June 15, 2017

Ocracoke island is the most magickal, spiritually vibrant nexus of beachy delight I’ve ever found…well, in my neck of the woods, anyway.  The island vibe is other-worldly, wrapped in shoreline on all sides, held in the balance of land, sea and sky. Magick happens every time I return, and this time it was especially powerful.

Sunset into the sound, from the beach on Okracoke Island ~ Photo y Heron Michelle
Sunset into the sound, from the beach on Okracoke Island ~ Photo by Heron Michelle

Loving the Liminal

My Belovèd is a musician. At the beginning of each June, just before he leaves me for his huge summer tour across the continent, we journey back to this island so he can perform in the OcraFolk Music Festival and we have a romantic getaway. We fall in love all over again – with each other, with ourselves, with the artists who live there, and with the way the sea cradles this tiny stripe of land in it’s liminal embrace. The gravity of this island makes it incredibly difficult to leave. I’m certain a piece of my soul dwells there year-round, calling me like a homing beacon to eventually make my home there.

The liminal is where magick happens; the “limit” or boundary, where both sides of the option mingle, held in mutual potential. The liminal is betwixt and between, neither here nor there; the river bank, the ocean’s shore, the hedge, the twilight and dawn, equinox and solstice…. Old magick calls us to these edges, and like a keyhole, we unlock the door into another realm where anything is possible. This is the witch’s sweet spot.

Where land, sea and sky meet, and the flaming sun descends to touch the line between. This is liminal perfection. ~photo by Heron Michelle
Where land, sea and sky meet, and the flaming sun descends to merge the “limits” between them. ~photo by Heron Michelle

Crossing the Waters

All the best mythological odysseys about holy missions, take the hero on a quest across mysterious waters. Crossing the sea, the lake, the river to find a mystical realm, where time ticks to a different rhythm, where matter coalesces at such a vibration that those seekers cannot even see the destination until they are Spiritually prepared. Ocracoke Island is my Avalon.

The only way onto Ocracoke island is by boat, and it is so far from the North Carolina coast that when we drive our cars onto the ferry, the voyage across the sound is 2.5 hours long. With the sea breeze in our hair, and the pelicans flying escort along-side, the shifting vibration is palpable. My soul uncoils just enough that my breath takes on a new cadence, muscles soften. The veils thins out there on the waters, and together we slip into another realm.

Heron at Swan Quarter Ferry Station, Ocrafolk Music Festival 2017
Heron at Swan Quarter Ferry Station, Ocrafolk Music Festival 2017

I watch the shift happen among the other passengers, too. On the mainland we are all strangers speeding about our mundane lives, trying not to get entangled with the messiness of other people; heads down, no talking. Then we turn off the country road into the station at Swan Quarter, and pay our toll to the ferryman. I get this thrill of pride when he deems us worthy to cross and waves us through.

We line up and wait for our boat to arrive, and there is a sort of soul-recognition among us travelers now. THESE people in THESE cars are members of a special fellowship. We are young and old, in our straw hats and flip-flops, sun glasses and band t-shirts. But beware the alligators…they live here patrolling these banks. No good quest across the waters is complete without a few monsters.

Thirty minutes into the voyage, the blinders of separateness begin to fall away, and we become the kindred of those who cross. Inevitably, we decide it is time for chatty introductions, or a nap with the windows open, or a picnic lunch shared freely. Mobile phone service drops out and that nagging, frantic scream of the outside world quiets. We phase into a different dimension.

Our transformation completes as we privileged few pull into the docks, and drive into the Village of Ocracoke at Silver Lake Harbor. At this point I am usually bouncing in my seat like a little kid, so excited to park the car and switch to riding our bicycles for the duration.

Messages from Heron

There is private beach on the west side of Ocracoke village that looks out over the Pamlico Sound. We are so far out into the sea, that sun sets into the water, which is a rare treat on the east coast. It’s a secret access to the water and is easy to get to on bike from Silver Lake road, but it is unmarked. You just have to know… and everyone on the island, even the tourists, seem to just know.

My belovèd and I make a nightly visit to watch the sunset.. The first night we were there, it was Friday – the day of Venus when she was conjunct Uranus, in a waxing moon phase – and a most auspicious time for Love Magick. At a pivotal moment, I spotted this heron flying over-head. Heron is my guiding animal spirit and she teaches me much about discernment, and speaking my truth. She is as graceful as she is ferocious, and she knows what she wants. As the magick of that liminal moment over-took my senses, she delivered a message that I received in silent reverie.

Heron spots a heron in flight over the sound at Ocracoke Island, NC (The tiny speck in upper left corner)
Heron Michelle spots a heron in flight over the sound at Ocracoke Island, NC (The tiny speck in upper left corner) -photo used with permission

I was reminded of this stanza of a poem called “Entanglement” I wrote long ago after a promise of engagement was broken, along with my heart….yet again. Since then, heron guided me along a liminal journey to where I now stand strong and renewed of hope.

“Tiptoeing the banks,
heron feet in the murk,
head down to probe the mud,
discerning waste from sustenance.
What say you now, wings?
To rise or fall with these tides?
Ripples in these waters still throb,
and sights scryed in the black,
say, “Take flight, take heart,
and beat the songs of these reckonings
to where the sun meets horizon
and is resolved in the dissolving
across a lonely sea, chasing
that elusive fish
who gets away.”

The first time I visited this beach, a kindly tourist told me her tale of being proposed to in this spot, and then later returning to be married here. Proposals and vow-making ceremonies are also forms of liminal magick; I hear that happens here a lot. That is how potent this patch of beach has become…the power soaks the very sand. The lapping waters and cries of birds sing that heart song, for those who can hear their refrain.

Wishing Magick Spell on Three Edges

Old folk magick tells tales of witches who straddle the liminal places where three realms meet. On a sudden impulse, as a Witch I rise in determination, seeking out a sea shell. I stand on the water’s edge. Like the heron bird herself, one foot on the shore, one foot in the waters, head and wings in the wind.  My Will burns with the fires of the setting sun, and as he slips toward that watery horizon, I whispered my wishes into that shell, seeing my heart’s desire fulfilled.

Tears flow; the wind carries my voice in secret pact; sand in my toes and waters lapping my ankle; when the orange sun slips completely beneath the surface, and the opposites of fire and water dissolve in momentary union, I throw that shell as hard as I can into the horizon, and both my fears and my desires are embraced by the waves.

Heron whispers her heart's desire into the shell in prayerful longing ~photo used with permission
Heron whispers her heart’s desire into the shell in prayerful longing before casting it into the sea ~photo used with permission


Our last morning on the island, we awake and just off the back porch over-looking the waters of the canal, these two white herons hunt for their breakfast. I sit in the porch swing with my coffee and camera and we observe each other carefully for a long while. Choosing to accept my company, she wades the shallow water, head held high and observant, until she spies her prey. Then crouching low to the surface, leaning in, long neck coiled back as a vicious spring to launch her jabbing beak into the water, snatching with precision her sustenance. She throws back her head, and swallows in a flash without hesitancy, without compromise.

Again, we make long eye contact, then she turns to stroll a few steps, always watchful, the picture of grace, knowing her power and what she wants. She never misses. Nor did I miss her lesson for me that lovely June morning.

White herons hunting the canal behind our rental house the next morning. ~photo by Heron
White herons hunting the canal behind our rental house the next morning. ~photo by Heron


When the time of our departure comes, I am once again filled with dreams and sadness to bid my Belovèd and this island adieu for another season. Each memorable visit here, like beads on a silken strand of time, are drawn close to touch, as though no interim passes between them. Then onto the ferry we drive once more, doors open, new friends gathered together in a more melancholy picnic now, camaraderie in the shared regret of our return. We doze in dreamy, snuggled napping. Then the mainland appears, WiFi returns, and that irritating call to rush and bother of mundanity floods back in.

Though my body returned from Ocracoke, my spirit is resistant to mainland acclimation. My Belovèd traveling bard is gone again on summer tour. Ten days since landfall and he’s already in Colorado again which feels so very far away. Both heron and the ocean know my heart goes with him, wherever he wanders.

Ocracoke magick, draw us home to your shores once more.

In gratitude,

February 15, 2017

You deserve to be loved. Yes, you deserve to be completely and blushingly appreciated and adored for the magickal, god/dess that you are. Everyone needs more loving relationships to support them in this challenging life, and not just on Valentine’s day. ALL. YEAR. LONG.

A Love spell is relatively easy to design for yourself once you know the correspondences to Love among the Gods and Goddesses, planets, plants, and minerals.  Magick is an art form, meaning you have creative control to express yourself however your beautiful soul desires. Try putting the Craft back in Witchcraft, and have some fun with a love-drawing spell. Spells of this kind can be adapted to sweeten familial relationships, to draw a new lover, or to find a life-long partner.


Love spell altar with poppet, decorated candle and heart-shaped spell Box By Heron Michelle

Magick Spells in Four Simple Steps:

  1. Know: What you want/need deep down, aligning personal will with Divine Will. Apply your creativity to design the spell. Write out your petition on a piece of paper and include it.
  2. Will: Ignite all your passion to accomplish your goals. Apply your Will in gathering ingredients and enacting the spell.
  3. Dare: to change your perspective, to break convention, to carve out the change in the cosmos that you desire. Apply your heart with the courage to become exactly who you want to be.
  4. Silence: Release the working, knowing the end results are on their way to you. Shut up and listen, observe all the ways that the cosmos is responding to you. Apply your body, your resources, to manifesting your Will in the world.

Sympathetic Folk Magick Techniques:

  • Candle: Decorate the outside of a 7-day sanctuary candle to be a “vision board” of what you want. Add a few drops of essential oils, and a sprinkle of herbs and stone chips to the top. Charge with power. Light the candle for a little while each night for the entire two week waxing phase of the moon, while you meditate, and focus your thoughts on the desired outcome while it burns. On the night of full moon, allow it to burn out completely.
  • Spell Bag: Add the ingredients to a red or pink draw string bag, charge it and carry it with you. Traditional Mojo Hands sometimes combine 9 ingredients (Perhaps three herbs, three stones, three symbolic additional items.) Tie the strings with nine knots. Feed the bag a few drops of a love-drawing oil every day. When your new love is found, tuck the bag under the mattress to keep things passionate in the bedroom.
  • Spell Box or Jar: Exactly the same as for the bag, filling the vessel with the spell ingredients and decorating the outside to reflect your intention. These are more customizable, and rather than carrying it with you, keep it on your altar. I’ve used the crafty heart-shaped boxes and jars you can find at craft stores before Valentines day. Write yourself a love letter as if written by your ideal lover, roll it up and keep it in the jar or box. Read it to yourself often. Jars can also be buried on your property to bring love home to roost.
  • Poppet: (See below for a pattern) Out of pink or red felt, sew a little dolly to represent yourself. Make it look like you in as much detail as you like. Stuff it with the herbs, stones, your petition paper, a copper penny, a lock of your hair, and any other ingredients you desire. Sigils can be drawn/sewn to the poppet as a power focus. Feed the dolly a few drops of Love Drawing Oil and say loving affirmations to the poppet/yourself every day until your love is found.  “I am lovable; I am loving; I am love; I am in happy relationships with the people who are correct and the most beneficial to me, for the highest good of all involved, harming none.” Your poppet may be kept in a shoe-box full of dried rose petals under your bed.


