Fifty Ways Catholics are Working on Ending Hunger Today!


Over the past year I have been working closely with Catholic organizations active all across the United States to try to encourage their work to end hunger. This process has filled me with a great amount of hope. It seems that every day I hear stories of Catholics doing amazing, creative, and innovative things to help address hunger in their own communities and around the world. We are living in an unprecedented time in the history of the world. More people than ever are being brought out of … [Read more...]

New Music: The Collection – Ars Moriendi

The Collection

Yesterday my progressive channel friend @DavidRHenson pointed me to this music video posted on Conan O'Brian's webpage. I didn't expect much, but I'll admit the fact that it was filled in a church got me interested. It's a beautiful song that I think really articulates the disires of my the heart and my faith. It tells a beautiful parable about planting seeds that bloom into new life and a kingdom of freedom where swords are turned into plowshares.I've heard something like that … [Read more...]

A Prayer for the Human Tragedy Behind the Immigration.

a prayer

Like many, my heart has been broken as I hear about the thousands of Children streaming across the border of our nation. I am left in awe of the kind of horrors that would make a parent believe that sending their child away alone through dangerous routes and with dangerous people is somehow a better option than keeping them at home. I am saddened by much of the rhetoric that sees these kids as political pawns more than human beings. I am disturbed by the nativism that is trumping the love of … [Read more...]

Review: Patrick Madrid’s “Why Be Catholic?”


I recently read through Patick Madid’s latest book Why Be Catholic. I was interested in the book, because it’s a question I feel I myself am always having to defend. Ever since I choose to join the Catholic Church there has been a non-stop sting of questions that all boil down to answering “Why be Catholic?” Madrid’s book tries to get the conversation going… that is where it really shines. In a mere 200 pages Madrid raises what I would consider to be the most compelling reasons for one to join th … [Read more...]

HELP! My Kids are Wild at Church!


This week Fr. Longenecker posted a great response to a question about how someone can be active in worship. He stated  that those of us who worship as laity need not feel that we need to have some official role in order to participate but that:The lay faithful should join in with the words of the liturgy and join in singing the hymns–engaging their hearts and minds… When Mass begins you offer your attention. As the process comes down the aisle you offer yourself as the bride of Christ coming … [Read more...]

What the Synod on the Family is, and how you can prepare!

holy family

My family is my greatest treasure, teacher and trainer. They have taught me to love deeper, serve more faithfully, persevere more faithfully, and give myself more fully every day. There is no one who  has pushed me to be more like Christ like my wife. There are no greater examples of faith and devotion in my life than my boys. My family is an icon of God in so many ways in my life, I am continually humbled by how deeply and truly blessed I am.As my family challenges and supports me, I find … [Read more...]

I had a blast on the “Moonshine Jesus” show


Over the weekend I attended #Wildgoose14 and had a chance to sit down and talk about my passion for ending hunger with the great guys at the "Moonshine Jesus" show. It was a absolute blast! I encourage you to take a listen to the conversation below! We also created a fun hashtag game... contribute at #firstworldhungerproblems … [Read more...]

Working for Justice through the “Lord’s Prayer”

Daily Bread and Kingdom come

A few years ago I spent a summer working as a hospital chaplain. It was one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Chaplains are rarely called when things are going well. They are called when something goes wrong in an operation. They are called when tragedy strikes. Chaplains are asked to escort people through death, and failure, and sorrow beyond words. They are called in when the vocabulary of medicine is unable to address the most pressing needs of a patient or family. Chaplains … [Read more...]

Angels and Saints: Ignatius of Antioch


One of the major difficulties that people have with the Catholic faith is the role that saints play in the lives of individuals. This was certainly a major issue in my own journey to join the Church. I always feared that by emphasizing the saints that somehow I would be taking emphasis off of Jesus.This understanding missed the point. The Christian life is not a zero-sum game.In truth, the saints are Christ’s body extended through the church. They are a way we can meet Christ through the … [Read more...]