Why I Did a Reality TV Show

Welcome new “Life’s a Tripp” fans!

I’m so happy that my new Lifetime reality show called “Life’s a Tripp” has finally debuted!  I hope everyone enjoyed it.  What did you think?

I’ve heard many of you ask a similar question: why did I decide to do a reality television show?  Well, in many ways, I’m just like everyone else.  I’m a young woman trying to make my way in this sometimes complicated world.  I’m a single mom, I work at a dermatology office, and I’m trying to fix up a house I bought near my parents’ house.

You know my parents?  Yes, that’s what makes my life interesting to people. I’m a part of one of America’s most famous – and sometimes controversial – families.

When Lifetime approached me about doing a show, I was a little hesitant.  After all, what could possibly be entertaining about my life taking Tripp to and from hockey lessons?  Of course, life always contains unexpected twists and turns.  And the Lifetime cameras – which I never got used to! – caught a lot of little adventures on film.  You’ve probably seen the so-called “bar fight” I got into after some guy called my mom a name?  Well, the series will also introduce you to a charity I worked for in Los Angeles, will show you some of my good friends, and let you see how I really responded to Levi’s book.

It was fun experience, and I’m excited about seeing it all unfold with you viewers at home.  But I’ve already seen some of the footage, and I’ve learned one thing.

It’s crazy to see your own life revealed on a screen.  While watching it, I realized that sometimes I didn’t respond quite right to situations.  Sometimes I reacted too strongly, and sometimes not strongly enough.

That’s why I’m going to do a weekly blog post every week called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes as I process the issues presented… and my thoughts on them now that I’ve seen them aired.  Expect the first one tomorrow!

I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

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  • Jenny Lynn

    Loved the show! Can’t wait till next week. Tripp is a Tripp and as cute as a button!

  • hallie

    Thank you for making this show! I absolutely love the Palin family. Ive read your mothers books, I watched her show and Ive read your book so it was only natural that I want to see a reality tv show about you! This one episode makes me very excited for the season. Thank you for standing up for your mother and showing the world how they have nothing on her or your family. Praying for your strength through all the criticism.

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  • Valentina

    I liked your show. One of the realities of being a single, young mother, is what you felt, when you were crying in LA, when your only family was going to leave you with no one to watch your son. I know you probably wouldn’t want to put him into daycare, as the papparazi would have a field day with it. Your show was good, and I was glad you stood up for your mother to that sorry low life who cursed at you in the first place. I did like seeing Mark on there. I hope you can make it in LA and get a group of friends that will help you with your son. He is your priority!!

  • DMJ

    Funny how the haters come to your blog!

    I loved your show! Can’t wait to see more episodes! =]

  • Tanya

    Hey girl!
    Kudos for trying to learn from your mistakes, we all make them!
    If you really want to know why people feel like they have to be an ass to you, which I think is wrong, take a look at the comment from takemcountryback. That kind of religious zealot gives the rest of us Christians a bad name. Your family is conservative and I am more liberal (yes it’s possible for me to be liberal and a Christian) but we are both dedicated Christians. I know you do not deserve that treatment, and the people treating you that way don’t understand how they are condemning you for your beliefs, when they themselves feel your family is condemning thier beliefs. It’s a vicious circle.
    Keep going strong and smart, I have a feeling that’s the only way you know how to go anyway! :) good luck girl!

  • Bill Evans

    I love the pic very nice.

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  • Aly.O

    I am not into politics or anything of that sort and decided to watch your Mom’s show to get my own views on your family (from what tv shows of course show) and I absolutely fell in love with your families lifestyle n the show which led me to wanting to see your side too, with all you go through with these crazy people out there that seem to forget you all are humans and people too but yet forget that. Thanks for allowing us into to your lives :)

  • Ericka

    Just found out I can watch your show online! Love your family, I just love how your family talks to each other.,. even within a disagreement you’re respectful. Your son is adorable, and I look forward to watching future episodes.