Mike Huckabee, the Scold

Yesterday, I was at Track’s house for his last night in town before he deploys back to Afghanistan. That’s where I got an e-mail explaining that Mike Huckabee had just told his radio audience that he was very disappointed in me. Here’s what he said:

We had earlier in the hour that Bristol Palin would be joining us about a new reality t.v. show that she’s going to be doing.

And apparently, she just didn’t show up.

So guess what?  I don’t guess we’ll be watching tomorrow when her new show lines up.

Too bad.

He goes on to say that he doesn’t believe children of politicians deserve to be criticized for their parents’ decisions.  He regrets his own children have suffered for his own choices as a politician.

There’s a different story once the child decides, “Hey, I like this spotlight. I like the limelight. I want to have more of it,” then, you know, they become fair game.

Then they are there by their own choice and their own volition. So if you go on Dancing with the Stars, or go on a lecture tour, or do a reality show, then, all bets are off…

He continues by saying he didn’t think David Letterman was fair to me during the 2008 campaign.  However:

I hope she’s ready for it, because now it’ll come not because of what her mother chose to do but because she’s said, “Hey, I want to be in the spotlight.

I understand Gov. Huckabee has a huge challenge creating a radio show he wants as the alternative to Rush Limbaugh. I understand he wants to fill his show with a little controversy – and what better way than to create headlines telling the world he now considers me “fair game.”

However, does he really believe I don’t understand what it’s like to be “fair game?”  Anyone who’s seen this blog – or the newspapers or the television – knows I’ve been through quite a bit of media speculation, ridicule, scorn. I’ve been writing about my own political ideas and have been “fair game” in my comments sections.  I’ve also defended myself from vile comments from leftists like Bill Maher.  Is Mike Huckabee joining into that scorn supposed to intimidate me?

You’ve got to actually listen to it, to get the full effect of his scolding tone.

(Warning: it might make you feel like you’ve been caught smoking in the high school bathroom!)




I would’ve considered it an honor to talk to his viewers about my show, my experience of single motherhood, and what a wonderful little boy Tripp is.

But the fact is, his people didn’t schedule my appearance. I’d said I’d do the show, I sent them my phone number, and they apparently neglected to schedule a time. Of course, mix-ups do occur in life.  Schedules aren’t communicated, errors are made.

But this isn’t the first mistake on his show.  Maybe instead of lecturing me on being irresponsible, he should get his own team in line.

Then, maybe, we could talk.

But I probably would just call Rush instead.


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  • cathy

    Levi behind on child support, take it to the court. You take it to anyone you will listen to make a dollar off his son. You should pay Levi because without him you would a nothing. Hope Willow stays away from you.

  • kathy

    You are screwing up your son for money. What a sick person you must be to do that.

  • Hux sux

    Where’s Huckster’s apology to the familes of Mark Renninger, Ronald Owens, Tina Griswold, and Greg Richards? Even if Bristol did stiff him, so what? Huckster’s a sorry liberal “conservative” anyway. If he were the GOP nominee, Obama would win all 57 states.

  • Ray


    What a pathetic, bitter old man, gloating over what he thinks is the end of a young woman and her family. The article you linked.

    Good heavens, that is sad! What is wrong with you people, get a life or something! So you don’t have to watch Bristol’s show or read her blog!

    • H&P

      True Mike Huckabee is pathetic for his comments about Bristol, but I think peoples time would be better spent watching Bristols show than alot of the worthless programs that I actually have to pay for.

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, if Huckabee is going to act like a Liberal, just ignore him and (like you said) call Rush. —
    Maybe you should read just enough of each of these Comments to determine if it is Positive or Negative — if it is Negative, don’t read the rest of the Comment — because these Haters are just trying to Mess with your Head. — Just Concentrate on doing your Show and Enjoy yourself.

    • akgrizz

      Huckabee, is a joke and always has been. mr goody tooshoes i call him. i don’t watch his show on fox and never will. it has no substance. instead of attacking issues he rather sing and play his gitar and have music guests. We’ve all heard the music our entire lives. Do something constructive huckabee, like go into hiding in a jungle somewhere

  • Caroline Werth

    Huckabee. I always switch stations and listen to Laura Ingraham when he comes on anyway. Good luck to him. You don’t need approval from someone who can’t get his facts straight!

  • Born in America

    It seems to me that most people are jumping the gun here. Bristol, his people made a mistake, and he was not aware of it, but once he is made aware of it, I am sure that he will fully apologize to you.
    Huckabee has a sincere heart, and he wouldn’t hurt you for a million dollars. Bristol, you should have reached out to him… called him and told him you were never contacted by his people. If you had done that, I can picture him getting red in the face and absolutely apologizing to you. Please don’t make this a “Merry-go-round” where someone else’s mistake causes a drift between you and Huckabee. Instead of posting your thoughts/anger??? here in a blog, wouldn’t the hurt have gone away if only you had just picked up the phone and called Huckabee? Blessings to you, your son, and your entire family!

