On Second Thought: Episode One

So, it’s crazy to see your life unfold on television! Before the premiere of Lifetime’s newest show, “Life’s a Tripp,” I was a little nervous. I’d almost gotten used to the cameras being around back when Mom filmed “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” but this was different. This was my life. And honestly, I sometimes don’t know what my life will hold. After all, I’m only 21 years old. Where will I end up living? What will I end up doing for a job? What sports will Tripp end up loving? Who will I end up marrying?

I look at my life as one big adventure waiting to happen. And most of that life has happened right here in Wasilla, Alaska. I love my home state. I want to raise Tripp in a true Alaskan-fashion – that means, I want him to know how to bait a hook, to play hockey, to ride snow machines, and to be able to withstand the below-zero weather that sometimes drives “flatlanders” away in the harsh winter months. Alaska is a part of me, just like it’s a part of everyone in the Palin family. (In fact, my brother Track even got a tattoo of the Alaska flag before he deployed on his first tour.)

However, if you saw tonight’s episode, you saw me make a decision to leave Alaska and head to Los Angeles. It wasn’t an easy choice. I love dad, mom, and Piper. Oh, and there’s Gino. Some of you might not have realized that I’ve been dating Gino off and on for several years. As you can see, he wasn’t too happy about me packing my bags and heading to California. I think he was worried that I’d find someone in Los Angeles that would sweep me off my feet. After all, everyone there is much more glamorous than what we’re used to. What he doesn’t realize is that I’m not attracted to men who wear oversized sunglasses and skinny jeans. Please. Give me Carhartts and a flannel anyday.

And so he – reluctantly – gave me his blessing. Mom also encouraged me to go. She wants me to try big things, always with the assurance that I can come back home anytime. Of course, this is hard with a three year old.

That’s where my sister Willow comes in. She rolls her eyes more than most people blink their eyes, but she’s also my best friend. Well, depending on the day. We are four years apart, so we’re sometimes best friends and at other times worst enemies. (You’ll see both before this season is through!) When I asked her to leave Wasilla to help me take care of Tripp, she wasn’t too excited. After all, she’s an Alaska girl through-and-through. When she was a kid, Willow loved hanging out with Dad at Valley Polaris, which sold ATVs, watercrafts, and snowmachines. Mom said Willow was raised there on Dad’s hip – that’s where she learned mechanic lingo and became a “motor head.” I couldn’t imagine her living Los Angeles, but sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone!

Thankfully, she did decide to go with me. I wouldn’t have been able to go without her!

On Monday

At the end of tonight’s first episode, you saw at least part of the infamous bar scene, when a man called my mother a whore. On Monday, I’ll talk about the next episode (and that scene in particular as well as the immediate aftermath when I called my mom to tell her about it).  Please come back to this blog for the whole scoop on that unfortunate incident.  I’d love to be able to completely explain what happened and why I reacted the way I did.  To make sure you don’t miss any updates, please subscribe to my blog here!
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  • kdolphins

    I enjoyed the episode – am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out!! Good job!! Keep up the good work.

  • David Dempsey

    Good post, Bristol. Hope your Show gets good Reviews.

  • Donna Stewart

    I wish you the best in your new endeavor. Prayers for you and your loved ones. God bless you.

  • Barbara Landi

    Sorry to see you & Willow go to LA….I can’t think of a worse place except maybe Chicago. But I think it will make you appreciate Alaska and how lucky you are to have grown up here. I moved outside 10 years ago (to WA…much nicer than LA) and lasted 2.5 years before coming back up here. Besides the traffic, crowds & taxes, I got the sense that “flatlanders” are not like Alaskans …in so many hundreds of ways. I felt like a foreigner and I couldn’t wait to come back to MY people.

  • jeff

    Bristol: Live your Life! Ignore the hateful lefties and their pitiful jealousy. They hate you and me and anything else that yearns to be free…….Good Luck with your show, I’ll be happily watching!

    • Patriot

      LOL. How is Bristol “yearning” to be free?

      • BlueVA

        And why the hell is Jeff so fixated on being hated and envied by the left? I suspect someone’s feeling unloved. Let’s love him to death! Love you, Jeff!

    • Whatwhywhenwherewho

      Not Jealous. Shocked. Shocked at how this girl keeps ragging on her child’s other parent. She’s not the only Mom whose child has an absentee father. What she is doing here is child abuse. ” Tripp was a mistake, his father stole my virginity, Levi doesn’t want to see him Levi was the worst father I could pick.”This so damaging and it’s all recorded for humiliating posterity. She should say nothing at all and answer questions as honestly and neutrally as she can only as they arise. At the end of the day her relationship with Levi gave her Tripp and she should see the one small blessing in that

  • jeggl;y

    No one cares about Bristol. We fell sorry for her and her life.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Bristol: James Madison stated in the Virgina Resolutions: Liberties of conscience and the press can not be canceled, so keep on going. There’s those today whom would like to rob us of these rights.

  • Gary Steven Smith, LUTCF, BS, MA

    Don’t let all those haters of our christian values, and your Mother get you down hon. They were sent by Satan to destroy you and bring you down to there level. Because of the morals of your family, you will be attacked by many people out there who’s main goal is to make you look bad. Hang in there young lady, and remember many prayers are being said for you daily.
    Gary Steven Smith
    1 John 3:8

    • Jellybean

      Is it true satan looks like a cross between rush limbaugh and sean hannity? Also, does jesus have blonde hair, blue eyes and snowy white skin, like all the images I see?

      • Patriot

        Oh yes Jellybean. Jesus is a white American. He is NOT middle eastern because Republicans would hate him if he were.

        • norcon

          I am an a-theist, but Jellybean and Patriot, your posts look exactly like Hollywood would depict small devils answer mockingly and full of small-minded vice.

          What a bunch of misogynist, conspiracy-laden and may I say typical Obama-voter types you are. Full of self-hate and sloth, just like the “showing Reagan portrait the finger” low-life seemed to be.

          As an non-theist I would choose an active Christian as a leader 100 times over any active atheist or leftist watermelon of your ilk.

          Pathetic is my word for your types.

          • Jellybean

            Yes, those evil “homos” gave a dead president’s photo the finger. The one and only president who didn’t care about aids research because it only affected “homos.” I wonder what Ryan White’s parents think about old ronnie.

            As for the rest of your whiny rant, right back at ya norcon. We know, you love the palins, or you are a palin, whatever.

  • Kelsey Kennedy

    You really shouldn’t feel the need to explain yourself all the time. let us just enjoy the show.

  • wendy

    At first I thought your youth and immaturity were the reasons for your comments about your son’s father but after watching the first week of the Lifetime series and reading comments, both yours and those of others, I realize you are on a mission to prove to yourself that you are a good person. To you somehow, the equation is Bristol = good; Levi = bad. How childish. Really, if you want to be, as you say you are, a good Christian person, show some maturity. Tripp has one mother and one father. He needs them both in his life; it’s not what you feel that matters, it’s what your son deserves and needs. Does it not seem striking that his father never has a negative comment about you? He only expresses the wish to see/visit with his son, which is very human and sympathetic. You are coming off as a negative, selfish, vindictive young woman who lacks any understanding of the importance of both parents in the lives of children. Why do you grasp and cling to such mean-spirited behavior?