You are Invited!! The Introduction to the NT


O.K. all you buyers of socio-rhetorical commentaries who have been hounding me to produce an Introduction to the NT that is a companion volume to those commentaries and introduces the whole NT in that manner..... you need look no further. By the end of this month or sooner Oxford U. Press will be publishing my socio-rhetorical Intro to the whole NT. It is already up and available for pre-order on Amazon. Note to all ya'll-- because this is going to be a textbook for college and entry level … [Read more...]



There is a new book out on the market comparing and contrasting four popular recent translations Evangelicals tend to use--- the NIV, the NLT, the ESV, and the HCSB. The book is entitled Which Bible Translation Should I Use? A Comparison of Four Recent Versions, and its introducers and editors are Andrew Kostenberger and David Croteau (B+H, 2012, 204 actual pages). Each of the four versions are essentially presented or defended by four individuals who were involved in the translation work … [Read more...]

Life as Prayer— St. Francis

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The following is a post of my friend and fellow Methodist minister James Howell of Charlotte. See what you think....Life as a prayer - read Mark 9:38-41St. Francis of Assisi died 786 years ago last night. He was the ultimate Bible student. Whatever he heard in the Gospels that Jesus did, he added that to his to-do list; whatever Jesus said, he took it personally as a direct command, not something requiring spin, or reinterpretation, or postponement until a more convenient time. … [Read more...]

Lee and Zamajobe— Have a Lovely Day!

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Zamajobe— Pure Magic

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Lee Ritenour and Company—- On a Roll!

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