Theologues Roundtable: Evangelicals and the Liturgy

Evangelicas and the liturgy

This weekend I had the great pleasure of sitting down with author, pastor, and musician Glenn Packiam. He is working on bringing the liturgy into the life of one of the nations largest mega-churches New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He is also working on getting ordained in the Anglican church. I found this to be a fascinating move. More an more it seems evangelicals are embracing liturgical worship, and I couldn't be happier about it. Take a listen. If you want more, make sure to subscribe … [Read more...]

Lazarus: The Musical


The premiere of the new arrangement of Lazarus: The Musical, was one of the highlights of Bread for the World's 2013 National Gathering. Bread for the World is putting on another performance of it in a few weeks here in Washington D.C. in honor of my good friend Bishop Don Williams.If you're not failure with it, it tells an inspiring story of judgment and redemption, hunger and hope that retells Jesus’ parable about the hungry man at the rich man's door in Luke 16th. I would love it if yo … [Read more...]

Presenting the Theologues’ “Roundtable” Podcast


Theologues: Roundtable Over the weekend a project that I have been involved with just launched. Its a webpage called "Theologues." The goal of the page is to help bring the rich theological tradition of historic Christianity to new people, and to offer a  place for those that are seeking a connection to a deeper faith to be fed by the riches of Christian theology, liturgy, and history.I am very excited about this project!As part of the project we have decided to launch a podcast. We … [Read more...]

The Four Articles you need to read by Billy Kangas (celebrating #Patheos5Yrs)

Joining the catholic

   I am excited that Patheos is turning five. As I’ve written about, on more than one occasion, I think Patheos is one of the best places on the internet for theological discussions and exploration of faith. I have still very honored to be a part of the family here.As bloggers here, we have all been taking this time to think back on the past 5 years and to think about what some of the best posts we have written might be. This is a hard task for me. I have written about so much, and … [Read more...]

A List of the Most Awesome Sites for Theology Nerds


I am a theology nerd. I love to hear people talk about God, what they believe about God and why they believe it.  Yesterday I was excited to learn that this blog had made it onto the list of top Christian blogs (even though they spelled my name wrong, this was still very exciting).  I thought this was a great resource for people to use to find new and exciting places to talk about theology… It made me think, is there a list that I would give based on where I think the best theological con … [Read more...]

Book giveaway: The Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture

Catholic Commentary

I am often asked for recommendations on Bible commentaries. Most often people want to have a resource to help them dig into the scriptures deeply, with an eye toward tradition and scholarship, and with a presentation that is accessible for those without a graduate degree in the Biblical Studies. The one I almost always recommend is the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. It's a delight to read and those I have recommended it too have found it to be exactly what they hoped for.  I also love t … [Read more...]

In Defense of Rubrics


 One of the main reasons I love to study liturgy is it equips me to do theology in the first person plural. Liturgy is a communal Theologica Prima. It is an ecclesial encounter of the I and Thou relationship of God and humanity. It is an expression of life with God that cascades across the communion of saints through every age. I love it. This is why I always find it interesting that so many people find what I study to be “boring” or “uninteresting.” They can’t imagine what could be fasc … [Read more...]

The DNA of the Roman Rite


The Mass of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church, far and away, is the most celebrated Christian worship service in the world today. There is much to recommend it! It has some of the deepest roots of any liturgy, it contains the beauty, simplicity and balance of the Roman imagination, and with the reforms of Vatican II it has also allowed for the wisdom and theology of other ancient liturgical traditions to impact its life and enrich its worship. It is the liturgical life and heritage of a … [Read more...]

The Early Seeds of the Liturgy

Early Seeds

The life of the Christian church is weaved from a rich tapestry of threads.  Some threads were added by singular brilliant minds that were able to see beyond what was offered to them and were empowered to craft something new. Other threads were forged in councils of leaders who gathered to confront the challenges of their time and to fortify the ground upon which they stood so that the life of the faith might be preserved. A third, less exalted, group of fibers are the gift of the worshiping … [Read more...]