Why I Did a Reality TV Show

Welcome new “Life’s a Tripp” fans!

I’m so happy that my new Lifetime reality show called “Life’s a Tripp” has finally debuted!  I hope everyone enjoyed it.  What did you think?

I’ve heard many of you ask a similar question: why did I decide to do a reality television show?  Well, in many ways, I’m just like everyone else.  I’m a young woman trying to make my way in this sometimes complicated world.  I’m a single mom, I work at a dermatology office, and I’m trying to fix up a house I bought near my parents’ house.

You know my parents?  Yes, that’s what makes my life interesting to people. I’m a part of one of America’s most famous – and sometimes controversial – families.

When Lifetime approached me about doing a show, I was a little hesitant.  After all, what could possibly be entertaining about my life taking Tripp to and from hockey lessons?  Of course, life always contains unexpected twists and turns.  And the Lifetime cameras – which I never got used to! – caught a lot of little adventures on film.  You’ve probably seen the so-called “bar fight” I got into after some guy called my mom a name?  Well, the series will also introduce you to a charity I worked for in Los Angeles, will show you some of my good friends, and let you see how I really responded to Levi’s book.

It was fun experience, and I’m excited about seeing it all unfold with you viewers at home.  But I’ve already seen some of the footage, and I’ve learned one thing.

It’s crazy to see your own life revealed on a screen.  While watching it, I realized that sometimes I didn’t respond quite right to situations.  Sometimes I reacted too strongly, and sometimes not strongly enough.

That’s why I’m going to do a weekly blog post every week called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes as I process the issues presented… and my thoughts on them now that I’ve seen them aired.  Expect the first one tomorrow!

I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

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  • jan page

    Great show, Bristol!

  • myr

    Im used to turning off my DVR,ive 4gotten my son recorded ur show,sorry!
    I will watch it next week..Good Luck !! about time we have a conservative show..
    God bless us all !!

  • Jose

    I think you do not have to give any explanation to anyone. It’s your life. Simply trust you. For me it’s lucky to see the ordinary life of the Palin family. Life is hard many times, but you are strong. I pray for you.

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  • aloha43

    I’m sorry….but your show had to be one of the stupidest, whiny show I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Jinky

      i think most of America agreed with you….

      • Patriot

        Lol Jinky. It was as unpopular as that bad “movie” undefeated starring her mother. Ah the egos in this family.

      • Chris in Ottumwa

        Well it was more popular than all the shows on MSNBC during the same night….

        726,000 viewers for Life’s a Tripp and each of MSNBC primetime shows had less viewers.

        Not bad and I bet a few heads wanted to explode over there at MSNBC…they claim the entire Palin family are a bunch of nobodies, irrevelant etc. and they get beat by Bristol and her show!

        LOVE IT!

        • GrizzlyMom

          Apples and oranges Chris. If you want to state that Fox News or CNN beat MSNBC in the ratings for that night I completely agree. But a reality show has a very different audience. Why don’t you compare Bristol’s show to other reality shows. In fact the show preceding it was Dance Mom’s. It was a rerun and had an audience of 1.7 million. When Bristol’s show started a MILLION people changed the channel. I guess when that happened your head didn’t explode since your still hear posting. Should we compare Bristol’s show to Jersey Shore or the Real Housewives Franchise? How about the Bachelor? I don’t think you would be happy with any of those numbers.

    • jess

      ^ if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Translations: keep your freaken mouths shut haters

  • CJ

    Bristol, there was no way I was going to miss your series so, I set the DVR 5 days in advance LOL!! Tuesday night, I even made a fresh pot of strong coffee to make doubly sure the caffeine would power up my “batteries” so I wouldn’t fall asleep after my long day at work :) Well, all I can say is…………I CANNOT WAIT until next weeks episode……..IT WAS TRULY BEYOND WONDERFUL and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!! OMGosh…the way Tripp said that LA was “too far away” and the expression on his face was PRICELESS!!!! And let’s not forget when he called you his “favorite girl”!!!!! He is SOOOO INCREDIBLY ADORABLE!!
    The first episode evoked such a gamut of emotions and I’m sure the ones to follow will as well, but, I have to say, that when Mark sudddenly appeared…….I lost it! Yup! The tears fell and a huge smile followed as I thought back to all the joy and magic of your awesome season together, when he took a beautiful, sweet rose and helped her blossom :) oxo

    • ‘sconny gal

      oh the horror of it, that is all I can say, and this comment, you need help ASAP

  • anonymous

    My DVR shut itself off after 20 min. I guess it couldn’t take it any more.

  • Kay Moore

    I enjoyed the first episode and plan to watch again next week. I wanted punch the dude for calling your Mom such a disrespectful name. That was totally uncalled for. I have ready your book and enjoyed it. Just continue to stand up for what’s right in this crazy world and stand on your faith. It will get you through anything. Tripp is the cutest little guy!

  • Mrs B

    I was a little disappointed it didnt take place in Alaska. I loved your Mom’s show about living in Alaska and I would have loved to see more. Hopefully you will show more of home and not LA.
    Good Luck Bristol & Tripp

  • AE

    Bristol! I just saw the 1st episode of your show and loved it! Anyone who didn’t like it, continued to watch it, then wasted their time to write a negative comment obviously has nothing better to than put people down! I also read your book and couldn’t put it down because I thought it was SO good! Your a great mom and that is evident by how happy Tripp is! :)