Backstage at CPAC

Backstage at CPAC April 27, 2012

When I was posting below about my co-author Nancy and her adopted kid, it made me scroll through my iPhone photos from CPAC.  Did you hear about my mom’s awesome speech?  I lost count of how many standing ovations she got.  Here’s a photo of my mom as she was leaving the stage, signing an autograph – Willow and I were standing behind her – and I thought it would be funny to take a photo of Nancy’s two oldest kids who were watching from the VIP Lounge.  (See the two of them up at the top in the middle section, standing together?) Nancy was texting me photos of me and Willow as we watched Mom speak!  Also, it looks like there’s a Secret Service agent escorting Mom from the podium – but don’t worry.

I don’t think it was  that Secret Service agent!

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  • Brittany Toliver

    Aww I love your posts!! Would love to meet you And your Mom!!:)

  • bellagrazi

    Hahaha! I’m glad it was not that particular agent protecting her. The guy should’ve been watching her back, not her backside. That was such an amazing speech, Bristol! The energy in the room was off-the-charts. Your mom inspires enthusiasm like I’ve never seen. She’s a Rock Star with substance. (unlike the current occupant of the White House) And, hopefully, our future President.

    • Allison

      I don’t think the Secret Service protects for VP candidates. That’s probably private security.

      • Allison


    • Joseph

      LOL, The guy should’ve been watching her back, not her backside; I love it! Yeah, that was a great speech she gave! Your mom did great, Bristol! And the thing I like about your mom is that she is a no-nonsense person; she takes NO crap!

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Love your blog. Such a fan of your family. We met your Mom and Dad when we were in Fairbanks in 2009. She gave her Farewell speech at the Governor’s picnic. She was so gracious to this old woman from Alabama. My husband had your Dad sign a brand new white Polo shirt. I could have killed him;) He was so proud.

  • The kids had the best seats in the house! Can’t imagine all those cameras,flashing lights and people so close…….

  • Lisa

    Hey Bristol! We ove you, love your mom and thanks for SHARING!! We pray for the Palins and may God bless you all! You are truely great Americans. When I met your mom at a book signing, I urged her to “stay the coarse”. I see she is doing a fine job. May all God leads her and your family to do be of great knowledge and wisdom and may America continue to be under his sight and protection! Thanks again!!

  • Craig

    How do we get your mom appointed Secretary Of Energy? It’s got to happen. She could have a greater impact on the country than anyone else with her common sense. Make HER a czar with regulatory authority, implementing a new direction and VOIDING 4 years of Obama regulations. Romney has to have that bug permanently implanted in his head until it happens. After all, he WILL be president. Sarah For Energy!

  • otlset

    See, now this is a good example of the value of Bristol’s Blog — behind the scenes views and insights into one of the most fascinating politicians of the 21st century and her family.

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, someone should Record your Mom’s speeches and create Video and MP3 Files and Post them Online so they can be Downloaded. That would give a lot more people a chance to see and hear the real Sarah Palin instead of the version presented to the public by the Main Stream Media.

    • blackbird

      Hi David please see here and if I am out of line to suggest you can make a donation please accept my apologies, some times the site goes offline due to bandwidth limit, its a great resource I use all the time.

  • OMG!!! RYAN KLITZ front and center…. I am so proud!!/rklitz

  • Erica Windham

    Bristol… I love that you posted this picture. The guy in the middle is a friend of mine from my Sarah Palin group on Facebook. We are 100% Sarah Palin, Oh Yes We Can. His name is Ryan and we were friends on Facebook then met at CPAC. He is such a nice guy and is trying to become a delegate in his state so that he can cast a vote for your mom in the Open Convention. WE HAVE FAITH!!! Join us on 100%… We ALL LOVE your mom!!!

  • Shan Sollie Hope

    Bristol, This picture was taken after we sang Happy Birthday to your mom! We were all holding the Happy Birthday Banner! Ryan (the guy in the picture) is an awesome Palinsta! Your mom ROCKED C-PAC! We are all so proud of her and her family! Can’t wait until y’all are OUR FIRST FAMILY!!