New and Forthcoming Books

New and Forthcoming Books August 29, 2013

In a New Year’s Day post, Thomas Kidd encouraged us to read more and to “read more intentionally.” He referenced “non-professional reading,” but I find I need help simply keeping up with the professional reading because of the constant onslaught of worthy books rolling off the presses (or being digitized by said presses).

In that vein, I’m trying to compile a list of recent and forthcoming books about American evangelicalism (and some related subjects) to read over the next several months. Over the summer, I read Larry Eskridge’s Jesus People and am planning to get to Edward Andrews’s Native Apostles (about black and Indian missionaries across the Atlantic world). Stretching back just a bit, Tanya Luhrmann’s When God Talks Back and Catherine Brekus’s Sarah Osborn’s World are among my recent favorite titles.

Also, next Wednesday I’ll have a post about Carolyn Dupont’s Mississippi Praying, a history of southern evangelicals during the Civil Rights Movement. Very much looking forward to reading it.

Also coming up:

John Fea, Why Study History?

Margaret Bendroth, The Spiritual Practice of Remembering

Steven Smith, The Rise and Decline of American Religious Freedom

David Hollinger, After Cloven Tongues of Fire

Molly Worthen, Apostles of Reason

What else should be on my list? Also, what should I read to get a better sense of contemporary trends within the evangelical world?

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