All three of these forms of sympathetic magick create a physical representation that represents what you want for yourself. Charge it with power, and set it vibrating like an energetic magnet to attract more of the same to you here in the Middle World. Make this symbol the most beneficial, powerful, kick-ass version of your most dearly-loved self. The more thought, time, and energy you put into these workings, the more quickly and powerfully they will manifest.

Decorated 7-day sanctuary candle as a love drawing spell. Scrap-booking papers, Lovers Tarot Image, affirmations, a mirror, felt hearts and ribbons. This makes for a fun Valentine's Day craft project. ~Heron Michelle
Decorated sanctuary candle as a love drawing spell. Scrap-booking papers, Lovers Tarot Image, affirmations, a mirror, felt hearts and ribbons. This makes for a fun Valentine’s Day craft project. ~Heron Michelle

Auspicious Days to Perform a Love Spell

  • Venus’ planetary number is four: create love spells with combinations of 4 ingredients.
  • Friday is Venus’ day–perform spells for love on Friday.
  • Sunday is the day for Solar Gods. Solar magick lends masculine intensity to a spell.
  • The Festival of Adonia, honoring the Greek Gods Adonis and Aphrodite, is celebrated on the first full moon after the Spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • The fourth day of every month is Aphrodite’s feast day.

Getting Personal:

Personal effects can be powerful magical ingredients. These are often called “tag-locks” and will tag the spell to YOU.  Try adding a picture of yourself, a lock of your hair, a favorite perfume or cologne, or a heart shaped paper with your name written on it.

Remember that it is unethical to name another person in a love spell, as it over rides their free-will. The unfortunate side effect of that type of command-mode magick is obsession, rather than genuine love. I recommend listing the qualities of your ideal lover, rather than a specific name.

Stones, Crystals, Metals:

Pink Opal: gentle loving connection with romantic partners; awakens and clears past issues.

Amethyst: Feminine, Jupiter, Water
Strengthens commitment between lovers and calms emotions. Wear with Rose Quartz to awaken consciousness to self love, nurturing and forgiveness.

Emerald: Feminine, Venus, Earth
Brings new love, attracts interest and opportunities and soothes the heart

Garnet: Masculine, Mars, Fire
Enhances vigor and endurance. Removes blockages, increased personal magnetism. Deep and passionate love.

Moonstone: Feminine, Moon, Water
Brings love, mediates between lovers and give a youthful appearance.

Rose Quartz: Feminine, Moon, Water
Promote peace, happiness and fidelity in relationships, attracts unconditional love of all kinds and self-esteem.

Rhodochrosite: Encourages eroticism, arouses passions. Heals the heart from past wounds.

Red Tiger’s Eye: Helps move energy for sexual drive and desire by rejuvenating the root chakra.

Copper: The metal of Venus, attracts love. A copper penny is an easy way to incorporate this metal into your working.

Lodestone: The natural magnetic stone that will attract to you those things that you value.


Top of decorated Love Candle sprinkles with a few herbs, stone chips and drops of Love-Drawing oils.
Top of decorated Love Candle sprinkled with 4 each of plants, stone chips and drops of Love-Drawing oils – 4 is the number of Venus ~Heron Michelle

Herbs, Oils and Resins:

Basil: Masculine, Mars, Fire
Soothes tempers between lovers, ensures fidelity, and attracts a distant lover. When the oil is worn as perfume attracts new lovers. Burn the dry herb for love divinations.

Cardamom: Feminine, Water, Venus Love, Lust.
Add to warmed wine for a quick love potion.

Cinnamon: Masculine, Sun, Fire, Venus
Spices up a relationship, enchants potential mates, and brings success in love. Healing, power, lust.

Damiana: Masculine, Mars, Fire
Attracts love, fuels lust and produces visions. Infuse in wine for a quick lust potion.

Dragon’s Blood Resin: Masculine, Mars, Fire
Love, protection, potency, exorcism.
Entices errant lovers to return. Drives evil away.

Jasmine: Feminine, Moon, Water
Attracts spiritual love and peace. Brings prophetic dreams.

Juniper Berries: Masculine, Sun, Fire
Increases male potency, brings protection and security.

Lavender: Masculine, Mercury, Air
Attracts men, brings peace to relationships and grants wishes.

Orange Peel: Masculine, Sun, Fire
Love, divination, luck, money.
Dried peel and seeds added to love sachets

Orris Root: Feminine, Water, Venus
Love protection, divination.
Used to find and hold love, often a main ingredient in “love drawing powder.”

Rose Petals: Feminine, Venus, Water
Attracts and honors love. Love divination, calm, healing, protection.

Rosemary: Masculine, Sun, Fire
Induces lust, brings love and provides protection.

Rose Geranium: Feminine, Water, Venus
Fertility, Health, Love, Protection.
Pink geranium flowers used for love spells.

Sandalwood Powder or Essential Oil: Feminine, Moon, Water
Burned to bring love, aids seduction.

Thyme: Feminine, Water, Venus
Love, healing, courage, purification.
A bath of thyme and marjoram are said to rid a person of the sorrows and ills of the past.

Vanilla Bean: Feminine, Venus, Water
Induces lust, sweetens relationships, and restores lost energy.

White Willow Bark: Feminine, Moon, Water
Attracts love, prophesies future relationships, and protects.

Back it Up with Middle world Action:

  • Get out there. Allow opportunity to happen.
  • Pay attention to the subtle flow of things, and go with that flow.
  • Release expectation on how you think it should turn out.
  • Attend to your physical health and vitality. Good nutrition, grooming, rest, exercise, medical care, pampering.
  • Nurture your mind, spirit, heart.  What makes you happy? What do you enjoy? What makes you feel attractive? DO THOSE THINGS.
  • Love others; do kind deeds; smile, because like attracts like. A heart already opened from the giving of love, is prepared to receive love.

May all your love spells draw toe-curling, spine-tingling, soul-igniting good times!

Heron's Poppet Pattern
Heron’s Poppet Pattern and Ideas
February 9, 2016

Valentine’s Day approaches, and I’ve heard the dismissive excuses a few times already: But isn’t that just a “hallmark” holiday? Hallmark makes Christmas cards, too, but I rarely hear folks bitchin’ about that as if a marketable product should put us off of our fun celebrations.

Or how about this one: I don’t “do” Valentine’s day because love should be celebrated everyday. I agree, but then again, death happens every day, too, yet I make a point of honoring death as a concept on Samhain.

The Wheel of the Year system gives sacred space for all parts of the cycle in due time, and seeks balance between them.  I think that after Imbolc tides shift just past 15 degrees Aquarius and begin to wane onward towards Ostara, it is a GREAT time to celebrate romance and love of all flavors.

a digital graphic of hearts

In the mythic poetry I enjoy at the Imbolc time of year, we welcome back the Goddess, renewed again as the young maiden, rising from the slumber of the previous turning like the slender shoots of crocus flower, peeking through the snows. The God is welcomed back as the Lad, a wild young buck, or the tiny buds on the limbs. I envision them both like teenagers, full of innocence and daring, with the plucky stealing of kisses, and the hot flush of their cheeks; they are the thrill of promise.

I feel this connection to Their power whenever I do something romantic, or my sweetheart does something romantic for me.  That being said, romance is only one expression of love to enjoy.  “Singles Awareness Day” jabs are another way folks rain on my parade. PISH, I say!  Oh ye of little imagination! If you waste a good Valentine’s day whining about what you don’t have, rather than celebrating all that is possible, well…that’s not very effective Witchcraft.

Here is what I’ve learned about Divine Love so far:

The only heart prepared to receive love is the heart already opened from the giving of love.

Making the effort to openly give and receive love of all kinds, will set your vibes a’hummin’. If you want to be a “heart-throb,” you have to start with your own heart, Law of Attraction, and all that. May I suggest that rather than being a Grinch and grumping about this time of year, that you let your heart grow a few sizes and get into the spirit of the season with your friends and family?

A few years ago I pledged my service to Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty, and occasionally I catch a whiff of this “oh-witchier-than-thou” attitude (mostly on reddit comments) as if she is some sort of light-weight Goddess. As her priestess, I gotta say that if we witches are gonna spend the summer raising our glasses to mother goddesses in all her fertile, pendulous magnificence, and all autumn appealing to the guidance of crone goddesses and all her dark, creepy mystical-ness, then we owe the maiden goddesses their self-indulgent, sweet, juicy due come springtime. What better day to work these tides than Valentine’s Day, when every where you turn is heart-clad, chocolate-coated, lovey-dovey glory?

painting of a rose
Rose in Shadow – Painting by Heron Michelle

Aphrodite’s Due

Now, I realize that Valentine’s Day has very little “ancient pagan” heritage, and that the St. Valentine’s mythos is a gruesome execution story within the Christian heritage, that is mostly “malarkey,” to quote Jason at Raise the Horns. I care much less about the backstory from lands and peoples far, far away, or even the stories of the gods from long, long ago, but as a modern priestess of Aphrodite as she is NOW, I can tell you that she still has a living, current and unfolding story, and that there are energetic tides that I can feel and tap right here, right now, where I live. THIS is HER time.

Ever heard of an egregore? This is the occult concept that describes the well of power amassed behind a symbol or idea, that is fed by groups of people over time. Thanks to greeting card companies, chocolate makers and florists everywhere, this American culture provides you a very handy egregore…so tap that cask and get drunk on the ecstasy of Divine love AT LEAST once a year. If you can find a dance partner **wink wink** to help in this…er…tapping…more power to ya!

“…you shall dance, sing, feast, make music and love, all in my praise.”  “Let my worship be within the heart that rejoices, for behold: all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.” ~Charge of the Goddess, Doreen Valiente

At it’s heart, Modern Witchcraft remains a fertility religion. <see what I did there? heart…> Yes, we affirm the necessity and sacredness of sex, and not just for procreation, and not just among heterosexuals. We are encouraged to ENJOY it. Sensuality and union are a Divine expression of that ecstasy of Spirit within the flesh.  Please, go forth and get some, but for all the Gods’ sake’s, be good at it (and responsible, harming none.)

a hand drawn wheel of the year calendar
Imbolc and Lammas in the balance ~ Wheel of the Year by Heron Michelle

For those of you rolling your eyes at the campy-sweet pink hearts and cupids plastered all over the local mega-store; I get that. I don’t think it matters much to my Lady Aphrodite how goth-ly blood red you like your wine, how dark you like your chocolate, or how kinky you like…ahem…to dance, there are many flavors of sensuality to be explored. Plus, if darkness is your pleasure, I have this working theory about the Wheel of the Year that distills the “antidote” for one sabbat from the “poison” of the sabbat on the opposite side of the wheel. Every light casts a shadow; shadows do not exist without the light.

