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Reason to persist

Why would you want to persist at anything? That’s a very good question. Indeed, why WOULD you want to persist? Answer that question in a way that is personally meaningful to you,...


Wrestling With God

They’re Atheists, They’re Proud, and They’ve Got a Lot of Cool Bumper Stickers

Atheists are not winning many popularity contests in the U.S. right now. A 2014 poll found them close to the bottom of the heap when it comes to how people view members of the various faith groups. Popular or unpopular, more and more American atheists will soon be declaring their unbelief to friends, family and coworkers [Read More...]

The Principles of Spiritual Living

Can You Say “No?”

How skilled are you in saying “No” to a request or opportunity? I have to admit this is something I’ve struggled with throughout my life. Perhaps you, too, have had those occasions in which you wanted to say “No,” but found “Yes” stumbling off your tongue. We can, in fact, even do this with a [Read More...]

Quest for Meaning: A UU Collective

Selma Plus Fifty: Time For an Eight-Lane Bridge

WHERE ONLY BLACK MEN JAYWALK We are rightly celebrating the bravery of people—both the famous and the forgotten—who contributed to the events at Selma, Alabama fifty years ago, events that led to a sea change in the civil rights of many US citizens. The anniversary has led inevitably to a question: Are things better now? [Read More...]

A Goddess in LA

How to Eliminate Mental Toxins – Part Five

Welcome to the final installment of the Detoxing the Mind Series. We’ve identified toxic beliefs & fears in Detoxing the Mind. We looked at permanently dissolving fears and erroneous beliefs by proving their falsehood. We began the process of fortifying ourselves and moving toward detoxing limiting beliefs and fears. In this final installment, we continue [Read More...]

The Divine Feminine

Forged by the Divine Feminine

When we met across a table at the local poetry circle 35 years ago, the Divine Feminine was not on our minds. Admittedly, he was fresh back from the Spiritual Hippie Trail in India. His first thought on seeing me: That woman is going to be my wife. Second thought: That is a really strange thought.  My own thoughts [Read More...]

Astrological Musings

This Virgo Full Moon is a karmic trigger

The Full Moon on March 5 contains plenty of planetary punch! The Sun is in Pisces now, opposite the Virgo Moon.  The Pisces/Virgo polarity involves a rebalancing of our need to attend to the details of our ordinary life (Virgo) with the longing of the soul to transcend details and experience a divine flow (Pisces).   The [Read More...]

Revealing Your LuminEssence

Living the Life of Your Dreams

We must devote each moment of our lives to choices that promote freedom, creativity, and newness. Breaking free of old, encrusted, limiting thoughts requires ongoing, moment-to-moment focus on catching these unsupportive beliefs and exchanging them with thoughts that inspire and ignite your senses.

Conversations with God

How can spiritually conscious people respond to our world?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first of a five-part series by Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch on the role of today’s Cultural Creatives in the evolutionary process now unfolding on the Earth with increasing intensity.) I cannot remember a time during my half century of adulthood when the average human being on this [Read More...]

Daily Life as Spiritual Practice

The Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2014

One way we practice our spirituality in everyday life is to go to the movies. As film reviewers for, we review 300 films a year, always looking for how the stories and the characters illustrate spiritual qualities and practices. At the end of the year, we choose the 45 “Most Spiritually Literate Films” of [Read More...]

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

The 10 Types of Women Christian Men Shouldn't Marry: A Response

I can't laugh at this list, because it reminded me of every time my former brand of religion shamed me for being an independent woman, a driven woman, a self-embodied woman.

Wake Up Call

What makes us happy? (It’s not what you might think.)

In the United States, we place a premium on being happy. (Cue the Pharrell Williams video.) Yet, a recent study shows that not all cultures approach life the same way. In a story titled “Not Everyone Wants to Be Happy” at Scientific American, social psychologist Jennifer Aaker points out that our perception of happiness varies [Read More...]

Project Awaken

Astrology 101 on #StephenSoulTalks

Post By: Stephen Lovegrove, Contributor  “Millionaires don’t use astrology. Billionaires do.” – JP Morgan My friend Jordan Bach shared this quote last year, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. At that point, I barely knew anything about astrology, but I decided I should investigate it for myself. Now, one year later, astrology is a [Read More...]

A Happy Medium

Smudging Away Negative Energy

Smudging with sage (I prefer white sage) is a simple and powerful way in which to remove negative energy from the area. Place a few leaves in a fire proof container or a albacore shell, and light the leaves or light the bundle. The flame should go out in a short time and the sage [Read More...]

Pluralism, Pragmatism, Progressivism

The Generosity Path

The Jewish tradition, with its tremendous respect for all we have inherited from previous  generations, reminds us that we often find ourselves “living in houses which we did not build, drinking from wells which we did not dig, and eating from trees which we did not plant.” In that spirit, I invite you to take [Read More...]

Sarah Over the Moon

“Damaged Goods” Has Something For Everyone

Full disclosure: Dianna Anderson is a close friend of mine, and has been since before she started writing Damaged Goods. She did not ask me to write this review, but I fully believe her book is an important one. I will try to be as honest as I can in this review, but of course I have [Read More...]

Spirituality and Consciousness

Influencing the Weather

Influencing the Weather  By Pamala Oslie   You can extend the power of your thoughts far beyond merely affecting your body. You can influence the weather and your environment.   When I arrived in Maui, Hawaii, late one night, the weather report said that it would be raining on the entire island for days. That [Read More...]

Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart: A Guided Meditation with Images
By Christine Valters Paintner