Ratings Change

Hello, new blog friends!  I just wanted to congratulate my mother for doing a great job this morning hosting Today!  I laughed when she poked fun at herself by pretending to read all of those newspapers, a reference to that Katie Couric interview back in 2008.  I thought she did well discussing topics of the day, interviewing people, and generally just having fun with the regular crew.  I bet Today experienced a pretty big bump in the ratings due to all of the loyal Palin fans who always show support and encouragement!  I saw a comment that said to forget “Game Change” — Today should call this episode “Ratings Change!”

My mom definitely proves you can be in the lamestream media without being of the lamestream media.

Way to hold your own, Mom!

But can you really imagine Tori Spelling having a moose-kebob potluck?  Me either!

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  • Shelley

    Please talk your Mom into running for President. This country really needs her.

  • http://www.nothinghidden.org Kim Floyd

    Your Mom and Dad did a good job raising you. You are awesome! We are very proud of you and your sisters and brothers. God Bless You ALL!!

  • http://postrepublica.wordpress.com NWBill

    Hey, Bristol! Your mom was GREAT yesterday (as usual)! I watched it live first for the whole experience, and then I went online to watch it several times again, just to see the looks on Lauer and Curry’s faces when your mom zinged them! MADE …. MY …. DAY!

    Still smiling over her story about the woman who thought she was Tina Fey! Now, THAT’S how you handle the lamestreamers! “Today” got SCHOOLED! :)

    Please tell her to keep up the great work … your mom is an American treasure (and so are you)!

  • Jose

    Truth, you are very kind… but maybe you have a headache!
    You speak like a prophet of domb.

  • Douglas Bates

    Bristol you and your family are great !!!!!! Your Mom
    put matt down he is a jerk . keep up the good work!!!!!

  • KB

    Bristol, you’re an inspiration. Thanks.

  • Leona

    You are so right Bristol, your mom was great as always. I enjoyed the show and was fun watching her having a blast of her own. She sure knows how to brighten a dim room. However, we are all waiting for the THE DAY when she decided to run for the POTUS. God bless the Palin clan.

  • Dittobugs

    I agree, Ratings Change it was! Good for her! Glad to see Gov on the Today show!

  • Jean Carter

    Sarah was a WOW on Today show! And always GORGEOUS!! She had poor ole Matt on the ropes from the gitgo. We’re all really proud of her.

  • Marilyn Loscombe

    Bristol, Your Mom did great on the Good Morning show.I’m a big fan of you and your family.I sure wish your Mom would get involved in what is happening with our country. I’m on Facebook and belong to a lot of Tea Party groups.There is a lot of discussion about how we are losing are freedoms and many other things, which you know what I mean.There is soo much hate in our Country now.Your Mom is a threat to the devil is why she is talked about and hated by the haters.I’m very proud of you and your sweet little baby and all your family.I will not stay on this blog for awhile after I send this message lol God bless you and your family.It’s wonderful to have our freedom and I intend to keep it.