Imbolc ~ Lammas Balance

Imbolc and Lammas hang in this balance on opposite sides of the Wheel of the Year. I think it is just as important to honor the squishy, innocent  “naive pledge everything for love” side of the polarity during the Imbolc season, as it is to honor the stark, heartbreaking, “maturely sacrifice everything for love” at Lammas, and from this tension the genre of macabre Gothic romance was born. No matter how you celebrate, or not, I don’t recommend mocking or discounting the Love Goddesses, because they can kick some booty, too. Sometimes they love us with a kiss, other times a spanking. mmmhmmm <winks>

Love Spell to Attract your Ideal Paramour

As a special Valentine’s Day treat for you, my lovelies, I offer this “Ideal Paramour” Love spell of my own creation, and for kicks, I’ll include my own charm that I once used to spectacular effect. I’ve led many love-spell workshops over the years, and these can be loads of fun to do in a group, so crack open a bottle of vino, and git yer witch on with your friends! Better it be when the moon is full…

Valentine's Two lit figure candles on a black cloth melting into each other
Love Spell with figure candles by Heron Michelle


This working is most effectively done when the moon is waxing toward full, and on a Friday, the day of Venus.

Set your Altar

Buy for yourself a lovely rose. Set it in a vase on your altar or working space. Allow the aroma to fill you. Offer this as a gift to Aphrodite/Venus, and ask her presence.  Rose incense can also be a nice touch for this working. Emeralds, carnelians, garnets, and rose quartz are my favorite stones to amplify the work. If you have them, add them. Decorate your altar in as romantic or sexy a way as suits your imagination.

Candles and Oils and Herbs, Oh my!

Prepare two pink taper or chime candles. If you can get your hands on figure candles by gender, all the better; one to represent you, and another to represent your ideal lover.  Inscribe your name and a heart symbols on your candle. Inscribe the other candle with hearts and sigils of Venus.

DO NOT USE A NAME! I don’t care how much you think you want someone specific, that is a violation of their free-will, and for all you know their last lover is now buried in their basement. Crazy people + Command Magick = Obsession. No bueno. Let Divine Guidance recommend the lover that is for your highest good.

Anoint the candles in oil starting at the head, or wick, and pulling the oil down toward you to the base. Use a blend of olive or sweet almond oil and a drop or two of essential oils that correspond to Venus, Mars, and/or the Sun, love and sexual potency, then coat the candle in a dusting of dry herbs. There are so many to choose from, and I’m a firm believer of using what you have on hand: Rose, jasmine, or lavender flowers, or vanilla, patchouli or orris root, but my favorite is cinnamon powder. It really spices things up!

Really massage all the oils and herbs into inscriptions on the candles and remember that magick, like sex, is better when you get a little dirty. 😉

Bind the two candles together with red ribbon or thread. Red is for the passion that will spark as attraction between you.

Write a Love Letter

Now, find some beautiful valentine’s stationary and in your own handwriting, on one side of the paper, write yourself a love letter:

Dear Me,
How do I love thee, let me count the ways…

Write this from the point of view of the lover of your dreams. Name all the things they will love about you, what aspects of who you are they will admire and find sexy, and how much they appreciate you on all levels. Basically, I want you to tell yourself exactly how and why you are so amazing. Don’t be humble or shy; you should know why you are awesome, now spell it out.


The ideal lover who is correct for me at this time, for my highest good, harming none. 


Velentine's Love Spell Altar by Heron Michelle


On the other side of the paper, write a valentine to your ideal lover:

Dear Lover of my dreams,

The things I admire about you most are….

Name everything you are looking for as if they are already found and in love with you in return.

Why do you love them?

What qualities do they possess?

In what ways are they supportive of your needs?

What sort of character do they have?

What interests, ideals and aspirations do you share?

I need you to dig deep, and find the passion and affection that you are ready to share with this person, and pour all that longing through the pen, flowing out with the ink like your own heart’s blood.


Your ideal lover, Me.

Charge the Candles

Now, stand in front of a mirror. I keep an heirloom silver hand-mirror in my altar tools, which is very romantic, but any mirror will do. Empower the candles, imagining yourself like a tree, find your roots that flow down into the earth and draw up the powers of Earth, Water and Goddess by breathing them up, until they flow through you, to the crown of your head. Find your branches that flow outward into the Air, Fire of the Sun, and God, and breath them down, until they flow through you to your roots. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, seeing the energy cycle up and down through the trunk of your tree, goddess and god, anima and animus, yin and yang, always swirling like a vortex at your own heart. Now, Will that love of The Two Who Move As One, that is focused in your heart, to turn to the color pink, flowing down your arms, through your hands.

Mirror Affirmations

Hold the bound candles, infuse them with this love. Look at yourself in the mirror and read your love letter to yourself out loud, at least three times, but as many times as it takes for you to truly believe. Now, read the other love letter to your lover’s candle, until both are filled with the emotion of your petition. Visualize you both happy, satisfied and wrapped in embrace.

Now, burning bound candles can be tricky, so I like to keep a fire-safe dish with a few inches of sand on my altar. I set the bound candles firmly in the sand. I then can add more of the herbs onto the sand, and add any stones or fetishes I’d like to use, along with a copper penny, as copper is a metal of Venus and is very “attractive.” I set this dish on top of my love letter, and with a final, “As I will, it is so. SO MOTE IT BE!” …I light them both.

Pampering and Preparing

As they burn, hold the space in silent contemplation. You might listen to your favorite love songs, drink a glass of wine, eat some delicious chocolate, meditate, pray, journal about the working.  Perhaps you paint your toenails, wax, dye, or preen something, or do yoga or push-ups; Do whatever it is you do when you are pampering yourself before a hot date. You need to get ready, dontcha know. Love is on the way and you should probably stretch! Believe it, and release the working to the Universe, keeping silent until the result is manifested.

Get out there!

Now get out there and make yourself available to possibility!

As promised, here is my spell charm that worked FAST! Like, speedy-delivery-in-less-than-two-days, fast, and brought me the rock star of my dreams, to boot.  Results may vary, as they say, but just like it says in the Wiccan Rede, “To bind ye spell every time, let ye spell be spake in rhyme.”

Ideal Paramour Charm by Heron Michelle

HAIL Aphrodite, of sensuous pleasure,
who restores my heart in full measure.
I give myself in reverent mirth,
hands, hips, and lips in holy rebirth.
Each little death, sweet sacrifice,
I am your willing acolyte.
As worship, let there be romance,
deep longing met in sacred dance,
to sing in divine duet once more,
I call forth the ideal paramour.
In perfect trust, in perfect love,

No harm to cause, to all involved,
I call the highest good for me,
As I do will, SO MOTE IT BE.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

September 1, 2018

September dawns, and social media informs me that this is Pumpkin Spice Kick Off Day. Everywhere you turn, there will be pumpkin spice flavored everything. This is nothing to mock, my witches. The spices typically used in those “pumpkin spice” lattes, cookies, and muffins all have potent magickal associations of elemental Fire. This powerful blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Allspice and Nutmeg bring the Four P’s: potency, protection, passion and prosperity.

Pumpkin Spice Witchcraft: Spell for Potency, Passion, Protection & Prosperity - Witch on Fire
Pumpkin Spice Witchcraft – CC0 Creative Commons Pixabay

Pumpkin Spice = Fire Magick

So, as the year wanes, days shorten and we enter the seasons of chilly weather, these spices heat us up the old-fashioned way. They found their way from folk magick into traditional holiday recipes like gingerbread and pumpkin pie, as a way to invoke the fires of the sun within us. They do physically cause body temperature to rise!

“Fire magic is good for working on increasing one’s activity, for defensive magic, for protection, and of course, for sex magick. It can destroy, but it also purifies. It can help bolster courage and gets rid of negativity. As one would expect, Fire plants tend to have fiery sap or to taste hot (like chilies).” alchemy-work (5)

Of course, our plant allies have many magickal abilities. Traditionally, herbs associated with fire are helpful in spellwork to bring: Success, sex, banishing illnesses, resolving conflicts, protections, guiding us through issues involving the law, court cases, and protection of (or from) law enforcement officers; They help us win contests and competitions; bring luck in gambling; bring strength and courage, are good for healing, and thanks to the mars energy, good for warriors, the military and safety and victory in war. (1)

So, this season, rather than snidely turn your nose up at the “basic” and “trending,” pride yourself in knowing the dark, spicy secret: “Pumpkin Spice” is some ancient sorcery. Consider it a magick potion, a clandestinely sexy elixir of potency, power and defense against these crazy times. Isn’t it special that suddenly, the medicine we need to power up is available to the masses on every freakin’ corner….just when we need it the most?

Pumpkin Spice Witchcraft: Spell for Potency, Passion, Protection & Prosperity - Witch on Fire
Starbucks Coffee Logo – Wikimedia Commons

Starbucks Logo: Siren, Astarte, or Melusine?

I doubt it is a coincidence that Starbucks logo is an image of a Crowned Woman (Goddess? Siren? Astarte or Melusine?) with double mermaid tale. Here is a great article  that discusses the ancient symbolism of that logo. Here are a few highlights:

“Starbucks strangely calls her a Siren.”

“The logo also resembles a goddess from history named Astarte… She was a deity linked to fertility, sexuality and war. Astarte is also known for being a ‘snake’ goddess, and having her own cult worship. One of Astarte’s symbols was a star within a circle, which was used to symbolize the planet Venus. Interestingly, two stars are found within the green circle surrounding the logo character of the former Starbucks logo…”

“The Starbucks logo also resembles yet another mysterious, and volatile female, Melusine (or Melusina). Known as the alchemical Siren, or twin-tailed mermaid, this ancient creature…had a connection to alchemy…The duality of Melusine is meant to shed light on the medieval perceptions of sexuality.” source

Either way, she is sexy and powerful, dangerous and alluring; just like your Pumpkin Spice Latte!

The Old Gods are alive, and Magick is Afoot! Hail and Welcome!

