Well, It Definitely had Enough Room for my Luggage

Recently, Tripp and I had to travel and I needed a ride to the airport.  Unfortunately, my family was already out of town and I need to arrange for a car service to get me from Wasilla to Anchorage to catch our flight.

Usually they send a SUV or sedan to take us from point A to point B. But this time, they switched it up a little.  As I was hauling the bags out of my apartment, with my whiney, tired, three year old on my hip, I looked up and saw a grey stretch limo.

So embarrassing!

There aren’t many limos in Alaska to begin with, and people certainly don’t use them as glorified taxi cabs!

I had no choice – I had a plane to catch, suitcases to put into the trunk, and a boy to calm down.  When we showed up to the airport, I was afraid people might pay extra attention to whoever got out of such a vehicle! And I was right.  As we approached our terminal, people definitely noticed the big car.  Then, I realized I let Tripp dress himself for the plane ride… He was wearing Nike shorts and Xtra Tuff rain boots.

I’m sure people who were expecting someone glamorous were surprised to see two scrubby kids getting out of the limo!
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  • T McCarthy

    The rest of us peons would have to take “God Forbid” a taxi!!!!!

    • C Roady

      Evidentally you can’t read very well T McCarthy! She said USUALLY they bring a SUV or sedan to pick them up. It’s the craziest thing. If I disliked somebody the LAST thing I would do is join their blog.

    • princetrumpet

      What part of “Usually they send a SUV or sedan to take us from point A to point B…” don’t you understand, TMcCarthy?

    • http://yahoo Retha Miller

      Jealousy is so unbecoming really…maybe someday to when you grow up you will be able to enjoy these things in the meantime study hard to get good grades and shut the heck up.=) Have a nice day Beavis’s friend!

  • Jan

    If your photos show up on a Hollywood gossip blog, Inside Edition,or The Insider, we will know which TV group paid the car service to pick you up in a limo. We know TMZ ,The Insider, & Inside Edition all gave interviews to L.J.

  • Kim A

    Stretch Limo!! I always ask for the type of vehicle needed as to avoid unneccessary attention to the client. I’m sure they paid no attention to the clothes when they saw it was Todd the Iron Man and the former Gov’s “Dancing With the Stars” Celeb Daughter getting out, Wishing you all well !!

  • wayne iantorno

    atleast you’re honest about the whole thing what ever works and gets ys there with in reason I like the idea too LOL

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  • TammyChicago

    To those who have their panties in a wad because “a Palin rode in a limo”……….. it might behoove you to “go commando”. Bristol owes no apology to anyone for riding in one intentionally or otherwise. Get over it. If you feel compelled to continue to budget personal emotional distress over this issue, I should let you know…….. that just warms my heart <3

  • bellagrazi

    Guess that’s a classy problem to have! Hahaha I’d love to see a picture of Tripp in his gear, Bristol. Sounds very creative. I’m sure he looked adorable.

  • Steve Smith

    When people start to know you… Strange things can happen.

  • Sue Lynn

    I can’t wait to see the photo’s of you two getting out of the limo….Funny post Bristol! Your a great writer keep it up!