Well, It Definitely had Enough Room for my Luggage

Recently, Tripp and I had to travel and I needed a ride to the airport.  Unfortunately, my family was already out of town and I need to arrange for a car service to get me from Wasilla to Anchorage to catch our flight.

Usually they send a SUV or sedan to take us from point A to point B. But this time, they switched it up a little.  As I was hauling the bags out of my apartment, with my whiney, tired, three year old on my hip, I looked up and saw a grey stretch limo.

So embarrassing!

There aren’t many limos in Alaska to begin with, and people certainly don’t use them as glorified taxi cabs!

I had no choice – I had a plane to catch, suitcases to put into the trunk, and a boy to calm down.  When we showed up to the airport, I was afraid people might pay extra attention to whoever got out of such a vehicle! And I was right.  As we approached our terminal, people definitely noticed the big car.  Then, I realized I let Tripp dress himself for the plane ride… He was wearing Nike shorts and Xtra Tuff rain boots.

I’m sure people who were expecting someone glamorous were surprised to see two scrubby kids getting out of the limo!
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  • ordinary mom

    How about calling a taxi?

    All the best from California

  • Medbob

    That disparity between “real people” caught up in celebrity is one of the things I enjoy most when watching your family!!! Don’t shirk back or slouch! Y’all are exceptional folks. No need to put on airs!!!!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    That’s funny. I now a man who once drove Limos for a company and so he took me and others on a trip. Yes people were wondering who would step out of it and they were shocked to see how we were dressed.

  • CJ

    LOL! What a grrrreat story, Bristol :) I bet there isn’t a parent on this planet who couldn’t relate to that moment! Tripp is simply too, too ADORABLE!! :)
    As for the stretch limo, well, personally, I’m thrilled that you were “A PRINCESS” for a little while…….What mom doesn’t deserve a little comfort every now and then? Raising children is hard work…….YOU DESERVED every minute of it! :)

  • http://us4palin.com Ron Devito

    I love getting upgrades like that. When I went to Indianola, I booked a car rental – one of those econo-boxes to save money. They didn’t have any, so would I mind a Jeep Wrangler? SCORE! Cherish them when when you get them.

  • blackbird

    “So embarrassing!” really?


    How are you at finding the funny side of situation?

    In America, each of the states likes to promote themselves with a slogan. I currently live in Utah, where the slogan is “Life Elevated.” It’s a nod to outdoor recreation in the high country, including the ski industry. I previously lived in Colorado, a land with red dirt, majestic mountains and golden plains. The slogan there is “Colorful Colorado.” Years ago I lived in the “Peach State” of Georgia, and I grew up in New Mexico, whose slogan is “Land of Enchantment.”

    New Mexico is a land of high, arid desert and it has a beauty of its own. I have never seen a sunset as spectacular as one in the New Mexico desert. The western sky can glow a brilliant orange behind red and purple clouds.

    But this is also a country of wind, lots of it. A gritty wind can howl for hours, and “dust devils” (funnel-shaped whirlwinds) will appear without notice.

    We never seemed to get away from dust in New Mexico, so I appreciate the story of a newcomer to the Land of Enchantment who learned about dusty breezes. She was visiting an antique shop and the proprietor wiped down every item before showing it. The newcomer said, “Everything gets dusty here pretty quickly, doesn’t it?”

    “That’s not dust, honey,” the shop owner replied. “That’s ENCHANTMENT.”

    Here was a person who took a negative and turned it into something humorous. That made the problem more palatable – easier to swallow, or at least live with. And face it. There are some things, like the weather, we can’t change. All we can change is our attitude toward them. I believe one of the best techniques to do this is to find some humor in the situation. Finding the funny side of a difficulty, an irritation or a troublesome problem can be one of the most creative and effective things we can do.

    A Hong Kong shopping center manager was informed that an escalator broke. He posted a sign to warn customers. He opted not to use the traditional “Out of Order” or “Do Not Use” warnings. Instead, his sign read, “This Escalator Is Temporarily a Stairway.” He turned a minus into humor and made it a plus. Sometimes the only sense you can make of a situation is a sense of humor.

    How are you at finding the funny side?

    By Steve Goodier: http://www.lifesupportsystem.com

  • kate

    I loved this story. Sounds like my husband and I and the family cats, when we arrived in Indianapolis after a very long flight across the Pacific and a brief stopover in LA. We went to an airport ‘car place’ to get some sort of ride to our hotel and to our great surprise a long white stretch limo turned up. We were astonished and open mouthed. It was to us, a perfect,kind of fun finish to a very long trip. I cannot see us riding in a stretch limo again!

  • Dennis McHale

    It was probably the Romney Team looking for your endorsement -:) LOL!!!

  • Lou

    I love your blog and admire the strength you have to stand up for yourself. I believe you and your family are great rolemodels, and think you are doing a great job of being proud and unashamed of the lessons you learn from past mistakes. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with America!

  • Charlotte

    Hi Bristol!!! I was wondering where you got your camoflauge sweatshirt with pink writing on the front that you wore in your familys tlc tv show last yr when you went shooting together? I LOVE it and want one like it? Also, can you tell us your favorite beauty products you use :) Thanks! Hope all is well <3

    • Holly Morgan

      Hi Charlotte!
      I got mine at the Target in San Bernardino off the 15. They were 39.95 and on sale and I was very lucky to grab one of the last ones.