Name This Dog: Here are the Top Three Options!

Thank you for all of your suggestions below and on Facebook!  I love the fact that you guys would take time out to help us figure out the perfect name.

For a little background, this is the dog I got for Gino! He’s a Newfoundland and the biggest puppy I’ve ever seen.  (I think Gino’s getting a glimpse of parenthood…  and no, we aren’t living together!)

So, out of all the names we’ve gotten, I think my favorites are:



Clifford (ha!)

What do you guys think of these?  I’ll keep you posted!


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  • RefudiateObama2012

    Since this is a dog for Gino, I suggest the name Nightstick. It will remind him that if he should never do Todd & Sarah Palin’s little girl wrong. “Boom, taste my nightstick”.

  • Nicole

    I love the name Raider! Definitely go with that.

  • Jen Shaffer


  • Moira

    I think Riot is a terrific name! Raider is my second choice. Clifford would only work if he was red.

  • criss willi

    He looks like a “Bear”. Name him Bear.

  • Shelley

    Oh Clifford is perfect!!!

  • Devin Mccain


  • kdolphins

    Brewster Jackson

  • Sarah

    Riot!! :) so cute…

    I would avoid a name that brings to mind a football team as well as a serial killer…

    And Clifford is a mouthful; can you see yourself yelling “Here, Clifford!”?

  • Sarah

    Clifford! Because you know you’ll want to give him a nickname and you can call him “Cliff” for short!