    • hrh

      Does a sincere heart lead a pastor to delete his sermons before running for political office?

      Does a sincere heart lead a governor to delete government records when he leaves office?

      Does a sincere heart take furniture from the governor’s mansion when he leaves office?

      Does a sincere heart go on a public rant about a guest before knowing the whole story?

      These aren’t rhetorical questions.

      • Elaine Donoghue

        The public rant says it all. He needed to check his facts before bemoaning, but he wanted to get his soundbite in while it was timely. Kudos to Bristol, Kudos to you!

  • james crawford

    i am on FB as james crawford. i am a 67 year old conservative, hard core bow hunter, from rural alabama, republican witha BA in English, History, an Philosophy. hello world ! wake up! the russians, chinese, and iranians have surrounded Israel and have pledged to put 1,000 tanks and 90,000 troops into the field by juli and august. i support Sarah and her positions, should big Huck and the rest of us worry about Bristol, her book, and her juvenile meanderings. at this moment, some where some lone idiot could be pushing the “button” that starts the death of 1/3 of the world’s people. it does not matter anyway!! THE BOOK has been written long ago and cannot be changed. if Huck and Sarah are Christians, they need to sit little BP down and put her on message. likewise the two of them should follow suit!!!

    • wallow

      thank god that “lone idiot” wasn’t elected VP in 08

      • H&P

        the “lone idiot”” was elected by a nation that was only to happy to vote without proper examination and evaluation wich I have to say speaks more to “wallows” ideas and goals than Sarah Palin’s qualifications as a VP Bristl has a pritty good head on her shoulders and Sarah as elected govoner, before that she was elected mayor ………………….Governor Palin challenged a corrupt Alaskin political system, passing a landmark ethics reform bill. and has actually used her veto and cut budgetary spending. In signing the AGIA legislation and the progress that continues to this day, she brought a transcontinental pipeline project from Alaska to the Lower 48 further than 30 years of previous administrations. AGIA is the largest private sector infrastructure project in North American history. She knows how to budget. She actually has private sector experience that enabled her to understand what it takes to make payroll and budget within one’s means,( unlike the Obama administration). She understands the difference between separation of church and state and separation of God and state.I all Sarah Palins Accomplishments Puts Obamas to Shame . Iguess by now you knowI like Ms. Palin

        God continue to guide you in your role in leading us out of the darkness that the current administration has led us Sarah

    • Patrick

      No they haven’t!
      A BA in English, History and philosophy isn’t something to brag about either.

      Also you might want to take it again judging by your failure to capitalise almost ever letter that required it in your post. You sir, are an imbecile!

  • MrJBond

    First, I wish Bristol Palin and her son the best and much success with her new television program. I like Bristol and her family. They are fine people and people who are great Americans because they treasure the USA.

    Regarding Mike Huchabee’s temper tantrum, just because Bristol Palin is in the limelight does not give anybody the right to defame her, to pester her, or to belittle her. Enough is enough of this moral relativism. As a disgraceful example, comedians, especially, Bill Maher, are given a pass because of the de facto sacred edict that comedians are exempt from decency, which rationalizes Maher’s sophistic hate speech. Comedians, as all people, are not eligible to employ the shield of moral relativism to harm others with words and or deeds. This also includes Mike Huckabee who should know better.

    Mike Huckabee should have kept the issue private. All he had to do was contact Bristol Palin later to find out what happened that she did not appear on his radio program. Huckabee could have also queried her mother, Sarah Palin, as to what may have happened. In all cases the matter should have remained private.

    There are plenty of hacks that could have replaced Bristol Palin. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and other stations, have their respective stables of political commentator hacks who are available at at moment’s notice to be in the limelight to comment upon every issue including what color the paper towels should be in order not to upset some interest group lest Obama or Romney lose votes in November 2012.

    What could be the real issue is that Bristol Palin is being used by Huckabee as the excuse to denigrate her mother Sarah Palin simply because Huckabee is jealous of her mother–a superstar, a woman of integrity, competence, and principle.

  • http://drunkendwarf.net Guntitan

    Hey Bristol,

    Watching your show, so far it’s good. I will never know how it is to be a daughter of famous politician. I am sorry that guy called your mother a whore. He didn’t even have a reason.

    I hear about stories like this from my friend who is really into politics. I will never understand how people make statements without facts to back them up? It’s a problem that I feel that our generation will solve.

    You handled the scene in the restaurant well. Looking forward to watching more of your show. I am going to be farther soon so I would like to see more child raising things. I hope all is well.

    ! Guntitan

    P.S. CA is a very nice place to visit. I have spent 3 vacations there and even considered moving there from HI. Over here on Oahu the Northshore is the place I go to destress. If I lived in CA, my annual pass would be in my back pocket for Disneyland.