On Second Thought: Episode One

So, it’s crazy to see your life unfold on television! Before the premiere of Lifetime’s newest show, “Life’s a Tripp,” I was a little nervous. I’d almost gotten used to the cameras being around back when Mom filmed “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” but this was different. This was my life. And honestly, I sometimes don’t know what my life will hold. After all, I’m only 21 years old. Where will I end up living? What will I end up doing for a job? What sports will Tripp end up loving? Who will I end up marrying?

I look at my life as one big adventure waiting to happen. And most of that life has happened right here in Wasilla, Alaska. I love my home state. I want to raise Tripp in a true Alaskan-fashion – that means, I want him to know how to bait a hook, to play hockey, to ride snow machines, and to be able to withstand the below-zero weather that sometimes drives “flatlanders” away in the harsh winter months. Alaska is a part of me, just like it’s a part of everyone in the Palin family. (In fact, my brother Track even got a tattoo of the Alaska flag before he deployed on his first tour.)

However, if you saw tonight’s episode, you saw me make a decision to leave Alaska and head to Los Angeles. It wasn’t an easy choice. I love dad, mom, and Piper. Oh, and there’s Gino. Some of you might not have realized that I’ve been dating Gino off and on for several years. As you can see, he wasn’t too happy about me packing my bags and heading to California. I think he was worried that I’d find someone in Los Angeles that would sweep me off my feet. After all, everyone there is much more glamorous than what we’re used to. What he doesn’t realize is that I’m not attracted to men who wear oversized sunglasses and skinny jeans. Please. Give me Carhartts and a flannel anyday.

And so he – reluctantly – gave me his blessing. Mom also encouraged me to go. She wants me to try big things, always with the assurance that I can come back home anytime. Of course, this is hard with a three year old.

That’s where my sister Willow comes in. She rolls her eyes more than most people blink their eyes, but she’s also my best friend. Well, depending on the day. We are four years apart, so we’re sometimes best friends and at other times worst enemies. (You’ll see both before this season is through!) When I asked her to leave Wasilla to help me take care of Tripp, she wasn’t too excited. After all, she’s an Alaska girl through-and-through. When she was a kid, Willow loved hanging out with Dad at Valley Polaris, which sold ATVs, watercrafts, and snowmachines. Mom said Willow was raised there on Dad’s hip – that’s where she learned mechanic lingo and became a “motor head.” I couldn’t imagine her living Los Angeles, but sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone!

Thankfully, she did decide to go with me. I wouldn’t have been able to go without her!

On Monday

At the end of tonight’s first episode, you saw at least part of the infamous bar scene, when a man called my mother a whore. On Monday, I’ll talk about the next episode (and that scene in particular as well as the immediate aftermath when I called my mom to tell her about it).  Please come back to this blog for the whole scoop on that unfortunate incident.  I’d love to be able to completely explain what happened and why I reacted the way I did.  To make sure you don’t miss any updates, please subscribe to my blog here!
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  • Nikki Slade

    I watched your show just today. I’m proud of you for standing up for your Mom. The man that was insulting her should feel nothing but shame. All he did was show hate where you showed love. Good job! Stay Strong! xo

  • Capital G

    Great start to the show! Heard the idiot is suing you now because he said he was gay on TV. I didn’t realize you controlled what Lifetime airs or that your gaydar is so finely tuned you can spot a heckling homo from across the bar while riding bull. I think I would have suspected his ‘friend’ was gay but I wouldn’t have spotted him. Good job!

  • observer2

    The Palins preach family values but do not practise them. Barak Obama doesn’t but he puts them in practice every day. He has a fine family that is an example for Americans in general and especially for Afro_Americans.

    Examples of the Palin family values: children born out of wed lock, single mother, attacking the father of your child etc.

    • Jellybean

      Tha’ts right. In my experience, the one’s that preach the most are the biggest hypocrites. The one’s that are always talking about how important family values and religion are to them, have the most skeletons in the closet.

    • Patriot


  • Kim

    Your mom is correct, you should spread you wings. One of the lessons is to learn is what it’s like to live in “someone else’s town” where you learn to understand what people go through when they move to a new place and are considered “outsiders.” You’ll forever have a welcoming heart for those who come to live in your town, wherever that may be, where God has for you.
    I did the opposite of you, geographically. As a single mom, I took my 12 yr daughter from So Cal to the Northwest, on the border to Canada. She was able to grow up in a small town, small church, with many extended families who love each other and stick together. After college and years working for a regional transport company she has moved back to San Diego where I am again now. It was worth the struggle to live in another community for those years. I now know what it’s like to be a “nobody” without the benefit of my family’s local recognition and history. If you’re in L.A., learn about the old L.A. history. There were many pioneers who moved there to build their entrepreneurial enterprise. The Mexican culture is something I missed while in Washington state. The old families in Cali who came from Mexico are good to meet and learn about as well. There’s lots of rich history here that will bring you closer to this place.
    Bristol, in the midst of this So Cal culture, there are some wonderful churches. Some big some small. I hope you’re finding a good one. My daughter and I will be watching “Life’s a Tripp” and praying for you and your beautiful son, Tripp. Your parents know, you will be better for this experience; you can be true to who you are, even in California. I look forward to future reports via “Life’s a Tripp.” God bless you.

  • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

    Huckabee’s show is not doing so well! I know I should not laugh at him, but I fell in the floor I laughed so hard:


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  • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

    Bristol, say hi to the haters……HI HATERS!!!

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  • Anna

    Bristol I think your amazing and I love your show
    You have an amazing ordinary family. I truly don’t know why people have to disrespect your family they don’t even know you. But don’t let them get you down because one day they will be judged from the one who really matters. Keep doing what your doing.

  • section9

    So, when did this obsession with Palin’s personal life begin? Strict Freudian, are we?

  • Truth101

    You are a sick nutjob. Get a live you frecking weirdo.

  • Lynda Armstrong

    Please tell why you all get trashy … it you do not like the Palin’s do not watch them…do not read about them….why come to this site….do you know these people have you ever met any member of the family… I would say no but you sure have your talking points down….

  • liberty

    thats a proven lie about that basketball player email from that idiot Mcginnas revealed that it was all a lie. Well its not as bad as you being a convicted child molester.

  • reid

    I think you mean “life”.

  • liberty

    My post was in reply to that pervert REID.

  • myj

    Glen Rice confirmed the one night stand e had with Sarah Palin on TV… Mc Ginness didn’t make up anything, everyting were confirm….

  • liberty


  • liberty

    My post was again in reply to REID.

  • Allison

    Are you a Palin? They love to play the child molester card.

  • Truth101

    Right, you sick weirdo.

  • Diggertoo

    how many log in profiles do you have?

  • liberty

    He did no such thing you are a LIAR.

  • liberty

    This is in Reply to myj Emails were found from mccguinnes to that blogger in Alaska confirming that everything he told him was a lie . mccguiness got all of his information for his book from those idiot bloggers who sit in their parents basement making things up so IDIOTS like you who are so STUPID and beyond intellegent thought that you probably believe all that trig truther crap also. GET SOME HELP FOR YOUR PDS BEFORE THE PEOPLE IN THE WHITE COATS COME FOR YOU. YOU STUPID DUMB IDIOTIC LUNATIC.

  • Linda S

    You go, Lynda! What you say is very true.