Name This Dog: Here are the Top Three Options!

Thank you for all of your suggestions below and on Facebook!  I love the fact that you guys would take time out to help us figure out the perfect name.

For a little background, this is the dog I got for Gino! He’s a Newfoundland and the biggest puppy I’ve ever seen.  (I think Gino’s getting a glimpse of parenthood…  and no, we aren’t living together!)

So, out of all the names we’ve gotten, I think my favorites are:



Clifford (ha!)

What do you guys think of these?  I’ll keep you posted!


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  • Dreika


  • AnyOldNameWillDo

    Hi Bristol :)
    Clifford Maximus
    I grew up with Saint Bernards, enjoy :)
    He’s going to love that Alaska Snow.

  • kate

    Wow Ms Bristol. Great puppy and just look at the size of those paws. I think Clifford is a great name.

    Congrats to Gov. Walker. A well deserved win.

  • Marsha

    I have a 5 year old newfie and he is great fun, protector and wonderful with friends and small children. Wait until you see the guy in action…in the water, they are fascinating.

    My suggestion for names would be:

  • Bonny

    My daughter has a white Newfoundland that she rescued named Moose, I can tell you their heads are like basketballs so Dribble or Dunk might work. Have fun, enjoy and good luck with Him or Her.

  • Emmie Lou Tucker

    My favorite name for a big black dog is Paladin. The original Paladins were the Black Knights of Charlemagne- Have Gun Will Travel with Richard Boone worked off that, remember the chess knight in the corner of the business card. A perfect name for a dog who will look after you and have all the knightly virtues hopefully none of the vices.

  • charli chad

    Clifford is PERFECT!

  • jojo

    Love RAIDER !!!!!!!!

  • Henry

    I love Clifford!

  • John

    i would suggest the name “Russia” since he can see Russia from your state…