Where To Find Me On The Web

Where To Find Me On The Web November 30, 2015

I thought it would be nice to gather my usernames on various social media sites and get them all in one place! In case you want to follow me elsewhere and maybe see other little tidbits and aspects of my life…


My YouTube channel is here. I post videos occasionally, but I’m planning to do a bunch more. My husband and I are starting a video series where we playfully debate with each other on various philosophical issues. I’d like to turn it into a podcast eventually. I’m thinking I’ll call it A Hindu And A Buddhist Walk Into A Marriage.


Twitter is one of my favorites and I can be found there a lot at https://twitter.com/AmbaaBlog.



I’m on a fashion quest to make #BindiFashion a thing! I’m jealous of the hijabi social media mavens who have made Islamic fashion a big deal. I think we Hindus have the potential to coordinate our bindis and make new fashion that shows off our lifestyle. At my profile at Ambaa-c you can check out my fashion ideas.


I just joined Instagram today as white_hindu but I’ve got a few pictures up already. I look forward to doing more documenting of my life in photos and capturing my real life #BindiFashion attempts!


On Facebook at facebook.com/TheWhiteHindu/ I usually just post a link back to the blog post of the day, but I sometimes ask questions or for input and advice. There are some great discussions there too.


I’m a big fan of Pinterest and I can be found as American Hindu there. I’m particularly proud of my board of Young Hindus, which is meant to showcase great things being done by our young people. Inspriation and Things To Learn feature lots of crafty things.


Coming up on the blog I’m working on posts on…

  • Charity and Gift Giving in Hinduism
  • Abortion
  • Temple Going and Women’s Periods
  • Is Montessori a Christian School?
  • Hindu Stealth Mode
  • How Potential Leads to Disappointment
  • What is Hypnobirthing?
  • Pregnancy Pressures
  • Plus lots more Gita posts, particularly since my mom gave me a bunch of books with Advaita Gita commentaries! Yay!

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