God Isn’t Thinking About You

God Isn’t Thinking About You February 18, 2016

I had this idea the other day and I hope that I’m able to put it into words because it’s kind of hard to explain.

I was talking to Brad about my guru and the experience of being in his presence. Then I told him about how when my friend did energy work on me she said she felt a strong connection between the guru and me. That surprised me since I don’t know if he even recognizes me one trip to the next. Who am I to him? Just another devotee. (It’s possible I’m underestimating how recognizable I am given that the Sringeri Math is pretty much unknown outside of India and there are not many non-Indian devotees, but still).

It doesn’t bother me to know that the guru isn’t thinking about me or making plans for me personally. He is very present. When I am standing in front of him he sees what I need (who would have guessed that any guru could melt my cynical heart, eh?) When the next person is there, that person gets his full attention.

Suddenly I wondered, is God also kind of that way?

We tend to envision God, I think, as carefully orchestrating our lives and thinking and planning for us. But does God actually “think”? Isn’t that a purely human behavior?

I think God has the ability to hold an awareness of each one of us at all times but now I’m not sure I believe that He thinks about us.

That was my musing this week, what do you think?

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