Magickal Ingredients of Pumpkin Spice

Cinnamon CC0 Creative Commons – Pixabay


Element: Fire
Planet: Sun

The scent of Cinnamon is said to “turn the mind to love, lust, home and prosperity. (2)” Magickally, cinnamon is high vibe, sexy, and protective. It’ll heat up the situation. Also is used to bring abundance and attraction of all kinds: physical possessions, wealth and romance (2) I use more cinnamon in my spell work than any other substance, because it kicks the power up a few notches.

Ginger Root CC0 Creative Commons – Pixabay


Elemental: Fire
Planet: Mars

Empowering and considered an aphrodisiac; definitely induces passion and vigor (1). Ginger is also associated with the Goddess Venus, and used for healing, beauty, courage, strength, and adding magical fuel to the fire.  “Ginger has long been found to invoke feelings of love, lust, and sexuality. If it’s time for a new, loving relationship, get some fresh ginger. (2)” Also good for stimulating prosperity in a hurry!

Nutmeg CC0 Creative Commons – Pixabay


Elemental: Fire
Planet: Jupiter

Nutmeg is used for states of meditation, to bring sleep, and for protection (1). Jupiter’s influences may be called to bring money, luck, and fidelity. The scent is said to banish fatigue. (2) According to Amy Blackthorn, Nutmeg was used pre-history in embalming practices in Egypt, and “during the middle ages…mixed with fatty ointment to cure diarrhea, nausea, muscle cramps and other digestive issues. (2)”

Allspice Berries CC0 Creative Commons – Pixabay


Element: Fire
Planet: Mars

Associated with Aphrodite/Venus, Allspice is nevertheless considered to be virile and masculine. It vitalizes and adds determination and energy to your endeavors. Allspice is very uplifting, and especially good for healing spells.(3) Magickal associations of Allspice include money, luck, healing, compassion, determination, energy, fertility, gain, love, renewal, and as an aphrodisiac. (4)

Cloves CC0 Creative Commons – Pixabay


Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter

The scent of clove is said to increase self confidence, stimulate the mind, and relax the body. (2) Magickally, clove aids healing, courage, protection, fertility, purification, safe travel, and brings blessings (2). Clove is said to be an aphrodisiac and attracts lovers. The scent is said to improve memory. (1)

Pumpkin Spice Spell for Potency, Passion, Protection & Prosperity

Step #1: Order up your favorite Pumpkin Spice beverage or confection

Step #2: Name it. If they haven’t already written your name on that to-do cup, do so now. You can add any sigils or other words of intention to the cup. This is harder to do with muffins or cookies, but perhaps the napkin that you set them on for a moment?

Step #3: While holding the cup or food in your hands, open yourself to the Divine Powers, above and below, within and without. Say a prayer; offer gratitude. Connect to the plant allies of Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Allspice and Nutmeg, and ask for their aid in manifesting your desires. Name your intention specifically from any of their specialties listed above.

Step #4: Visualize your building energies and wishes as a fiery red light that blazes to life in the cauldron of your belly, in your solar plexus, at the core of your being. With your breath, gently blow over the drink or food that red light that rises up from your center, like a breath of fire, and whisper, “awake, awake, awaken to your powers of Fire, Sun, Mars, Jupiter: Awaken and manifest within me your potency, passion, protection and prosperity! So Mote It Be!”

Step #5: Now drink your delicious coffee or eat that magickal muffin with confidence that all your needs are manifesting.

Good job subverting the over-culture to serve your needs! Now, that is some good witchcraft!




1. The Secret Craft of the Wise: Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham, 3rd edition. Llewellyn 2002

2. Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic: The Green Witch’s Guide to Essential Oils for Spellcraft, Ritual & Healing, Amy Blackthorn, Red Wheel/Weiser, 2018

3. http://www.witchipedia.com/herb:allspice

4. http://herbalriot.tumblr.com/post/58910687073/magickal-uses-of-allspice

5. https://www.alchemy-works.com/elements_fire.html

January 9, 2018

Love rarely comes with an “off” switch.  You’ve been heartbroken before, right? It’s a difficult place to land. Especially when you know it is completely OVER – you have a list as long as your arm for why breaking up is the only solution – and yet you still ache for their touch. You mourn the loss of shared dreams, and lie awake obsessively second-guessing every detail of the demise. Maybe you are angry with yourself about how they anger you, and that pisses you off…into a downward spiral of self-loathing and blame. Consider this emotional bond-breaking spell your magickal divorce.

CC0 Creative Commons - Pixabay
CC0 Creative Commons – Pixabay

Harboring baneful thoughts and feelings is a waste of your power. It only harms YOU. It’s like drinking poison, and waiting for your enemy to die.  No matter why a relationship comes to close, “breaking up is hard to do.” This spell isn’t limited to marital divorces, it can be used to sever any type of relationship. Witches aren’t immune to heartbreak, but when we need an emotional divorce, magick can help get our heads and hearts singing in harmony once again.

Lemon Bond-Breaking Spell for a Magickal Divorce

Step 1: Mental – Know why they must be released

The first step to any magickal working begins with knowing what needs to change and why. If you are feeding an emotional bond that no longer serves the highest good of both parties, it is time to break it. As you prepare, write yourself a list of all the reasons that it is time to let go. At the top of the list: Free Will. Neither party can be coerced to be in relationship if they don’t want to be there. End of story.

However, in order to learn and heal, it helps to at least know the make and model of the love-truck that just ran you over. Try to keep your list constructive, understanding that every being has their own path to tread, lessons to both learn and to teach. We all take turns playing the roles of villain and hero in each other’s narratives. Get out of your heart and into your head for a minute: if they behaved badly toward you, perhaps there is some inner wound they are reacting to that has nothing to do with you. Forgiveness goes a long way toward healing your own heart.

The Hermetic Principle of Vibration (Law of Attraction) informs us that we all draw to ourselves the lessons we need to work through. This is a tough thing to accept, but let me plant this seed of thought: There is one common denominator in every failed relationship you’ve ever been in: you. What role have you been playing in other folk’s lives? How have your choices led you to this difficult moment? Learn from it.

Now that you KNOW, what is your WILL moving forward? Do something different this time. Release the old roles you’ve been playing, shed that identity and create a new one.

Step 2: Will – Do the Things

This spell is best enacted on a Tuesday (day of Mars), when the moon is waning.

Materials Needed:

  • Scissors
  • A sharp knife.; white-handled boline is the ideal magickal tool, should you have one.
  • An offering bowl.
  • Black, woven fabric, at least a yard of it. It will be ripped into approximately 24″ x 24″ square, leaving the raw edges. I angle towards natural fibers like cotton or linen. This could be fabric yardage or harvested from something else. For example, I had this old cotton tapestry with Ganesha, Hindu God and Remover of Obstacles, printed on it. That was appropriate for this spell, and we have a special relationship with Ganesha in my house, so this was my choice.
  • 1/2 cup or more of chunky Sea Salt
  • 1 fat lemon – both for purification and water associations.
  • 13 steel sewing pins – adding Mars, fiery energy of the Will.
  • 3″x3″ square Kraft paper, cut from a grocery store bag.
  • Pen with black ink. I use a pen that I consecrated for magickal use.
  • 2 Tablespoons of prepared “Acceptance” Water.
  • One copper penny – copper is the metal of Venus, to conduct and attract Divine Love.
  • A small glass vial or jar with a lid.
My Daring Cauldron and the Magick of Snow Water - Witch on Fire
Bottled Snow “Acceptance Water” in Cauldron of fresh Snow – Photo by Heron Michelle

Gathering “Acceptance” Water

You’ll need to go read my article Snow Water for Emotional Acceptance .There you will find an in-depth explanation about the two powers of water: daring vs. acceptance that we are tapping for this spell. Here is a snip:

The receptive power of acceptance is an acknowledgment of the present mold that defines me. I have to know who I am now (the good, the bad and the ugly) in order to diagnose my wounds, strengthen my weaknesses, and put my strengths to work for me. I have to know where I am, so that I can chart a course to where I want to be.

The projective power of daring is what breaks the mold to redefine us. Daring to overflow the cauldron’s edge can only happen after we discover where that edge lies…then we boldly go where we’ve never gone before. Once the cauldron spills, there is no containing this power…it flows wherever it chooses with free-will. Daring is the boldness to heal our wounds, improve our weaknesses, and overcome all obstacles.

If you happen to have snow available right now, go gather yourself some, and follow the direction in that post to prepare it. Should snow NOT be accessible to you at this moment, worry not! Acceptance water can be collected anywhere that natural waters pool up gently in some container. You can set your chalice or cauldron outside in a gentle rain. Or should you have access to a placid pond that’s not too funky, gather some there. The morning dew that collects on flowers is healing for a broken heart – roses especially. You’ll only need about 2 tablespoons worth for this working.

Lemon cut in half, salt, 13 steel pins, and a 3"x3" square of Kraft Paper that says "Release"
Lemon Bond-Breaking Spell Materials – Photo by Heron Michelle

Step 3: Emotional – Dare to Redefine the Boundaries with Magick.

Open your sacred space in your normal manner. Light any candles or incense you desire, evoke the Deities and Spiritual Allies that you’ve chosen to work with – . Open the Elemental gateways with special calls to the Powers of Water.

Powers of the West and of Water, I summon, stir and call you to my aid in the severing of these emotional bonds I hold with ______. Teach me your lessons of acceptance, that I may be healed, restoring wholeness within my own boundaries once more. Join me as I Dare to purge myself of all baneful influence – past, present and future – and redefine myself through the grace of Divine Love. Hail and Welcome!

Rending the Fabric

The rending and cutting in this spell are important acts of WILL and applying your FIRES. Do these acts with the fervor, power, and muscle over physical things, to represent the severing of your intangible feelings. Woven fabrics (not stretchy) tear easily in a straight line along their weave. Our intention is to tear a 24″ square piece for the spell.

Measure to 24″ along two sides of the fabric, and snip about a half inch in with your scissors at the mark. Gather up the fabric into your fist on both sides of one of the snips. Visualize a cord connecting your emotional and mental bodies: Now RIP THAT CORD ASUNDER! Give it a primal growl while you do so.

Turn the fabric to the snip at 24″ on other side, gather up the fabric in your fists, visualize the cord that connects between your physical bodies and body of the Will: RIP IT APART! Howl, growl and scream at it if you want.

Writing your Intention Paper

On your 3″ x 3″ square of kraft paper, write 9 lines of this phrase, chanting it aloud as your write: “I release (name of person) in peace.” Note that there are also 9 chambers in the sliced lemon in the image below. 3×3 is a powerful magickal number, and stating your intentions 9 times, fills 9 chambers, on both sides of the lemon.

Now, turn the paper 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Crossing the original lines, writing and chanting aloud 9 lines of: (Your Name) is complete. Use the affirmation of your choice – what specifically are  you wanting for yourself? Healing? Normally I wouldn’t speak in third person about myself, but I think if we are going to start using names, we need to do so in both sides of the spell, and claim the work for ourselves in our own name.

