Well, It Definitely had Enough Room for my Luggage

Recently, Tripp and I had to travel and I needed a ride to the airport.  Unfortunately, my family was already out of town and I need to arrange for a car service to get me from Wasilla to Anchorage to catch our flight.

Usually they send a SUV or sedan to take us from point A to point B. But this time, they switched it up a little.  As I was hauling the bags out of my apartment, with my whiney, tired, three year old on my hip, I looked up and saw a grey stretch limo.

So embarrassing!

There aren’t many limos in Alaska to begin with, and people certainly don’t use them as glorified taxi cabs!

I had no choice – I had a plane to catch, suitcases to put into the trunk, and a boy to calm down.  When we showed up to the airport, I was afraid people might pay extra attention to whoever got out of such a vehicle! And I was right.  As we approached our terminal, people definitely noticed the big car.  Then, I realized I let Tripp dress himself for the plane ride… He was wearing Nike shorts and Xtra Tuff rain boots.

I’m sure people who were expecting someone glamorous were surprised to see two scrubby kids getting out of the limo!
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  • A Worker

    Great story Bristol.

    I especially like the part where I can relate to having a car service pick me up and drive me places.

    That part is excellent.

    Because middle-class America is just always having their car service pick them up to jet around the continent spewing useless drivel.

  • Bobbie Parsons

    Hi Bristol,
    I am a Kennedy era Democrat who loved your Mom and was sorry to see her drop out of politics. I want to commend you for taking the really difficult position of standing up for what marriage is all about. You are very brave and I am sure will get some flack for it, but all the Hollywood celebrities in the world can’t change the word of God. God loves all the gay people as much as he loves everyone else he created, but wrong is wrong. Marriage IS between a man and a woman. Give gays a civil union to protect their health care rights,etc. but PLEASE don’t call it MARRIAGE. Take care honey,keep up the good work.

  • Scathing

    What an idiot you are, go and bury yourself in some snow and take your family with you.

    • Mark Lopez aka Maze

      Scathing, Your envy is showing. Go clean yourself up and you can apologize later.
      I’m positive Bristol has the character to forgive you!

  • Bryan

    hey Bristol you have a very nice blog !

  • Robert Smith

    You want people to stop saying your mom was a bad VP pick. Come on, humor me! I love “knock-knock” jokes! Let’s face it! She was, and she quit her job as governor.
    Also, I was in unrealistic shock, in uttermost disbelief, when I read your response to President Obama’s announcement concerning his support for gay marriage. Here is a little food for thought. No matter how loudly, when a hypocrite speaks people can’t hear what you are saying.

  • Mark Lopez aka Maze

    Whether by VW bug or stretch Limo, you have no reason to be embarrassed.
    Your friends and supporters aren’t going to care what kind of vehicle you step out of and the haters are going to say hateful things no matter what!
    Keep up the blogs! You’ve been, and continue to be an inspiration to me!!!

  • Marvice

    How you get that the President’s daughters are running the White House because he made a reference to them having friends with same sex parents has helped him and his wife to come around to changing their opinion, is beyond me. That’s no different then the days when a girl who had a kid out of wedlock was ridiculed and often sent away to live with other family members to prevent the family from being embarrassed. You obviously are not mature enough to understand what he was saying. We all start out with values and sometimes things in life happen that may make you rethink the way you see things. You don’t have to agree with him but everyone deserves the respect for thier beliefs. It wasn’t that long ago that society saw what you are as wrong too.

  • emily

    ya totally she didn’t like at all being in a fucking limo (sarcasm). if not for her bastard (made out of wedlock) child she’d be ecstatic is the message i got out of that! hope you continue regret the poor child that didn’t ask for you to stupidly make him to live in hell and at the whim of the public eye. love it. keep it up Bristol :)