What’s Better Than Being a Palin?

Many times, people try to define me by my parents.  I am Republican Sarah Palin’s daughter.  Or, here in Alaska, I am Iron Dog champion Todd Palin’s kid.  This is true – and I’m so proud of my family and my parents! But, there’s something even better.

What am I talking about?

Well, after I wrote about “How I Got Over My Very Public Mistakes,” the guys at CCEF sent me a nice little bundle of materials.  I’m just now reading one little booklet, called “Single Parent: Daily Grace for the Hardest Job” which has this description:

If you are a single parent, you already know you have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Trying to be both dad and mom–breadwinner, cook, chauffeur, comforter, dishwasher, homework helper, disciplinarian, nurse, and role mode–can wear down the hardiest man or woman. But do you know that God, in the Bible, offers words of grace, power, and hope especially for you?

Well, that got my attention! In the first chapter, Robert D. Jones writes that we should mainly view ourselves as Christians, not as “single parents.”

While our marital or parental positions describe our circumstances, they do not give us our identity.  Whether you are single, a parent, or that challenging hybrid of a single parent, that is not who you ARE.  Who are you? Hear the apostle’s words to all who belong to Christ Jesus.

He then quotes this:

“You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourself with Christ.” (Galatians 3)

Many times, people try to define me by my parents and my family, which is wonderful. I’m so proud of all of them!  But my true spiritual identity is even better than proudly wearing the last name of “Palin.”  How much better is it that I’m a child of God?

In other words, I’m not so much a “Christian SINGLE PARENT,” I am a CHRISTIAN who for the time being is a single parent.  Being a single mom is my situation, not my identity.

Are you a struggling single parent or do you know one?  Leave a comment below before Monday at noon and I’ll randomly select one of you to receive this great little mini-book!


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  • Ashley R.

    I’m not a single mom per se, but my husband works out of town and is gone for weeks at a time (only to be home 2-3 days) so I’m often doing it alone. Bristol you’re such a great role model for girls these days!

  • Stephanie S.

    Being a single mom is hard…. Raising 3 sons is hard but truly one of the most amazing journeys of my life…. Wouldn’t change it for anything!

  • Stephanie K.

    What an inspiring note to remind us that we are worthy! It’s hard being singled out as a single parent as if we all did something wrong when in fact we are the ones who did RIGHT by our children!!

  • Michelle

    Bristol you are an inspiration to Republican, Christians, single mothers and women. Thank you for speaking your mind :)

  • jasmine velasco

    Dear Bristol,

    I love your perspective. My Mom raised me and my 6 siblings by herself after my dad left us when I was 8. I’ve always praised my Mom for being a “single mom”, who never turned to drugs, alcohol or men during those extremely difficult times. I believe she sustained herself through her quiet faith in “el Senor”, God. (She was born and raised in South America.)

    I remember a plaque she had hanging in our kitchen that I believe she clung to as she worked all day, picked us up from school, cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I read it as a child, and now that I’m a mom, it is more powerful than ever: “LORD of all pots and pans and things/Since I’ve not time to be a saint by doing lovely things or watching late with Thee…/ Although I have Martha’s hands, I have a Mary mind…/Accept this meditation, LORD, I haven’t time for more…./ Accept this service that I do, I do it unto Thee…”

    I sometimes wonder how lonely she must have felt as one of the only “single moms” in the neighborhood, and one who didn’t speak fluent English. But as I reflect on that plaque and your insight about being a “CHRISTIAN who for the time being is a single parent,” I bet my Mom, like you, also found her strength in something greater than a label.

    All the best to you and your son….always.

  • Justine Stewart

    Hey Bristol,
    I would love to give this book to my mom. She has been a single parent for pretty much my entire life (I’m 24 years old). When she found out she was pregnant with me, my father left and moved out of state. She struggled for many years trying to support me and my younger half sister. We went through some hard times as everyone does. I’m now married with my own family, but my sister is still living at home with her. It would be great to be able to give her the book. Thanks!

  • kevin perez

    Awesome article! I am an avid supporter of your Mom. I heard of you but never really knew of you til you were on dancing with the stars. I know many singles parents, including my sister. You are a great person to look up to. You are a cool person! Keep up the great posts.

  • Maegan T

    As I try to raise my son in a christian Environment it sometimes is a very stressful job. I try my best to be everything I can but often feel like I am failing him on coming up short. Thank you for writing this article and giving someone a chance to win this book

  • Linden Buzzell

    I’m a single dad with a nine year old son who’s mom left us over a year ago.It is hard trying to be both a father & a mother to my son but it is the best job in the world and i thank God for each day.Always put your child first in your life for they are a gift from God.An with God help we will make it.God Bless

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