Mike Huckabee, the Scold

Yesterday, I was at Track’s house for his last night in town before he deploys back to Afghanistan. That’s where I got an e-mail explaining that Mike Huckabee had just told his radio audience that he was very disappointed in me. Here’s what he said:

We had earlier in the hour that Bristol Palin would be joining us about a new reality t.v. show that she’s going to be doing.

And apparently, she just didn’t show up.

So guess what?  I don’t guess we’ll be watching tomorrow when her new show lines up.

Too bad.

He goes on to say that he doesn’t believe children of politicians deserve to be criticized for their parents’ decisions.  He regrets his own children have suffered for his own choices as a politician.

There’s a different story once the child decides, “Hey, I like this spotlight. I like the limelight. I want to have more of it,” then, you know, they become fair game.

Then they are there by their own choice and their own volition. So if you go on Dancing with the Stars, or go on a lecture tour, or do a reality show, then, all bets are off…

He continues by saying he didn’t think David Letterman was fair to me during the 2008 campaign.  However:

I hope she’s ready for it, because now it’ll come not because of what her mother chose to do but because she’s said, “Hey, I want to be in the spotlight.

I understand Gov. Huckabee has a huge challenge creating a radio show he wants as the alternative to Rush Limbaugh. I understand he wants to fill his show with a little controversy – and what better way than to create headlines telling the world he now considers me “fair game.”

However, does he really believe I don’t understand what it’s like to be “fair game?”  Anyone who’s seen this blog – or the newspapers or the television – knows I’ve been through quite a bit of media speculation, ridicule, scorn. I’ve been writing about my own political ideas and have been “fair game” in my comments sections.  I’ve also defended myself from vile comments from leftists like Bill Maher.  Is Mike Huckabee joining into that scorn supposed to intimidate me?

You’ve got to actually listen to it, to get the full effect of his scolding tone.

(Warning: it might make you feel like you’ve been caught smoking in the high school bathroom!)




I would’ve considered it an honor to talk to his viewers about my show, my experience of single motherhood, and what a wonderful little boy Tripp is.

But the fact is, his people didn’t schedule my appearance. I’d said I’d do the show, I sent them my phone number, and they apparently neglected to schedule a time. Of course, mix-ups do occur in life.  Schedules aren’t communicated, errors are made.

But this isn’t the first mistake on his show.  Maybe instead of lecturing me on being irresponsible, he should get his own team in line.

Then, maybe, we could talk.

But I probably would just call Rush instead.


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  • http://www.politicaltalkingpoints.com Talking Points US

    I disagree with the comment that “The Palins have a good name in Alaska, that’s enough”… I think that the people of Alaska got ripped off for their votes by electing someone who put her own personal well being and financial situation far above their responsibilities to the people who elected her. Bristol is as full of garbage as her mother. They both live in glass houses and therefore should never throw stones. Just Bristol saying she’d do Rush Limburgers show shows she has no concept of basic human decency either as “he is a hater, a divider, and an example of the worst kind of republican there is” (quoted from a hard core conservative).

  • Becky Boyer

    Just for the record…and you CAN quote me on this…..I’m VERY disappointed in Mike Huckabee!! (BTW, the first choice my spell check gave me for “Huckabee” was “Hucksterism”, defined as ” person who uses aggressive or questionable methods of selling”….) Coincidence? Hmmmmmmmm………
    You go Bristol. If you weren’t doing something right, Satan would leave you alone! You are an amazing role model for young women everywhere. God bless!!

  • Horace

    Bristol, you hang in there and keep up the good work. God richly bless you and Tripp.

  • Beverly Weber

    Mr. Huckabee, next time you want to “scold” someone for not showing up on your show, you might want to try and schedule them first. Maybe you should also “scold” your employees who failed to schedule her in the first place. Obviously they didn’t “show-up” for work either.

  • Charline Haynes

    I want you to know I read your book. I could not stop till I was finished. What a brave girl you are. I am 71 years old and your book cracked me up. You put it all out there and despite your mistakes you end up a winner. You and your son will be just fine. You are too much like your Mom to settle for anything less than a life well lived.
    Forgive Mike Huckabee, he made a mistake like we all have, especially me. Besides you’re prettier, and girl you can dance!

  • Rick Stryker

    Huckabee is a chucklehead. You’re right on target. Keep doing what you’re doing and he’ll blow away like the dusty old loser he is.

  • Mark Temporis

    Ya’ know, Huck’s kids didn’t need the media to make ‘em look bad. This is just sick:

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