I always end spells with So Mote It Be! What can I say? I like the old school ceremonial feel of the phrase.

Fold the paper away from you in half, bottom edge lifted to meet top edge. Write across the rectangle, “For the Highest Good of all Involved, Harming None.” Or whatever caveats you typically add to your spells.

Turn it 90 degrees counter-clockwise again, then fold it away from you, lifting the bottom edge to align with top edge again, draw on the remaining square any symbols of protection and balance you use. I chose the pentacle.

three steps in writing and folding an intention paper
Writing your Intention Paper – this is just an example, y’all. I don’t even know a Joe Smith, and I’m not breaking up with anybody!

Cutting the Lemon – Separating your Waters

Cradle the Lemon to your heart. Lemon has magical associations with elemental water, and purification. Think on how you’ve welcomed that person into your heart-space – your “waters” have commingled together. The lemon represents your emotional body – your heart – and we need to separate your “waters,” from theirs. With your knife, cut the lemon in half around it’s fat waistline.

One in each hand, hold a lemon half over your offering bowl. Saying,

“I release (name) in peace. Leave my heart, now and forever. Flow toward your own horizon, far away. My heart is purified of all that does not serve my highest good. I am complete within myself. As I will, it is so; So Mote it be!”

Squeeze the lemons into the offering bowl – these juices represent the emotions you held for that person, now drained away. Pour in 1 tablespoon of the acceptance water so that they, too, may find acceptance and peace. Later on, move the juice/water to a small glass jar or vial for transport in the last step.

Folded Intention Paper placed between Lemon Halves - Photo by Heron Michelle
Folded Intention Paper placed between Lemon Halves – notice the 9 chambers of the lemon – Photo by Heron Michelle

Mending your heart with the Steel of your Will

Pour 1 tablespoon of prepared acceptance waters into one half of the lemon, saying:

“I am complete within Divine Love.” 

Place the folded intention paper in between the two halves. Place the copper penny in the other half, saying:

“Divine Love fills my heart. I am healed on all levels.”

Put the lemon halves back together, and using the 13 steel pins, “sew” the halves back together. With each pin, repeat the affirmation: “I am complete within Divine Love.”

Lemon Spell - Intention Paper Inside pinned together with 13 steel pins on a Bed of Salt
Lemon Halves Pinned together with 13 Steel Pins – Heron Michelle

At the center of the black cloth, pour half your salt, place the lemon on top, then pour over the rest of the salt. Gather up two opposing corners of the cloth and tie. Gather up the other corners and tie them into a compact bundle. The bundle my live on your altar until you are able to travel to a River.

For now, release your Spirit Allies, Deities and close the elemental gates to water with your gratitude.

Lemon Bond-Breaking Bundle Wrapped in Black Fabric and sitting on Altar Paten
Wrapped Lemon Bond-Breaking Bundle on Altar Paten – Photo by Heron Michelle

Step 4: Physical – Buried in the Banks of the River. Be Silent.

This may be the hard part, depending on where you live. Journey to the banks of a deeply flowing river. Take the bundle, the vial of lemon juice/water, and an offering of gratitude with you.

Standing with one foot in the river, and one foot on the banks, hold the bundle to your heart space. Call upon the Great God/dess and the flow of their Divine Love through all things. Call upon the Powers of Water as both Daring (the river itself) and Acceptance (the banks.) The river is that Divine Love, flowing in the direction of its Wyrd, its Divine destiny. The banks give that water structure, guidance and acceptance of that destiny.

 “…Teach me your lessons of acceptance, that I may be healed, restoring wholeness within my own boundaries once more. Aid me as I Dare to redefine myself through the grace of Divine Love….”

Pour the vial of lemon juice “emotions” into the river. Release all lingering thoughts, feelings, and connections to the past relationship. Say your final goodbyes with gratitude. “You are released.” I tend to say, “Namasté Away” in moments like these, because I’m a bit of a smart-ass. <cackle>

Now, go dig a deep hole on the bank of the river, so that it is within the sturdy earth or rocks that guide the water, but safe from eroding into the waters themselves for a while. The banks will aid you with acceptance of this new condition. Bury the bundle in the hole, covering it over, and beautifying the spot by making a little natural shrine of stacked stones or an arrangement of flowers collected from around the area. Leave your offering of gratitude for the spiritual aid of your allies. Pouring out liquor, lighting incense, or offering flowers are all good ideas.

As the bundle decomposes over time, becoming earth once more and flowing with the river, so your heart will also heal slowly and surely, finding stability and renewal.

Clap your hands three time to break the flow. “So mote it be!” Turn and walk away. Do not look back or visit again. Do not speak of it.

Remember that you are a perfect child of the God/dess.“If that which you seek you find not within, you will never find it without.” (Charge of the Goddess)

Blessed be,


Worry not, dear readers…this spell is only brought to you as a public service, and not some passive-aggressive announcement of any broken-heartedness on my part. We’re still lovey-dovey over here in Heron’s rook.

It does not do to speak of such things until they are long finished, but I can report that I do have distant, first-hand experience with a spell of this nature that was effective for me during a dark time. That working inspired this writing, though it took a different tack. A hoodoo root doctor I knew at the time suggested the lemon sewn with 13 pins; however, this is a heavily-adapted creation informed by my Witchcraft practice, and put into new words. It’s an example of how to utilize the “Acceptance Snow Water” I wrote about previously.

August 29, 2017

Last year, my region was hit with significant flood damage. I live on the Tar River near the coast, so we know the fury of Hurricanes, and what it is like to see your home, town and neighborhoods drowning in their aftermath. Far.too.much. However, what is happening right now in Houston and the Gulf Coast region of Texas, is orders of magnitude more serious than anything I’ve ever experienced. Which is saying something, since I long ago lived in Houston during the 2001 flood that was Gods awful. I have many friends there still and I’ve been worried sick about what is happening right now.

Hurricane Harvey is powerful, but so are we. Let’s harness our collective magickal might and do what we can to aid our countrymen along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Worrying over things doesn’t help anybody; action does. Action backed by Magick can change the world. Witches FLY! Priests and Priestesses ARISE! Join me now in the working of this spell.

A Spell Against Flood Damage in Texas

I first worked this spell here last year to protect my own neighbors, and have now gussied it up for a reworking for Houston and the Gulf Coast region, wherever aid is needed. Adapt it as necessary to suit your tradition, with the materials you have on hand.

Protection from Flooding Spell working Altar ~Heron
Protection from Flood Damage: Spell working Altar ~Heron

A Witch’s Prayer For Aid Against Flood Damage

Great Ones! Gods, Guides, Angels!  Hark unto my call.
Great Mother, Great Father nurture and protect The Gulf Coast and Houston, Texas, in their time of need.
Be with them now, we pray. (Lights White Candles)

Ancestors of Spirit! (claps hands three times) Mighty Dead of The Craft, draw near!
Awaken within us the old powers, tried and true;
Shelter our Gulf-coast neighbors from all harm and aid them in their time of need.
Be with them now, we pray. (Lights Black Candle)

Ancestors of the Blood! (pounds chest in heart-beat pattern three times)
Our beloved dead, Mothers and Fathers of their lines, back through the reach of time,
Return once more to hearth and home, protect their children and pets,
make strong their foundation stones and shelter them from all harm.
Awaken within them your tenacity to survive; that will aid them in their time of need.
Be with them now, we pray. (Pours out offering of liquor)

Ancestors of the Land! (Stamps foot on ground three times.)
Those who’ve cultivated and protected our Gulf Coast lands in your time,
those who’ve lived there, worked there, died to defend our country and been laid to rest there,
Return once more to farm and city, harbor and armory.
Protect their livelihoods, their crops, their livestock, their buildings.
Keep safe our sacred places, our cemeteries and temples.
Awaken within our country the brotherly love so that we may rise together as one people, to overcome the challenges that lay ahead;
aid us all in our time of need.
Be with us now, we pray.

Spell Against Flood Damage in Texas
Map of Gulf Coast region of Texas with Rune Algiz for Protection Graphic by Heron Michelle

Assemble Spell Materials

  • Lay a printed map of the Gulf Coast and Houston, Texas region on your altar paten/pentacle. One I created from Google Maps above can be printed on regular printer paper.
  • The Rune Algiz for protection and defense is drawn over map in Red – I choose red to call in the firey protection of Mars energy.
  • On top of the Map, place a monopoly house piece (or any other figure that represents “home” and infrastructure that you may have. Toy figures work well.)
  • Surround the house with hematite, rose quartz, blue lace agate, and something made of iron. I had an iron nail.
  • Ring everything with red rose petals, or any flower that resonates love, peace, brotherhood, the Goddess’ protection.

Empowering with the Four Classical Elements

(Lights Incense)
Powers of Air, of intellect and wise governance. Be with us now!
Blow free all confusion; lend your powers of critical thinking and aid all our officials, aid workers and citizens in beneficial decision making as they ride out this storm and flood.
Keep them safe from harm.
In gratitude, we call you into this working.
(blows incense gently over items on pentacle.)

I visualize a clearing and calming of wind, rain and atmosphere itself. I see the atmosphere around Texas and the Gulf Coast glowing yellow.

Map of Region, Rune of shielding, stones, iron nail and rose petals on my altar pentacle.
Map of Region, Rune of shielding, a house figurine, stones, iron nail and rose petals on my altar pentacle.

(Lights Red Fire Candle)
Powers of Fire, of action and protection. Be with us now!
Ignite within them the motivation to work selflessly and genuinely to help their neighbors, the strength to persevere through difficult times, and the power to rebuild in ways that improve their community in the future.
With your power they rise into resolute, well-organized, and beneficial action.
Awaken within us all a sacred mission of generosity that will serve our country’s highest good.
We surrender to your fires all hubris, all unhealthy ego-attachment to unnecessary material possessions, to political division, and to greed.
Keep them safe from harm.
In gratitude, we call you into this working.
(Touches iron nail to the flame, then uses nail to draw an invoking pentagram over top of the spell materials.)

I visualize the people of Texas and the Gulf Coast, especially the police, national guard, officials and aid workers, rising into action to the aid of their neighbors like a well-armored and well-provisioned army, setting out to battle in perfect formation. I see the people of Texas glowing red.

(Touches purified waters)
Powers of Water, of intuition and acceptance! Be with us now!
Awaken their instincts, grace and compassion. Help their emotions ebb and flow with these waters with a calm acceptance that all things change.
Bring succor to those who are grieving their losses.
Your flood waters now accept their boundaries, flowing gently, evaporating quickly, finding the least damaging path to the sea.
Powers of Water, protect their water systems from pollution and disease.
Protect their municipal treatment systems so they may do their work.
Keep them safe from harm.
In gratitude, we call you into this working.
(Sprinkles waters upon the ring of rose petals.)

