On This One, I’m Team Hillary

Recently, the Drudge Report put a photo of Hillary Clinton’s face at the top over the headline: “Au Naturel.”  The photos were snapped in Bangladesh and India over the weekend, and people began chattering about how she didn’t look as polished as normal. Though she was wearing red lipstick – and cool glasses! — she didn’t wear foundation.  After the Drudge link appeared, the Washington Post said she looked like a schoolgirl, the Atlantic approved of her appearance, and Fox News said she looked “tired and withdrawn.”

Isn’t it crazy how a little decision like, “should I wear my foundation today?” ended up getting so much national attention?  I’m not a Democrat or an important leader, but it seems a little overdone.

When I was on Dancing with the Stars, I was only nineteen years old. I was active and fit, but I did gain five to ten pounds over the course of the show.  At my heaviest, I was still thinner than a lot of girls my age, but heavier than I am now. I’m not saying this because I’m somehow proud of how I looked on that show. Rather, I’m saying that I’ve been the brunt of jokes, speculation, and criticism about my appearance, and it’s not fun.

When people choose to mock young impressionable females and even more mature national political leaders, it spreads the lie that the value of women resides in their appearance.  As women, we should resist the urge to laugh at our sisters, both Democrats and Republicans alike. Plus, Hillary looks good! I think we should give her credit for not having a make up artist following her around and for being comfortable in her own skin.

And speaking of no makeup, this is what my mom looks like 90% of the time!

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  • Jean

    I see you have made a lot of new liberal friends.

  • CoolChange80

    Hillary Clinton and Bubba have grifted away about $100 mil. yet looks terrible especially for someone with millions of dollars and a team of stylists. Heck maybe you and Willow could give Hillary a makeover. It wouldn’t hurt.

    • cromagnon82

      Speaking of grifters, how ’bout that $arah Falin and her trailer-trash floozy daughter? Now they know how to grift. But as they are well aware, there’s a sucker born every minute (that would be you) and they intend to profit from it!

      • YouBetcha!!!

        Oh yeah!…… The Failin Palins are like phony tv preachers. They know who they can scam and they do it very well.

        • sue

          I see the obsessives with Palin derangement syndrome have shown up with their democrate sponsered talking point. The funny thing is that they run Palin-hater blogs- doing what? oh yeah scamming people and promising some breaking scandle is right around the corner, just send in your money.

  • Norm

    I wish my wife looked half as good as your mother does without makeup. Hillary is not good looking and neither is Michelle Obama but the media will overstate “style” and beauty. I admire you Young Bristol. This post reminds me of what your mother said when the Today creeps were mocking Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy weight gain. Your mother defended Jessica Simpson saying she looks beautiful.

    • YouBetcha!!!

      What a disgusting thing to say about your wife. And that’s why Bitch Bristol posted that picture of her bitch mother. To say…look at my mom, she looks better than Hillary Clinton. If Bristol believed what she writes she wouldn’t be at the plastic surgeon getting crap done to her face.

      • otlset

        Childish post. This is the liberal left folks, using their typical name-calling and ad hominems in lieu of rational argument. You know, because the left “cares” so much.

    • 10kMom

      Norm said: “I wish my wife looked half as good as your mother does without makeup. ”
      Norm, is that you, Bill Clinton ?

  • Jean


    Sarah Palin at #SALT2012: “Hello one percent! More power to ya!”

  • 10kMom

    There was a time when every liberal news outlet raved about how absolutely stunning Hillary Clinton looked, conveniently ignoring the concealing effects of pancake makeup. That was before she decided to run against their deity, Obama. Now these same liberal media outlets relish magnifying a close-up of her face without makeup.

    • Karma

      You clearly didn’t pay attention to the media’s coverage of Hillary. And it got worse when she became the Senator for NY. They followed her everywhere and relished in the fact she no longer had a WH hairstylist on duty. They showed all kinds of pics of her within various Senate committees with flat hair, and unflattering up the nose shots. They ridiculed her hair bands and every day that she didn’t look exactly like she did in the WH. They noted the bags under her eyes getting bigger and hounded her to see if she was really doing the work or riding on her husband’s coat tails. They’ve always made fun of her pantsuits after hounding her for years about cankles. We all know if she ever dared to ware a skirt the cankles bit would start up again. It’s been endless with Hillary just like it’s been endless with Gov Palin.

      Contrast that with how Obama, the new Senator from IL was covered. They barely noted when he wouldn’t show up for committees. Which was often. They certainly didn’t tear down his hair style, eye bags, or manner of dress. Geez….they practically gave him a medal for wearing old shoes in the WH and on the campaign trail.

      • Karma

        typo…..’wear’ a skirt.

  • Mark

    Excellent article!

    You are right; women are more than their looks and your post also shows non-partisan class.
    Your post also shows non-partisan class.

    Keep up the good work ,Bristol

  • Nova

    Two things Bristol:
    1. Hillary is not god looking in any way.
    2. The women Bill Clinton raped and abused Hillary called sluts and bimbos. Hillary is not pro women , she’s clinging on to her rapist husband because that’s all she is and all she got. She’s Alinsky evil. She got a rapist to thank for all of her political opportunities.

    • YouBetcha!!!

      Yeah…she’s nothing all right.

      And what do you do Nova? Probably rubbing vaseline on your ass in your mother’s basement right now. Or picking yor pimples or something important like that. Loser.

      • Nova

        If I did , that would still be better than Hillary.

        • YouBetcha!!!

          Maybe Bristol can fart in a jar for you and you can cherish it forever and ever. Loser

          • blahblahblah

            “Probably rubbing vaseline on your ass in your mother’s basement right now. Or picking yor pimples or something important like that.”

            Gee that sounds like the Obots/Occutards daily routine…………………….

  • http://www.prosper.jerkydirect.com Michael Smith

    The pastor felt he may be going blind. His doctor did not seem to be of much help. He mentioned it in a moment when he was not pastoring, and I was guided to tell him, “Maybe God wants you to start seeing things in a different way now.”

    Paul tells about seeing through a glass darkly. It appears, Bristol, even in your early years you have begun to see past the illusions of the world. It is a blessing indeed.


  • Brett&Kyle’sMom

    Kudos to you, Bristol! I for one am sick and tired of all the petty, rude and immature sniping that is going on today in the world, especially amongst the media who claims to be so cultured and educated. We need to get back to basics – beginning with “never judge a book by its cover.” A beautiful package could still contain a deadly cobra.

    • Raz

      ” I for one am sick and tired of all the petty, rude and immature sniping that is going on today in the world ”

      Then I suggest that you disavow anything and everything Palin, They are the immature, Petty , Rude champions of the world, Lest we forget their blatant whorishness, Like Mama like daughters !

      • Susan

        Another Obama supporter who uses the word “whore” to describe women. Obama must be so proud.

        • Contard

          Another Rush supporter, who approves of women being called sluts. Didn’t hear Sarah condemn Rush for that did ya. She’s a hypocrite.

  • John Kelly

    Ms. Palin,
    You are absolutely right.