How were your beliefs different… 2 years ago? 5 years ago?

Yesterday Kristy Burmeister asked me: What were you doing (life in general) and how were your beliefs different... 2 years ago? 5 years ago? 10 years ago? 15 years ago? 20 years ago? (BONUS) 30 years ago? I thought this would be an interesting exercise. As long time readers of this blog know, I have gone through a lot of theological shifts in the years this blog has existed. I started the blog as a Lutheran minister struggling to connect to the shifting cultural climate of the 21st century, … [Read more...]

Sex is meant to be mysterious sacramentally NOT biologically

Sex is a beautiful and complex part of human life. Sex is a communion of persons through which the very image of God, as community, is expressed. Sex is the most powerful way through which we participate in the generative activity of God’s creative nature. Sex is an expression of our embodiedness, and a reminder that we have been gifted our bodies as we offer our bodies to another as gift. Sex is a communication of self through the universal language of flesh and blood; the same language through … [Read more...]

The First episode of the Jim Gaffigan Show is about him being outed as a Catholic comedian

I love the comedy of Jim Gaffigan. He's hilarious. He's a father. He's a Catholic. He's also got a new show. In the first episode he's "outed" as a Catholic. It's a great comment on religion in public life. Take a look: … [Read more...]

The Year of Mercy logo ROCKS! Here’s why it’s okay to say so.

Although some of my fellow Patheos writers might disagree with me… I really love the new logo for the Year of Mercy. I think it’s a great image and one that I would proudly display over most church-related logos.Here are 10 reasons why.I love the icon style This picture is based off the traditional style of byzantine iconography. I have written about my love of this style many times before (Exhibit a). It’s a style that is designed to draw you into the imagery, to be a little odd, and t … [Read more...]

Let’s bring an end to the use of Confirmation as a Kind of “Graduation”

Earlier this month Bishop Larry Silva of Honolulu made waves by instructing his diocese that they are to begin efforts toward restoring the sacraments of initiation to their “proper order:” Baptism, Confirmation, and then First Holy Communion. As a liturgical theologian I applaud the change. It makes much more sense both historically and theologically to present the sacraments in this order.In the waters of baptism, a person is united to the life of God in Christ. Under the oil of Chrism, the … [Read more...]

Blessed Saints of Armenia, Pray for us.

Today we the 100 year memorial of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide. It has been a time of profound reflection for me as I have reflected on the tragic history of the Christian community in Armenia. This community of faith was among the first to put their faith in Jesus, and were also among the first to suffer persecution for their faith. This trend has, unfortunately, continued. Christians in this area have suffered at the hands of many. They have suffered under those follow other faiths, … [Read more...]

Today Only: You won’t believe what we’re doing!

As some of you may have heard, I am in the process of turning an old auto/electric shop into a Café and Tap house.  It’s an incredible project (in my unbiased opinion). We will be serving high quality local beer and coffee at the highest level (something I have a great deal of passion about (exhibit a, exhibit b).All of what we will be doing will be oriented toward bringing people together and helping address the issue of hunger in the world. We will be partnering with local organizations who … [Read more...]

Prayer Request: The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

This week, the United Nations is deliberating in New York how to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that it will launch formally in September. These decision will impact how the world helps those in need. In the past sometimes our efforts to help have been poorly managed. Food aid can wind up destabilizing a local economy, or can cause create a culture of dependence rather than fostering entrepreneurial opportunities.I encourage you to pay attention to how these … [Read more...]

My Journey to Workplace Faithfulness

As a layperson in the church, learning how to be faithful in my work is something that is close to my heart. I have worked in a lot of contexts and have often struggled to balance how my faith related to my work. Back when I was a first entering the workforce the main model of faith at work I used was evangelization and the main method I used was exhibition.I showed my faith by displaying my faith.I wore Christian t-shirts, had a cross around my neck, I read my bible at lunchtime, and I s … [Read more...]