I visualize the flood waters themselves, crystal clear, clean, flowing gently and easily, receding back to their normal boundariess, accepting the safe barriers that are intended to hold them. I see the waters Texas glowing blue.

(Touches Sea Salt)
Powers of Earth, of stability and fortification! Be with us now!
Keep our neighbors along the Gulf Coast of Texas deeply rooted into their own power, and nourished so that they make do the work before them.
Empower the dams, levies and retention walls to hold fast and steady.
Be the sturdy banks that guide the water in the least destructive way possible to a peaceful resolution.
Aid their farmers, and protect their fields, so that they may have the food needed to sustain them.
Be the energetic wall that defends their homes and businesses from destruction.
Keep them safe from harm.
In gratitude, we call you into this working.
(Sprinkles salt in a ring around the rose petals)

I visualize a strengthening of foundation stones, footers, piers and retaining walls; the metals and minerals of the earth itself know their purpose, to be strong and guide the waters. I see crystalline grids forming around all vulnerable areas and systems. I see the very land glowing green.


Great Ones! Gods, Guides, and Angels! All those who keep us safe and illuminate the path before us.
Powers of East, South, West and North! All those from Above and Below who answer our call, in gratitude we set you to your work!
Great Mother, grant them your grace. As the moon waxes into fullness, I anchor their protection to Her growing power.
Then as she wanes, may the effect of these flood waters wane quickly with her.
Great Father, grant us your strength. As the sun wanes into autumn, guide us through these dark times. Help us find our mettle, rising into our power.
Strengthen our Nation through this adversity, so that we may find the most qualified leadership to guide us into a compassionate and prosperous future.
For the Highest Good of all involved, harming none.
In gratitude, our intentions are made manifest.
As is our will, it is so. SO MOTE IT BE!

I clap my hands three times, and leave the working to burn for a while. Then I return, as I am able, to relight and repeat, giving thanks for each small miracle that unfolds. I will continue this working daily until the Harvest moon is full: September 6th at 3:03 am.

May our country grow in strength and unity through these difficult times. Thank you for joining me in this working, all my lovely witches of the world. Your work is important! Please leave me a comment to let me know you’ve joined me. We can also meet in discussion about options and adaptations on my Witch on Fire: Heron Rising Services Facebook Page, which I encourage you to like and follow.

Now, if you have a few bucks to spare, consider donating to this Harvey Disaster Relief Fund set up by the City of Houston itself. Every little bit counts.

~Heron Michelle

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August 2, 2017

A few years ago, I was overtaken by an overwhelming drive to type up and post the following Love Message for Women on my old wordpress blog. This was in the harvest times of that first fateful year I’d spent in service to Aphrodite, whom I asked to teach me about “Perfect Love and Trust.”

The lessons she offered me started out like a brutal mugging at thorn-point, but I learned things–really important things about how to be in healthy, loving relationship with others – by first having the lessons on what NOT to do. From these, she delivered the Four Rules of Witchcraft for Personal Sovereignty, that are mentioned below. At the time, I was still trying to figure out what practical advice could be framed in those terms.

A Love Message for Women
Roses – Heron Michelle

Aphrodite’s Superpower: “Rose-Colored Glasses

If I’d known this is what would happen with my request for help, I might not have made that particular dedication. I call this power she granted me her “Rose Colored Glasses.” Mind you, I have decent clairvoyant abilities anyway, but that is usually when I’m in a trance state and purposefully seeking out information. But that year, She opened my waking eyes so I could **physically see** like a running video filter, the broken hearts of everyone around me, *see* the clambering for truly “perfect” or unconditional Love and Trust that everyone so desperately seeks (whether they recognize it that way or not.)

Everywhere I turned, I saw people behaving badly, with running commentary of what wounds drove their shitty, abusive behavior – mostly it was because someone had previously abused THEM.  It is hard to stay mad at people once you know WHY they are lashing out like a wounded animal. That is no excuse for bad behavior, but it is an explanation that helped me find the compassion and solutions I needed to heal the wounds, rather than salt them through retaliation. It was the saddest, most distressing view of the world, and I’m grateful that I can control when and how I use that ability now. (Meaning, I don’t go there, and grateful for the ability to say, NO THANKS.)

At the time that I wrote this – in a furious pounding out of a tirade, as I remember the moment – it was in response to a string of female tarot reading clients who were heterosexual, bringing me their troubles with their men. By that same token, I get plenty of male clients who are being abused by their women. I’m sorry to say that it is a common reason that anyone seeks out a reader like myself.  That particular year, It was as though Aphrodite was sending them in droves to find me, and discuss their heart-break, and the cards and Divine Guidance spelled out the same advise over and over again…

Anyway, for some reason today I am once more prompted to re-post them here at Witch on Fire. May the message find its way to those who need it the most.

A Love Message for Women - Witch on Fire
CC0-Public Domain – Pixabay

A Love Message for Women

Originally posted Sept. 1, 2015

The wounded women of the world often bitch about how there are no good men left out there, or that all men are the same: philandering, heartless, mindless animals. For a while there, I was one of them. Those are the wounds talking. We are projecting our fears of betrayal in a broad stroke over 50% of humanity and that is assholery at it’s finest. Besides, if animals are what we expect to find, then that is all we will find, regardless of who is standing before us. The blinders of our wounds will unfairly reinforce our suspicions. Humans will rise or fall to meet our expectations. Don’t burn the Witch.

Furthermore, there are just as many men suffering from the wounds inflicted by the careless women who abused the intimacy of their relationships, deeply scarring the men in their lives. There are men out there who have been given no good reason to trust the women in their lives, and it breaks my heart. Women are equally guilty of being the “bad guy.”  Responsibility to be the sort of person you think everyone should be begins and ends with you, and there are no good excuses for harmful actions against our well-meaning brothers.  Men have feelings, too. Men need healthy trust in their relationships, too. Don’t be the Asshole.

The bottom line: Hurting people hurt more people.

What is the common denominator in every failed relationship you’ve ever had?


The good news is that you have the power to change YOU, and the power to choose which relationships you feed. We are personally responsible for ending the cycle of woundings by attending to our own healing, breaking the chain of abuse, and being strong within the sphere of our own influence.

We can set healthy boundaries. Perhaps the other people in your life have never witnessed what the maintaining of healthy boundaries even looks like. Perhaps, since they have no frame of reference, they misinterpret these strong, boundary-maintaining actions as your being a “bitch.” I challenge you to find the least-bitchy way to still rise in strength as a sovereign being, and show ’em what beneficial womanhood looks like. All of us witches have the solemn duty to model that healthy strength for others to learn from. Don’t be the Weak Link.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD, my sisters. You are in charge of you. At the end of the day, no one else can be blamed for the choices you make, the relationships you are in, the way you speak to others, your actions, and your thoughts.  The only control you have is over your own choices, and with whom you invest your time and energy. You must be present to win.
Flip that message to also mean that if your partner refuses to honor your boundaries, even after you’ve given them a chance to rise to the occasion, then you release them and retreat to a safe distance.

I call this Namasté Away: The Spirit in me, honorably releases the Spirit in you, to pursue your own happiness at a distance that I will define…until such time that you cease to wear your own ass as ear-muffs, and start acting right.  Until then, be gone!

The message my Goddess Aphrodite wishes to impart to us all:

“The heart prepared to receive love is the one already opened from the giving of love.”

In Perfect Love and Trust,


June 12, 2017

This ritual creates a spell pouch whose purpose is to awaken your connection to the vast source of power that is the Universe already flowing within you. You then carry the pouch as you continue your explorations in Magick. From the outside, it may look like a few simple affirmations with wishes made on bits of stone and leaf, but the end result is the acceptance of your own phenomenal powers.

Magickal Altar
Photo by Heron

The important distinction to be made by this ritual, is that “magick with a K” is more than just a set of superstitious actions that can be read out of a book by any joe-schmo. It is more than a slumber party foray into the forbidden among teens. It is more even than the most auspicious of ceremonies held in a sacred temple by adepts of the highest order.

The end-game of the pursuit of magick, is to discover that it is a continuous state of being–the most simple and natural state of being. You play the music of the Uni-verse (One Song) and realize that every consciousness within it is a fellow musician playing their part.

Eventually, the trappings and “stuff” of spellcraft become optional, even calling it “Witchcraft” seems… frivolous… and one is so finely tuned to that harmonic, that the “illusion of separateness” just makes you snicker to yourself.  The music is everything…it is ALL sacred, it is ALL “God.” There is no mundane, no profane…some requiem and dissonance, some vivace and resonance, but they are all just movements that sing the largest story.

Your flesh, your actions, your words, your passions become the instruments of this magick. Your thoughts and Will are both the player and the conductor of this symphony…and they become autonomic, like breathing, or the beating of your heart. Above and below, within and without, implicate to explicate, magick ceases to be that fancy thing you dust off on special occasions, and becomes the IS-ness. It just IS your natural state of being.

To Be a Magus and work magick is like becoming the conductor in the great symphony of the Universe.
CC0 Public Domain ~ Pixabay

The magus usually does not simply stroll into the ISness…there are many gates of awareness and ability to unlock before arriving at this place of easy magick. Just like musical training, you start with your scales, and fingerings, breath control and reading the symbolic languages. There is a vocabulary to learn and must practice, practice, practice…

You study the masters and their compositions. You play the great works until their secrets become your muscle memory. First you learn the rules, so that you know how to break the rules and become the composer of your own ground-breaking symphonies. Your life becomes the music that effects change in the world around you. That which previously seemed so concrete, so supernatural, and outside of your affect, becomes the orchestra that responds instinctively to each flick of your baton.

“I am the Magick” Spell Working

So where do you begin? This is an esbat ritual I hold with my students at the midpoint of their Year and a Day of training with me, and as the opening rite to our study of folk magick. It is inspired by a visualization called “the consciousness in all things” in Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by Joyce and River Higginbotham. (Llewellyn, 2002) This is one of the required texts that we read prior to any instruction in spell-craft. I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of this book and read it cover to cover; I think it is just that important.

Timing and Allies

Timing of this spell is most effective when a Thursday, the day of Jupiter, falls in a waxing moon phase, close to its peak. We are working our way through the seven areas of consciousness as represented by the seven chakras, but also my Pentacle Approach to the five bodies as aligned with the elements. However, you will notice there are 9 ingredients inside this pouch, 3 x 3. I usually work in threes and nines with spell work of this nature. I also try to include allies from the realms of plant and animal, metal and mineral, as suits the intention.

I usually introduce the element of Fire through striking a match. For me, the match is what brings the other individual ingredients “to life” as this new entity. Like Dr. Frankenstein assembling parts of his creation, when he throws that switch of electricity, that is when his creation comes to life with its own Sovereignty. I thank Orion Foxwood for first introducing me to this Southern Conjure technique.


