’m going through worth it. The midwife was concerned about my mental state, though, and she is sending me to a therapist so I can hopefully get out of this funk and enjoy my pregnancy!

One of the biggest Hindu holidays of the year is coming up next week. Diwali (also called Deepavali) is happening on Wednesday November 11th. There are also traditions and celebrations surrounding Diwali starting with Dhanteras on Monday November 9th.

See all the details about how to celebrate, decorate, and greet people for these holiday days at my post from 2014. It includes how to do a Lakshmi puja, Diwali songs, Diwali gift ideas, links to recipes, and a printable shopping list.

Diwali Time

My plans for this year are to get my lights up today and do some house cleaning. This coming Saturday my friend is holding a party at her house that we’ll be going to. The big temple in our area is doing an event with a fireworks display on Wednesday itself and we’re planning to go to that even though parking will probably be a nightmare! We hope to get together with my cousin as well and celebrate with her and her family.

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  • Same here! Yesterday I attended the Diwali Motorcade in Queens, NY! So much fun!