Ratings Change

Hello, new blog friends!  I just wanted to congratulate my mother for doing a great job this morning hosting Today!  I laughed when she poked fun at herself by pretending to read all of those newspapers, a reference to that Katie Couric interview back in 2008.  I thought she did well discussing topics of the day, interviewing people, and generally just having fun with the regular crew.  I bet Today experienced a pretty big bump in the ratings due to all of the loyal Palin fans who always show support and encouragement!  I saw a comment that said to forget “Game Change” — Today should call this episode “Ratings Change!”

My mom definitely proves you can be in the lamestream media without being of the lamestream media.

Way to hold your own, Mom!

But can you really imagine Tori Spelling having a moose-kebob potluck?  Me either!

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  • Frank Daniels

    She was obviously in her element and having fun, and yes, the program did very well in the ratings. Loved it.

  • blueniner

    Truth?You come here and bash Sarah Palin, if she is so irrevelevent to you, then why respond? Sarah Palin looks at the big picture. This is a woman that has a positive message, unlike all the people you must follow with doom and gloom messages.
    Like Sarah likes to say, “Keep It Classy”.

  • David

    Sarah shined on the Today show, kept Matt in his biased place. Thankyou Sarah for making Alaskans proud!!!!!

  • Bevy

    Your Mom is a classy act. She is in the world – but not OF it … :) Just like Jesus said. ;) God bless you all! :)

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  • Iva Russell

    Love your momma!

  • Kimberly

    Your mom did a great job co-hosting the Today Show. We DVR’ed it. And another bonus, she beat Katie Curic at her own game – as a TV Host. I found that incredibly satisfying. :)

  • Gayle Ann

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? Grow up Jilly…. and don’t bother reading the blog if your just a hater….. Jealousy makes people say stupid things.

  • Carol

    I agree Gayle

  • Truth

    Sigh; so apparently ‘Jilly’ said something against all the BS you all are spouting here, but no one can read it since apparently it’s been deleted as I’m sure this will as well. Do you really believe that someone whose opinion differs is just jealous? Thank you all for feeding the Palin family false hope of ever becoming anything but public jokes. Go ahead and rant against me to feel superior! Idiots.

  • Bill589

    Dear ‘Truth’, (Your name would make more sense if you stopped lying.)

    If Sarah Palin was as irrelevant as you claim, you wouldn’t have to be here. Your desperation and hate is showing.

  • Emma Lora

    Sarah Palin was honest, positive, and sincere which makes her so relateable. Not having the same opinion is one thing, but being snide and snarky is either jealousy or fear or even worse just filled with hate.

  • Dennis McHale

    No Truth, Your just sad. I would never waste my time commenting on someone’s blog that I didn’t like. What’s the point?

  • section9

    Dude, there is a saying that the Russians have for someone so pretentious as to run around to websites posting under the nom de plume of “Truth”. During the Soviet Era, the Russian people had two major news papers, “Pravda” (Russian for “Truth”) and “Izvestia” (Russian for “News”). Some Moscow wag came up with a saying that applies to what you wrote about the Palins:

    “The News is not the Truth, and the Truth is not the News.”

    Get a hold of yourself, man!

  • brenda

    Resorting to name calling and you call everyone else Idiots.

  • Brebda Sharpe

    This is a response to “Truth” although that is the total opposite of your entire post. I think the most accurate and the most “truthful” thing you wrote was the way you signed it,,,,,,”idiots”. That is just what you are, an idiot!
    Sarah Palin and her family have more class and more true and real character than any 5,000 flaming liberals combined! You think that they are jokes? Look in the mirror. You are not only completely misguided and ill informed in your opinions, but you are so full of contempt for people who disagree with you! You are indeed a hater.You cannot argue the facts, you just attack the family! Really?

  • Emma Lora

    and… why are yo here, truth??????

  • Page Hall

    “truth”, I bet there are places on the WWW that would love to see your Palin-bashing, so how bout you go find them and enjoy yourself? The Palin family is FAR from “public jokes”; they are fine, upstanding, hard-working members of the community I live in and have contributed far more to the greater good of our state than any joke such as yourself will ever do. So, call yourself “joke”, not “truth”… if you want to be truthful, that is.

  • Dittobugs

    Well said Bill589.

  • Bevy

    There’s also two Russian words for truth. There is truth that is unchangeable – such as God’s truth – eestina – and there’s the truth that applies to each one of us – like our OWN truth – that is Pravda! Obviously the truth here is Pravda!

  • Kate1230

    Todd is personally responsible for employing young women with disabled kids. He even screws them himself first just to make sure it’s OK to send his clients to them. What a guy and such a great role model and father!
    He belongs in an orange jumpsuit and will find himself in one sooner or later. The people he’s screwed over literally and figuratively, are not going to forget what he’s done.