Mike Huckabee, the Scold

Yesterday, I was at Track’s house for his last night in town before he deploys back to Afghanistan. That’s where I got an e-mail explaining that Mike Huckabee had just told his radio audience that he was very disappointed in me. Here’s what he said:

We had earlier in the hour that Bristol Palin would be joining us about a new reality t.v. show that she’s going to be doing.

And apparently, she just didn’t show up.

So guess what?  I don’t guess we’ll be watching tomorrow when her new show lines up.

Too bad.

He goes on to say that he doesn’t believe children of politicians deserve to be criticized for their parents’ decisions.  He regrets his own children have suffered for his own choices as a politician.

There’s a different story once the child decides, “Hey, I like this spotlight. I like the limelight. I want to have more of it,” then, you know, they become fair game.

Then they are there by their own choice and their own volition. So if you go on Dancing with the Stars, or go on a lecture tour, or do a reality show, then, all bets are off…

He continues by saying he didn’t think David Letterman was fair to me during the 2008 campaign.  However:

I hope she’s ready for it, because now it’ll come not because of what her mother chose to do but because she’s said, “Hey, I want to be in the spotlight.

I understand Gov. Huckabee has a huge challenge creating a radio show he wants as the alternative to Rush Limbaugh. I understand he wants to fill his show with a little controversy – and what better way than to create headlines telling the world he now considers me “fair game.”

However, does he really believe I don’t understand what it’s like to be “fair game?”  Anyone who’s seen this blog – or the newspapers or the television – knows I’ve been through quite a bit of media speculation, ridicule, scorn. I’ve been writing about my own political ideas and have been “fair game” in my comments sections.  I’ve also defended myself from vile comments from leftists like Bill Maher.  Is Mike Huckabee joining into that scorn supposed to intimidate me?

You’ve got to actually listen to it, to get the full effect of his scolding tone.

(Warning: it might make you feel like you’ve been caught smoking in the high school bathroom!)




I would’ve considered it an honor to talk to his viewers about my show, my experience of single motherhood, and what a wonderful little boy Tripp is.

But the fact is, his people didn’t schedule my appearance. I’d said I’d do the show, I sent them my phone number, and they apparently neglected to schedule a time. Of course, mix-ups do occur in life.  Schedules aren’t communicated, errors are made.

But this isn’t the first mistake on his show.  Maybe instead of lecturing me on being irresponsible, he should get his own team in line.

Then, maybe, we could talk.

But I probably would just call Rush instead.


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  • Bevy

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, (sent to his website contact form on http://www.mikehuckabee.com)
    I would think that as a CHRISTIAN – a follower of Christ – you would NOT speak in a BITTER tone to one of Christ’s disciples – that’s right Bristol Palin. I don’t understand your taking headlines and NOT protecting her from FURTHER criticism.
    You have NO HEART for this young woman and I think that your beef would be with whoever was SCHEDULING her time on your show and NOT Bristol.
    I am VERY disappointed in your comments in this matter which should’ve been kept SECRET and not DUMPED on the public.
    Jesus said to guard from a root of bitterness – I think you need to UPROOT it.
    I hope I hear/read SOON that you apologize to this young woman who by the way has NO man that can speak up for and defend her.
    I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in your actions.
    I find your radio show to just upset me – and I’M conservative … maybe you are too middle of the road for me.
    Sign me – never listening to you again,
    oh – and I was born and raised in Alaska!!!!
    Sincerely and with much offense,

  • TaterSalad

    Huckabee wil NEVER take over as the #1 spot over Rush. I have listened to Rush every day for years. Huckabee is closer to a RINO and will never get the audience.

    Got to go now, I’d like to leave another message but Rush is coming on!

  • Holly

    Let me start by saying, that as soon as I am done posting this I am defriending Mike Huckabee. A better topic for debate? Well, once again my only choice in this election is a “good old boy”. I want a third choice, and then I want every frustrated voter to take a leap of faith.


      i agree with you. a third choice would be wonderful. obama makes you sick at your stomach and then there’s mitt romney who is just as bad. puke, puke! I wish Sara Palin would run for president. Even if her name was not on the ballot because of timming I would WRITE SARAH PAPIN’S NAME ON MY BALLOT !!! I THINK ABOUT TWO THIRDS OF AMERICA WOULD DO THE SAME. HISTORY IN THE MAKING. A WELL QUALAFIED WOMAN !!!!! WOULDN’T A WRITE IN CANDIDATE WHO WON BE SOME MORE HISTORY MADE THIS YEAR!!! IMAGINE 100Yrs. AND HISTORY BOOKS TEACHING THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE WHAT’S BEST FOR OUR NATION. “THE DELEGATES”, HAD BETTER VOTE HOW WE THE PEOPLE VOTE THIS TIME. PERIOD ! P IN Ga.

  • http://bristolsblog helene

    how did these trashy palins get so much attention.? i think the people in this country are a bunch of low life r’s like these palins. their claim to being good christians is bull shit. they take from the poor and get rich off stupid people in this country that worship them and they live a life of luxury. am i jealous ,maybe ,as i am old now and my beauty and the money i had is gone. dead is better then to live in this cesspool,perverted copycat greedy, america. all you that are under 50 will soon get old fast,rotten ugly just like i am now but wiser. youth is a passing shadow. i had it all once and now i have only the love odf death to look forward too. good luk palins and make sure you don’t go to hell for your evil ways. see you there.

