Responding to the Viral Sensation, Loving my Brother

I’ve been totally blown away by the responses to my post below, which went viral beyond my wildest dreams. Hundreds of thousands of people have read the post, and it’s been shared – at the time I write this — 88,000 times. Thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting. I received over 1,700 comments, and I’d like to take a moment to respond to some of them. The comments basically fell into one of three categories:

Category 1: “I hate you.”

Example: “JLE” at 7:52 am on March 20:

Bristol Palin you have some nerve President Obama does not owe you anything your a nobody, a young loose cow with kid!!!!! You and your mom are true idiots your Alaskan Hillbillies so go back in your igloos stay out of the public eye we are tired of your UGLY FACED YOUR SON TOO& BROTHER TOO!!!!

At first, the Patheos moderators weren’t letting these types of comments through, but we decided to let you have at least a glimpse of the things people say about my family. (We still don’t approve the dozens and dozens of truly obscene rants. This is a family blog after all!) You can see that Bill Maher is not some lone comedian with a unique perspective on us. Rather, he taps into something evil and dark that resides in the hearts of many people who hate our family. Even after so many years, I’m still a little surprised when people make fun of my little brother. They, however, can’t silence me or my mom. In fact, they motivate the to keep speaking. Evil can’t win!

Category 2: “You’re comparing apples to oranges.”

Example: Donna Hess wrote at 1:14 am on March 20:

Bull, a comedian pretty much can say what they want. Limbaugh actually represents the Republican Party. They pay him. Obama has nothing to do with what Bill Maher says it is his opinion.

Bill Maher is much more than a comedian. He’s a big-time political player who hides behind the “comedian” label whenever he gets criticized. His guest list represents a huge chunk of the Washington establishment and sometimes even includes prominent Republicans. And as I said in my original post, he’s put himself straight in the middle of presidential politics by giving $1,000,000 to President Obama’s SuperPAC. Bill Maher isn’t just some guy behind a microphone in a seedy comedy club in the middle of nowhere. He’s a comedian and political commentator like Rush is an entertainer and political commentator. He’s a little bit less popular, but his professional failure compared to Rush doesn’t make him any less accountable for his vile speech.

Category 3: “We love you!”

Example: most of the other 1,700 comments – thanks!

I think the reason my blog post struck such a chord is that people are fed up with the double standards in this country. The very people who call out for “civility” in our conversations ignore the hatred that spills out of their friends, allies, and million-dollar donors. However, most people have shown such an amazing amount of support to my family over the years, and we are so thankful to have gotten to “meet” you… even if it’s just in the comments section below.

Thanks so much for talking with me here at my blog. It won’t always be political, but sometimes I have to speak out!

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  • Bonnie M. Butler

    I think this video is disgusting. who could not love that little boy, he is a gift from God. I could say what I think of obama but then the secret service would be at my door. Heck, they probably feel the same way but are getting big bucks to put on a show.

    • LOCO61

      Thank you Bonnie. I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt that way! You just put a smile on my face and now I can sleep peacefully tonight. LOL

      Great blogs and topics Bristol. I am new here but am enjoying reading everything. I just wish your Mother would have been the first female President. I did what I could from here.!!
      Thank you for all you do. Good luck and God bless you and your wonderful family.

  • Shari Grayczyk

    Bristol, thank you for being such a precious light in this dark world. We love you, your family, your mom and dad, siblings, son. You are truly examples of ‘grace under pressure.’ As the mother of a 19 and 20 year daughters, I would proud if they were anything like you. BTW: they are and I am.

  • Doug Tilley

    You have nothing to be ashamed of, all you need to do is be a proud Mom and don’t allow the nasty unwarranted comment I see in these other comments , from what I have read you have 2 of the best parents anyone could wish for, just get out there and enjoy life to the fullest, you only get one chance Bristol, make the most of it.

  • Terry Spears

    Bristol. My wife and i would be proud to call you our daughter.

  • Dodie Volo

    I just can’t tolerate the terrible things said about your family…just love you & your Mom…I’ve read your Mom’s books & listened to her speeches…how can anyone think she is “stupid”…she is so smart & kind & your little brother is so beautiful…I have friends who have the extra 21st chromosome…we are so lucky to have them…they are a great inspiration!!!…

  • Bill Glenney

    It really is pitiful how the Main Stream Media chose to hyperinflate the comment made by Rush Limbaugh, but chooses continually to make excuses when it comes to comments made about conservatives. I am glad that you, and your mother continue to speak out in favor of traditional Christian values, in and out of the political arena. Keep up the good work.

  • Elaine

    I admire you and your mom for speaking from the heart regardless of the jerks out there. I think you are an inspiration to us all showing that you will not be silenced and have a right to state our opinions.
    I wish you the best with your little son.

  • Susie

    I absolutely loved both this post and the one directed towards the president. Both times you showed such class and professionalism.

    I can relate to you personally in many ways as I have seven younger siblings, and was born in the beginning of 1991 and graduated in 2009.

    I read your book and it was inspiring to see another person my age with such a grounded view on life.

    One last thing…both your little son and baby brother are absolutely beautiful and adorable. You are very blessed.

  • Mac

    Bristol and Sarah
    I just seen you picture of you beautiful Brother for the first time and I must say God must love your family so much ,to Bless you with such a wonderful Gift as Trig . He is adorable and i could just hug him.
    Please let the remarks of these less desirables just roll off you back like coming up from a beautiful swan dive..
    You will have more love and joy from Trig then any of us could wish for.
    God Bless you and your family I know” Trig is already blessed.”… Hugs Trig!

  • Sherry Bradford

    People in general put so much passion behind unimportant things. Yes, politics are important, but isn’t it much more important to respect others and their freedom to have their own personal beliefs.
    From your post above :
    Bristol Palin you have some nerve President Obama does not owe you anything your a nobody, a young loose cow with kid!!!!! You and your mom are true idiots your Alaskan Hillbillies so go back in your igloos stay out of the public eye we are tired of your UGLY FACED YOUR SON TOO& BROTHER TOO!!!!
    I mean:
    REALLY???? How much hate went behind actually posting this to someone, about someone and their child, over politics. Some things are not that important. I personally would like to find some happiness in the world without creating more hate. There is enough of that. Re-evaluate what kind of person you want to be!