Reflections on the Week

Reflections on the Week November 1, 2015

I came to my computer to write a post and found that my cat is sleeping peacefully on my desk chair. He’s too cute to move so I’m typing the best I can around him.

This past Friday was Karwa Chauth. Last year I missed it completely. Didn’t know it was happening until it was over. This year I knew it was coming but there was no way I could fast. And because of that I didn’t really observe it much at all. My awareness of it happening came and went throughout the day. Hopefully next year Brad and I will observe it.

Diwali is coming up soon. I need to figure out all my plans for that. I’ve been invited to a friend’s house plus I’d like to go to a temple event plus my Hindu cousin lives nearby now so I can do something with her and her family. I’m going to get my outdoor lights up soon.

I heard on the radio some hosts laughing about someone having Christmas lights already put up and I wanted to tell them that they’re making a big assumption. They could have been Diwali lights. I bet my neighbors are going to be confused when my “Christmas” lights get taken down at the end of November.

Tomorrow morning Brad and I have our first appointment with our midwife and I’m super nervous. I know everything should be fine because I feel awful and I actually threw up last night. The worse I feel the better the pregnancy is going. I’m pretty sure that’s how that works. If we’re lucky we should hopefully be able to hear baby Choate’s heartbeat. I wish we could see him or her, but I don’t think my practice does many ultrasounds or sonograms. If they do I’d have to pay out of pocket because we won’t have insurance until January. So probably won’t get to see it. But it will be nice to talk to someone about it and learn more about what to expect in the coming months.

But I’m still super nervous.

I had no idea pregnancy was going to be this hard. It’s worth it, of course. But I’m struggling a lot.

I’ll let you all know how the appointment goes and I’ll have some Diwali-themed posts soon!

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