The Lady’s Quill: Queer and Trans Identities and Pagan Mythology

"Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, RA, OM - Sappho and Alcaeus - Walters 37159" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Walters Art Museum:  Home page  Info about artworkLicensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Trying to shoehorn figures from our mythologies into modern concepts of identity can be harmful and problematic. Why is this, and what can we do about it? [Read more...]

The Cartomancer: In Love and War

Illuminated manuscript | Koninklijke Bibliotheek, KB, KA 16, Folio 81v

When your love is clear it is part of the infinite beyond. When your love is clear you are not concerned with cultural perceptions of time. You are not concerned with ‘and what happened afterwards’. Clear love is always beautiful as it bypasses worry and risk-taking. Clear love is beyond questions and answers, cultural and physical laws. [Read more...]

Witch on Fire: Love in the Balance, A Poem for the Equinox

Ritual Altar / Heron Michelle

Learning to balance the “light” and the “dark” aspects of life is tough, but equinoxes are an ideal time to give these things some thought. I suggest closing the textbooks and going rogue to seek personal gnosis. Do you have a burning question that has never quite been explained to your satisfaction by any book or authority? Go direct. [Read more...]

Seeking the Grail: The Endless Cup – What Have I Given My Heart To?

Image Courtesy of the Author

I have had periods of creative expression when I felt there was no end to my energy reserves. Other times I have felt stuck in the wasteland of apathy, exhaustion, and impotence. At times when I have felt that my creative well had dried up, I have jumped at the chance to seek an answer to the mystery, the question: how do we fill from the source? [Read more...]

The Other Side of the Hedge: Animism Isn’t for Us?

A white car with pink eyelashes over its headlamps.

The animistic worldview is the red-headed stepchild of Western pagan worldviews. It finds itself mostly ignored or taken for granted. When it’s not ignored, it doesn’t get a whole lot of respect. There are some pretty good historical reasons for this, mostly having to do with what people think animism is. Whether they’re right or not is a different matter. [Read more...]

The Rantin’ Raven: Who Was Mabon?

MarcoRoosink /

There’s a lot of debate over the name Mabon at the Autumn Equinox, mostly because we don’t know much about the persona behind the name. Quite a few people believe the problem is simply that the myths don’t support the timing at the Autumn Equinox, but I think they do. [Read more...]

Adventures in Wortcunning: A Spot of Tea?

a china tea set

Like reading a story aloud, speaking a thing makes it somehow different outside my head. As if the words, that breath of air with sound inside it, makes a think more real. [Read more...]