Set your altar in whatever way is customary for your spell workings. For my go-to altar layout and consecration ritual, click here. At the very least, have a candle lit that is dedicated to the Greatness of Spirit. Awaken and light the consecration elements of salted water and burning incense.

Spell for the Magus: I am the Magick A spell pouch and ritual to connect the magis to the power of the universe by Heron Michelle
I am the Magick Spell Pouch Ingredients

Materials needed:

Be mindful to select small enough materials such that they will all fit in the bag you choose. It doesn’t take much – the stones can be raw or tumbled, and you can always substitute as you need to, by choosing different allies within that layer of consciousness, chakra, element, etc. For more information, see witchipedia.

  • A small, lightweight leather pouch or bag to hold all your ingredients, with a draw-string top, that can be easily worn with you daily.
  • Clear Quartz Point – Crown, Spiritual Body, Ether, mineral
  • Amethyst – Third eye and Crown, Mental Body, Air, mineral
  • Lapis Lazuli – Third-eye, Mental Body, Psychic Body, Air, mineral
  • Blue Lace Agate – Throat, Air, mineral
  • Green Aventurine – Heart, Emotional Body, Water, mineral
  • Bay Laurel Leaf – Solar Plexis, Body of Will, Fire, plant
  • Copper Penny – Sacral, Physical Body, Earth, Divine Love, Metal
  • Red Jasper – Root, Physical Body, Earth, mineral
  • Wooden Match Stick – Spirit, Fire, Plant

Ground, Center, Connect

Connect to the energies above and below. Here is an excerpt from my consecration ritual.

  • Face the altar, stand in Goddess position with hands raised up to the sky, remember that you are like a tree who’s branches reach up through the atmosphere, touching air and the fires of the sun, and tap into Father Sky and the heavens above.
  • Draw down that power, crossing your arms over your chest in Osiris God position, feeling how that power flows through you reaching all the way through the soles of your feet.
  • Remember that like the tree, your roots reach deep below into the earth and water, to Mother Earth and all the underworld below.
  • Kneel, touch the ground. Draw up the earth energy to cross arms over your chest again in Osiris God position.
  • Feel the flows from above and below meeting and anchoring at your heart chakra–you are a vessel of The Two Who Move as One in Divine Love, an open channel of their creation flows through you.
  • Stand, power flowing through your heart and down through your hands.

Erect your Temple

Create sacred space, casting a circle and inviting to be present your guides, ancestors, and Spirit/Deity in that special way that you do. Open the elemental gates and invite air, fire, water and earth to aid in your engagement with the Universal powers via the material realm.


Do the “consciousness in all things” visualization by Joyce and River Higginbotham, p. 150

Statement of Intent:

I come to these sacred cross-roads to work magick in accordance with my Highest Divine Will, harming none. I align my consciousnesses with the interconnection of the Universe and set my feet upon the path of magickal study. I claim this sovereign power within me! (This may be written as a petition spell on a small piece of paper, rolled and also added to the pouch.)

Pluck a strand of your own hair and add it to the bag. This taglocks the working to you.

Ritual body:

At each step, hold up the material and connect to it. Repeat the affirmations in sets of three. Build a cadence and power in the voice. Sing them if that feels right. When the connection feels good and made, end with “I Am the Magick!” stated with authority, then drop the item into the pouch.

Connect to the Clear Quartz and say:
“My Spirit is connected to the magick of the Universe. (X3) I am the magick.”

Connect to the Amethyst and say:
“My mind is receptive to the magick of the universe. (X3) I am the magick.”

Connect to the Lapis Lazuli and say:
“My intuition is open to the magick of the Universe. (X3) I am the magick”

Connect to the Blue lace Agate and say:
“My voice resonates with the magick of the universe. (X3) I am the magick.”

Connect to the Green Aventurine and say:
“My emotions flow with the magick of the universe. (X3) I am the magick.”

Connect to the Bay Leaf and say:
“My Will is aligned with the magick of the Universe. (X3) I am the magick.”

Connect to the Copper Penny and say:
“My passion is ignited with the magick of the universe. (X3) I am the magick”

Connect to the Red Jasper and say:
“My senses are awakened to the magick of the universe. (X3) I am the magick.”

CC0 Public Domain - Pixabay
CC0 Public Domain – Pixabay

Carefully hold your pouch open with your thumb and pointer finger in a ring around its top, but do not grasp the bag with your remaining fingers, or you could get burned in this tricky next part…

Connect to the wooden match, and say:
“My life is empowered by the magick of the universe. (X3)”

Lighting it by your Spirit Candle, as it flares into light, say with authority: “I AM THE MAGICK!”

Quickly jam the match entirely into the bag, and pinch the top of the bag shut to snuff it out. (This is part of why I prefer leather spell bags…less flammable.) Leave the matchstick in the bag.

Draw the strings closed, holding the mouth of the bag near your own lips, blowing your breath into the bag, chant: “I am the magick” Repeating many times as a power-raising mantra, until you feel it is completely done, and all the powers are soaked into the pouch. I do this with volume of my voice…whisper, to loudly, back to whisper again.

Knot the bag’s draw string closed with nine knots, each time chanting:
“As I so Will, So mote it be.”

Tuck the pouch near your heart… Putting it on a long cord so that it is worn around the neck is my preferred way to carry such things.

Conclude with any offerings, the simple feast, divination and prayers for guidance.

Release your temple and spiritual allies as you normally do, clean up and know it is done. Release all expectation of the outcome, while remaining open to infinite possibility. Now, get to crackin’! You have much yet to learn, do and enjoy.

May your magickal practice bring you fulfillment on all levels, for the highest good of all involved, harming none. Blessèd be!

October 13, 2016

Hurricane Matthew blew through Eastern North Carolina Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning and dumped what would be a catastrophic amount of water onto already saturated ground and swollen rivers. We’ve had so much rain these last months. Its been a constant sticky, soppy swamp for months.

As Matthew hit us, we were already exhausted from worry over our loved ones in Florida, but had plenty of time to be well prepared. The circle met to do magickal protection work for two of our sisters with houses near Jacksonville Beach. Matthew slowed, and skirted the coast, wobbling east, but driving serious amounts of water in storm surge. Our sister’s were spared any damage, but we were next. River and coastal communities all braced for impact.

Deluge from Hurricane Matthew in Greenville, NC Saturday October 8, 2016
Deluge from Hurricane Matthew in Greenville, NC Saturday October 8, 2016

As Saturday night fell, the wind moaned like banshees. The “guardian tree,” a huge old tulip poplar tree in my back yard that stands protection over our sacred circle, twisted and whipped but stood strong. That storm water was fast, relentless and had no where to go; flash flooding overwhelmed everything and some roads washed clean away. All over the region, cars were found nose down in newly formed trenches.

The power was out by 8:00, but a witch always has plenty of candles on hand. We went to bed and I lie there for hours chanting protection mantras and feeding Reiki and protective energies into the wards I’d erected around my properties.

Then as Matthew passed out to sea, the rains ceased, and the sun rose on a cool, autumn Sunday morning with a whipping breeze, and plenty of yard clean-up to be done. I lost a few shutters and a few branches. Though the winds were not so fierce here as they were in other places, there were still many fallen trees; this death toll is also important to me. One neighbor said a tree cleaved into their home and “crushed their refrigerator like a soda can.”  Most of the folks I know merely had light debris fall in the yard, and the power was out from a few hours to a few days. My power was back on by 4:00 am.

Still, wind was hardly our biggest problem.

Wind felled a tree to crush a friend's house in Greenville, NC.
Wind felled a tree to crush a friend’s house in Greenville, NC.

We were sleeping in because all seemed to be fine, until the doorbell wakes us from our beds. Looting teenagers were seen riding off with three of my family’s bikes.  I’d stuffed every loose thing in my yard into the carport so it wouldn’t blow away, and never once did I worry about having my bones picked cleaned by my fellow citizens, so I must have neglected to lock the bikes to the rack. The police officer who lives across the street was out on storm patrol, but his wife saw the crime unfold, called in the cavalry, and chased them down, recovering two of the bikes and arresting the perpetrators. I began my day by filing police reports, and I doubt I’ll ever see my bike again, but the flying monkeys of Karma are hard at work. I’ve heard that police arrested several people trying to loot the evacuated homes in flooded areas.

Still, looting isn’t our biggest problem.

Tar River Water Fr in Greenville, NC
Tar River Water Front in Greenville, NC

Widespread flooding is our biggest problem.

We live on the Tar River, which carries all this rainwater from central NC back to the sea. The further downstream you get, the higher the river rises. Waters collect in a slow-motion catastrophe that will drown all the towns that lie down stream.   The Tar flows through our Uptown region a mere 4 blocks from my shop, and the many neighborhoods that line her banks.

After Hurricane Floyd in 1999, the river rose to a historic 29′ and the city was an island of hurt for weeks without power, and compromised water systems. After that, much of the river front property, and anything built in the low-lying areas was demolished and turned into parks and greenways, where most of the time, folks can  jog and walk their dogs. Still, there are many vulnerable buildings and municipal systems still in that flood zone. Our airport is currently under water.

Greensprings Park under flood waters

The cresting point of the river has been estimated to be 26.1 feet by Friday. The mayor announced that citizens were gathering for prayer at one of our closed bridges that stands sentinel over the Town Commons area pictured above. We are in the South, the ‘Bible Belt,’ and that sort of overtly religious thing is pretty normal around here. Mayor Allen Thomas asked that “people of faith” take a moment at noon on Wednesday, wherever they were, and pause for a moment of prayer. “Faith can move mountains. Today, we want it to move water.”

I’m a person of “faith,” technically, even if we may be praying in different ways. I agree that all things are possible when enough people set their minds and energies to the task. At noon, I was at my altar with some impromptu spell crafting.

Join us wherever you are, in the protection of all lands that Hurricane Matthew’s legacy is now flooding. Click “Continue” and join me in this prayer and spell-working against flood damage (all instructions included) until the full moon crests on Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 12:23 am EST. Adapt it for your own region, or with whatever materials you have on hand, and help us create some change, Gods willing and the creek don’t rise!

Thank you.
Blessings of protection and well-being to you all! We are all in this together, my loves.

I’d love to hear how you adapted this spell for you own needs in the comments below, and how things are working out for you. Powers of Witchcraft, ACTIVATE!

August 2, 2016

During this harvest season, I would like to share with you a “Money Pot” spell, that brings wealth and abundance into our lives.

While Southern Conjure is a form of folk magick that I have the most yet to discover, I’ve found over the years that these traditional spells are some of the most creative, and yet down-to-earth spells, you can enact. I appreciate this form of folk magick that is so inherently tied to this “neck of the woods” where I’m from. For me, they work like a charm!

