Hello, 2016

Hello, 2016 December 31, 2015

2015 has been a huge year for me. I used to feel like I was behind in life accomplishments and being where I wanted to be. But in the last few years Brad and I have been catching up at an incredible speed! We met, next year we got married, next year we bought a house, next year we got pregnant (we started trying, in all honesty, a little bit before we got married!).

In 2015 I went back to India for my second trip there. I felt the spiritual energy like never before and got a blessing from my guru.

That blessing led to finally getting a positive pregnancy test (actually two, since one miscarried very early). Now I’m five months pregnant and so grateful to finally be fulfilling one of my greatest wishes in life.

I’ve made new friends and solidified old friendships. I tried a new kind of job and left it, but discovered exactly what it is I like doing in a job (I love customer service even when the customers are difficult).

In 2016 Brad and I will meet our child and learn to be parents. We plan to go back to India again to present the child to my guru. 

My resolutions are:

  • to participate more in Hindu community events
  • to find a Hindu educational program for the little Choate
  • start my video blog project with my husband
  • get back on the Flylady cleaning schedule

Happy new year, everyone!

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