    • Linda

      You sound very depressed about life, I am sorry for your out look, I am born and raised Alaskan, and have been down and out, and poor, and very depressed at times, in my life, like when my youngest son died, but have never judged another soul, or condemned them to hell, for being whom they are.
      I think you may need some counseling. no judgment! Sarah is well meaning, her family is not trashy, as per Alaskan living, we meet our needs, and do what has to be done, to get by. When someone makes good we celebrate with and for them, not criticize, and draw a sad picture. Sarah is who she is. Thank you for being in the world, makes life much more interesting with no peace in your soul, and no positive in your words. I will pray for you, I believe in the Lord, and know you need some support. IN love with life, Linda from Alaska

    • Andy

      A typical self hating liberal. They go straight to calling people names. I feel sorry for you “helene”. Why must you blame your miserable life on everyone else? The poor miserable liberals in this country are so downtrodden. They were all born under the eight ball. Truth is, they never learned to take responsibility for themselves and want to blame their miserable, wretched life on everyone else. I truly feel sorry for these people… I just wish they wouldn’t vote!!!!!

    • Charles

      I feel really sorry for Helene. What a pitiful soul. She shouldn’t make such judgements about Sarah Palin or anyone else who is a christian. Just because someone is a christian does not make them perfect beings. It just means that we try harder and are more aware when we do wrong and try to do better. Anyone who reads Helene’s post and is a christian, should pray for Helene.

  • Kim P.

    Bristol – in fairness to Mr. Huckabee – it sounds like he is sometimes at the mercy of his producers who may not have fully informed him of the actual reason for you not appearing on the show. Yes, he’s a big boy, and his name is on the label – so he should own up to mistakes, but why not let him offer an explanation?

    I think that most women, and young women/young moms your age, understand your hardship, your choice to ride this wave in the media & on television while it lasts so that you can provide for your son (it’s not easy being a single mom). That said, there is a palpable confrontation that is becoming more evident between the Palin’s and Fox News (and other conservatives who are well known/in the news). It’s disheartening to see this “in fighting”. It’s like watching a family fight break out around Thanksgiving Dinner. :o( It’s divisive, and it weakens the conservative “group” (A House Divided Cannot Stand, and all that). I think we’ve grown weary of confrontation – regardless of who started it. It’s exhausting even reading about it, let alone watching it on t.v.

    I once posted a politely articulated, opposing opinion on your mom’s FB page – only having dialogue with other supporters. I was immediately “banned” from posting on the page. I was shocked. I was a supporter, and genuinely interested in her appeal to women, moms, and women like me – Army wives, who cared about her perspective & support of the military. Dissent is one of the foundations of our freedom in this country, yet I was being penalized for expressing an opinion. :o(

    Knowing and coming to peace with people who disagree or are critical of you, and leaning instead towards friendly, peaceful discussion can be liberating. There’s an old saying, “He who angers you, owns you.” Bristol, you have this chance in your capable hands of being a healer of sorts, showing how differences can be handled, and mistakes overcome. Why not try this angle in situations like this?

    Wishing you the best on your new endeavors, and I hope you can make peace with the Gov. – something tells me he is a forgiving man, and would probably humbly admit fault if it’s in order. Maybe give him a chance, and lead the way about how to handle misunderstandings, rather than creating a p***ing contest (as Grandpa used to say). :) Blessings.

    • Kim P.

      Ahh… who knew my sad faces would morph into happy faces because I didn’t have the lingo right. :( LOL

  • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

    Huckabee is a joke, why couldn’t he find out the facts before he went into a rage on a young woman that didn’t deserve his ugliness. Bristol’s show will outshine his show and let Bristol be happy and her enemies know that she is happy.

  • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

    The Huckabee show is not doing so well…..I don’t think laughing at him is a good thing. However, I fell in the floor I laughed so hard:


    God Bless Bristol Palin!!!

  • Nick Arden

    I don’t like Huckabee at all! I did not like him from the start, when I heard that he was a former pastor. You see, I don’t like pastors and chruched either because I had so many bad experiences with them in the past, they show us so many unethical traits of character and bad judjements, that, I, as a free thinker and a free spirit cannot give them any respect.
    However, I like and admire Sarah Palin and the entire Palin family. The more the Liberals hate them, the more I love them. The more Liberals attack them, the more I think of supporting them. Now, the more they try to destroy Bristol, the more I want her to be victorious and succesfull.

  • Linda

    God Bless the Palins, and thank you for being Alaskan through and through, Bristal needs help not criticized

  • Ken

    Bristol, I don’t know why you’d want to go on Mike Huckabee’s show anyway. If you want 26 people to hear you on the radio, you go on Mike Huckabee’s show. If you want 26 million people to hear you, you go on Rush Limbaugh’s show. Yeah, I know, he doesn’t have many guests. But there are plenty of other choices, with much bigger audiences (than the Huckster), who would love to have you on their shows.

    By the way, I really liked the first episode of your show.