The idea of a “Money Pot” was first introduced to me by Orion Foxwood (1), when he taught workshops here at our local Samhain festival in 2012. Later, I was privileged to work with him further at an intensive training weekend, where he took us into deeper detail about the culture of Appalachian Conjure and Root Work techniques. Now, I make good use of these techniques in just about every magickal working I do.

Heron's "Money Pot" spell--a work in progress over 4 years. Photo by Heron Michelle
Heron’s “Money Pot” spell–a work in progress over 4 years. Photo by Heron Michelle

My money pot has now been a part of my altar for 4 years, and through meandering trial, error, and research it has grown to become a reflection of my unique path and relationship with the Powers. A money pot, like a mojo hand, or any other talisman one nurtures over time, becomes radically personal, and should not be touched or tampered with by anyone other than it’s owner.

I encourage you to “field test” this experiment for yourselves. Start with the basic recipe, but get to know each player for yourself. Feel it, develop a relationship with each spark of consciousness within, and know exactly which powers you are awakening and calling to your aid. Then trust your guts as you evolve the working over time for your own needs. I’m an eclectic, so I have no problem blending what I know from across traditions, so long as I approach both the Spirit within, and the culture, with knowledge and respect. You do what feels right for you.

Money Pot Spell

Materials to gather:

An empty tin can (Jupiter.) Tin brings luck, success, divination and justice. (Tin cans are normally used for non-acidic vegetables.)
OR a copper vessel (Venus) Copper brings luck, love, money and healing, and is the metal of Venus. Antique stores are good places to find cups, pots or little bowls; anything copper that will hold about 12 ounces of material and will not leak, will do. Since copper is a natural conductor of energy, I’ve found the addition of copper to any spell to boost the potency, and “sweeten” the working. As I believe that all physical resources are a form of Divine Love, copper aids any intention that would sustain my life and help me thrive.

Hyssop Oil – Hyssop brings protection and purification.

Sage Smudge bundle or other purifying incense of your choice.

Sea Salt – grounding and purifying.

Small piece of paper with your name or personal sigil on one side, and the seal of Jupiter on the other. Brown

Seal of Jupiter
Seal of Jupiter

craft paper from which they make paper-grocery bags is a traditional choice. I like to trace the bottom of the can on the paper, and cut it out in a perfect circle to fit the bottom.

Tag-lock–In spells of this kind, that are claimed to work for me alone, I add a tag-lock. This is a bit of your own body that contains your DNA. A strand of hair, a nail clipping, even your own spit, rubbed from the inner cheek on your finger, and anointed over the sigil paper will do.

9 different types of dried beans/legumes–Nine is a number often used in hoodoo spells for timing and numbers of ingredients. I was taught that in mojo hands, for example, there should always be 9 materials added, that odd numbers were lucky, and multiples of 3 the most powerful. 3×3 is a potent number in many traditions.

The beans themselves are seeds. They contain the information and power to grow and expand into vastly more sustenance than merely eating the one bean would bring. We are “planting” these many beans in our pot for their potential to grow into much more. At my grocery store I found: pinto, great northern, black eyed peas, black beans, lima beans, small red beans, chick peas (garbanzo beans,) red kidney beans, and lentils.

1 Natural Lodestone–Lodestone is magnetite that was naturally magnetized, and can attract iron. It is believed to have been in proximity to lightning bolt strikes. (wiki) Magickally, lodestones are used to draw more wealth to its keeper.  Lodestone was used in the first compasses, so they also bring the power of guidance and direction to any working.

1 High John the Conqueror Root—This is the most valued of the “Three Johns,” or roots, in hoodoo practice. High John is a hard root of the Ipomoea jalapa plant, in the morning glory family.  It is used whole in magick to remove obstacles, draw wealth, luck at games of chance, increased potency, power and personal sovereignty.

Wooden Stick Matches—adding the spark of fire to ignite and empower the pot.

Florida Water Cologne–for feeding the pot once a month or more. Here is a great article on its many uses by Lilith Dorsey. My understanding is that Florida water cologne is created with an alcohol base and essential oils of bergamot, neroli, lavender, clove, cinnamon, rose, and orange flower water (but I’m still looking for a verifiable recipe somewhere.)

Huntin’ money–This needs to be actual currency, like pennies you found on the ground, or unusual money like foreign coins, $2 bills, etc. When you find money on the ground, if it is heads up say, “Huntin’ money, you found me!” pick it up, bring it home and add to your money pot. If it is tails up, you need to “lay tracks” toward you, flipping the coin toward you three times until it is eventually heads up. As you flip, say “Huntin’ money, huntin’ money, huntin’ money, you found me!” Then pick it up.

I always heard the superstition that picking up money that isn’t yours that is “tails up” is considered unlucky. “Laying tracks” would turn that around, should that actually be a thing. (I’m not superstitious, so I leave that to your discretion.)

Money Pot Ingredients, with a few extra-special things I've added to my own. Photo by Heron Michelle
Money Pot Ingredients, with a few extra-special things I’ve added to my own. Photo by Heron Michelle


In planetary magick, Thursday is the day of Jupiter, Thor and Zeus and is the day for rites that call for expansion and growth, wealth and money, abundance in the material aspects, power and rulership. Enact this spell on a Thursday (Jupiter) while the moon is waxing. To be even more exact, I would choose the day of Jupiter and the hour of Venus.

To begin the spell, gather all needed materials at your altar and create your sacred space; call on the powers you work with to be present. Jupiter and Venus, by any of their names or aspects, would be a smart choice of ally.

Prepare the Pot:

•    Sprinkle the vessel with water and swirl around. Call on the powers of water to purify and empower the work. (Dry it out again)
•    Fill the vessel with the smoke of burning sage or any other purifying incense.  Call on the powers of Air to purify and empower the work.
•    Sprinkle a little sea salt into the vessel and swirl around. Call on the powers of Earth to purify and empower the work.
•    Anoint the interior of the vessel with Hyssop oil in a clockwise fashion. Call on the powers of Fire to purify and empower the work. Hyssop oil is like liquid fire that will seal the vessel from all outside influence.
•    Claim this vessel as your own; set the intention for the spell. Tap the metal three times (a quick knock of 2 fast, 1 slow) Say, “awake, awake, awaken to your power.” Blow into the pot. Set the paper with your name/sigil and seal of Jupiter in the bottom. Add the Tag-lock.
•    “This is my money pot; through this vessel I grow and retain wealth, abundance and prosperity on all levels; resources are attained; my needs are met and I thrive; by Jupiter my resources are generously gained; by Venus my resources may be generously shared, for the highest good of all involved, harming none.”

A full pot! Photo by Heron Michelle
A full pot! Photo by Heron Michelle

Fill the pot:

When adding each ingredient, tap three times (twice fast, once slow.) Blow over the item, and say “Awake, Awake, Awaken and remember your power of______. “

Fill the vessel about 3/4 of the way full with the nine different types of dried beans/legumes.  Tap them, blow over them, and say: “Awake, Awake, Awaken and remember your power of growth and sustenance. “

Add the lodestone: Tap it, blow over it, and say: “Awake, Awake, Awaken and remember your power of magnetism, attraction and guidance.“

Add the High John the Conqueror Root: Tap it, blow over it, and say: “Awake, Awake, Awaken and remember your power of luck, money and potency.“

Add the found “Huntin” money. Tap it, blow over it, and say: “Awake, Awake, Awaken and remember your power, go huntin’ for more money for me.“

Always bring home the found or unusual money and add it to the pot, and it will attract even more, larger sums of unexpected, or “windfall” money that you earn.

Charge the pot:

After all the ingredients are assembled, I like to use this charm I learned from Orion Foxwood: I tap on the side of the Money pot, and breathe slowly over it, filling it with power, awakening it to life, filling it with power:

“Thrice I knock on the dark one’s door
all things are as they were before
by earth and water, wind and flame
bring magick in the old one’s name.”

Then I strike the wooden match, and quickly as the flame is igniting, and the smell of sulfur is present, I jam it down into the pot, extinguishing it. The fire lends it’s spark of life to the working. I know it is kinda silly, but I always imagine this part like the movie Frankenstein when the Doctor is bringing his creation of assembled parts to life by electrifying it. <giggle>

Another empowerment chant I learned from Orion: “I wind, I bind, this spell be mine…” I repeat while channeling power from all three realms, through my hands into the pot. To spike the power into the pot and seal it, I end with, “As I will, SO MOTE IT BE!”

Feed the Pot

The pot is now “alive” and working for you. It has a Spirit that needs to be fed. Add a few drops of Florida Water Cologne over the High John root, and speak to it at least once a month; share your dreams, hopes, desires, and needs for this wealth that the pot will collect for you. As you begin to receive, come back to the pot, feed it, and offer your thanks to the Powers that aid you.

Over the years, I’ve brought home all manner of fetishes and things that mean “abundance” to me. When I went back through it today I found a green aventurine stone, pyrite, a cowrie shell, Chinese good luck coins, and all manner of currency from around the world.

I’ve also taken the time to decorate the outside of my can with some quilting fabric with US bills printed on it, a metallic silver stretchy string to hold it all together, and a brass pentacle that once fell off of a wind chime. On a whim, I attached it to the outside.  For me, the pentacle represents material wealth and good health. While not traditional to Southern Conjure, I like it.

You, too, must get out there and work hard for your resources; it takes some hustle to make way for opportunities and new income streams to start flowing. Work WITH the Universe, like the sovereign being of power and great potential that you were created to become!

Generosity = Abundance

Remember, be careful what you ask for because the Universe has a wicked sense of humor.  I suggest that you always add a caveat statement, like “May this working be for the highest good of all involved, harming none.” Because the last thing you want to have happen is to have a tragic accident that hurts you, or someone you love, but brings the wealth of an injury settlement.

As a final note, speaking as a priestess of Aphrodite, consider that you are a Divine Being made of the love of the Gods; therefore, you are worthy of a comfortable life, of thriving and happiness. The goal of any reasonable magickal practitioner should be balance on all levels of existence, including the material. A balance between giving and receiving is paramount, because a heart and a hand gripped tightly in greed, cannot possibly be prepared to open and receive the gifts of an abundant life. That right there is a prime lesson of Lammas and sacrifice.

I love these words from the Wiccan Rede. “Live and let live, fairly take and fairly give.” The key to thriving is generosity of both Spirit and resources. As you grow in abundance, be sure to give back in generous offering in some way that is important to you, so that the world around you also thrives. The more you give on all levels, the more you will receive on all levels.

May this spell bless you this harvest season,

(1) To learn more, I recommend reading The Candle and the Crossroads by Orion Foxwood.

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