Why I’m Not on Twitter

I’m not on Twitter, but my name is definitely mentioned in Tweets.  For those of you who have read the comments on posts like “Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call?” and “Hail to the Chiefs: Malia and Sasha Obama,” you’re familiar with the hate that is thrown my way.  (You know, bullying in the name of tolerance and all.)

However, someone brought Michelle Malkin’s tweet to my attention tonight. She tweeted that it’s Time for a Bristol Palin HateFest on Twitter.

That, my friends, is why I’m not on Twitter. I love talking to you guys on Facebook and on this blog, but that’s as much of an internet presence as I need now.  For those of you who are on Twitter, please feel free to tweet out my posts and to spread some love for me there.

You can tell I need it!

UPDATE: Yes, I know she was pointing out the Twitter hate. Thanks, Michelle Malkin for pointing out the liberal hypocrisy! I appreciate your work!

  • Barbara Landi

    Who needs Twitter? Just another easy forum for sick people to post anonymous hate

  • Kim Jarvis

    Bristol, I have been a big fan and supporter of your mother. I am also a mother of a daughter and basically raised her alone since she was three. She is now a grown independent woman like yourself. I admire how your mother raised all of her children to be self sufficient and independent. You have grown up to be a wonderful role model for the current generation. I can tell you take after your mom and that you never let all this bad stuff effect you. The ones who criticize, are the ones who didn’t have good strong family values instilled in them growing up. Best of Luck Always.

  • http://us4palin.com Ron Devito

    It’s not my place to tell you what to do, but I’m going to present a strong case for you having a Twitter account and having it verified as being YOURS. Right now, a number people are using YOUR name for Twitter accounts and tweeting garbage. Having a Twitter account, even if you leave it dormant at least leaves a mark that that there is only one real Bristol Palin on there – because your account would be verified. That would immediately put the world on notice the others are fakes. You could have your blog posts auto-Tweet there and never have to post a manual Tweet unless you absolutely want to. It’s something you set once and forget.

    Hate is all over the Internet. Facebook has more than its share of garbage – specifically hate pages and groups directed toward your family, so I wouldn’t let that be a deterrent to using Twitter. Your mom uses it with telling effect.

    Regarding the hate fest tweet you referenced, the originator is an outfit called “Twitchy.” In examining Michelle Malkin’s timeline, I see a number of ads for Twitchy. Just a few tweets after is one from them telling conservatives to “shut the (expletive redacted) up.” Malkin has not turned to the left, and these tweets are out of character to the rest of what’s on her timeline. It appears to me that Michelle Malkin’s account has been compromised. I don’t think a conservative commentator such as Michelle Malkin would call for a hate fest against you in any forum, and she is speaking at the same conference as your mom on Friday.

    Twitter does have security issues – you have to be very restrictive about what sites and applications you permit to access your account….otherwise what is happening with Malkin’s account is exactly what can happen. Malkin needs to change her password and delete the Twitchy tweets.

  • OC

    Bristol, Those tweets are disgusting and you have every right to be insulted and even hurt; however, I have wonder why it’s assumed that the idiots behind them are liberal? Is it not possible that they be conservative? Just a thought.

  • Kevin

    Stay strong, young lady….millions of us support and love you and your family.

    The foul-mouthed trailer trash haters are intellectual midgets (my apology to short folks) who generally have pitiful lives.

  • http://www.abundantlifehavanasilkdogs.com KATHY

    There is a wonderful website, Women Made New, that is a gift of healing from relationships, rape, sexual abuse for women based on “Behold I make all things new” (Rev.21:5). If you click on “Demand Your Dignity” it is an excellent youtube video about how women are shown in commercials, movies and magazines, and how our dignity is from God.

    Just wanted to share this beautiful gift! God bless you and your beautiful son. Kathy Schlenz

  • Phea Croissant

    Oh Bristol. Let’s be honest, you are not on twitter because you can’t handle not being able to delete people’s comments to your ignorant rants. Little girl, before you start spouting your hate, be prepared to expect normal rational reactions. Yes, I said normal rational reactions and NOT bullying. You and your mother are actually the bullies. You expect everyone to be okay with suppressing the civil rights of your fellow man. And if any of us speaks out against your hate, you call us bullies??? Really sweetie? You and your entire backwards thinking family need learn how to keep your hate behind closed doors back in Wasilla. How extremely entitled and bigoted of you to think that it’s okay for only some to get certain rights and the rest are just going to have to deal with it. This is not YOUR America, it’s OURS. So you deal with it. Deal with all the backlash you get for having the right to speak your ignorance. Deal with your son growing up and experiencing the same backlash that your mother has put upon you from passing on her ignorance onto you. I’m sorry you were raised in complete disillusion and I’m more than sure you really don’t know the detrimental impact you’re having on your son. Tell me, what are you going to say to him when your son ask why people hate our family so much? Stop and think maybe it’s because your family hates us way more. Or maybe you’re hoping he grows up to be like his father? Knocking up little girls left and right and having a good laugh about it on talk shows? How would you feel if some moron wanted to ban single parenting because of their personal beliefs? Ridiculous and kind of scary, right? But I’m sure if that ever did happen, you’ll be totally okay about it because, “kids do better growing up in a mother/father home”. I mean you wouldn’t want to be called a bully for standing up for your rights or anything crazy like that, right? So tell me again Bristol, are you, the unwed teen mother who moved her son thousands of miles away from the father of her child while complaining he doesn’t see his son enough, living that nuclear family life that you and your family hold so dear??? Hmm….? Fact is, you and your mother the biggest hypocrites to ever walk this earth. You preach about one thing and live completely contradicting lives in the public eye and when people call you out on it you cry “BULLY”. This is not Wasilla, this is the real world. And in the real world when you come around thinking you can tell people how to live their lives but it’s okay for you to live yours however which way you please, be prepared to get what you deserve. I grew up with very narrow-minded racist parents and I thank my friends and society for teaching me to value every human being and not just the ones who look like me or think like me. It’s obvious your mother’s teachings is not doing much for the both of you, besides a few sad stints of reality shows and being the joke of the nation. I pray for you and your son. In fact I pray for the entire Palin family. God knows ya’ll need A LOT of help.

    • otlset

      “Fact is, you and your mother the biggest hypocrites to ever walk this earth.”

      Lol! Looks like this croissant got left in the oven and overcooked!

    • Rhonda Craig

      Let me get this straight, Phea. You are “praying” for Bristol and the Palin family because they need “a lot of help.” So you have nothing but goodwill and love in your heart for them when you go before the Lord in prayer and hold up their names to Him? Because you truly care and aren’t “narrow-minded” and you yourself “value every human being?” Good gracious, my dear, what a mouthful of nonsense from someone screaming that the Palins are hypocrites! Have you learned the word “irony” at any point in your (obviously poor) education? You should look it up in the dictionary, along with the word “disillusional” (which is not a word at all).

      You don’t have to be the Almighty to see by the tone of your post that you are just another misguided individual who is driven by an unhealthy anger toward people who disagree with your ideology. I know the Lord hears all prayers, though, and you might be surprised what He does with yours. He knows what is really in your heart when you “pray” for the Palins. Maybe He will choose to work on YOU instead, and heal some of that anger and bitterness you carry around.

      God Bless You
      God Bless the USA, where even “disillusional” people like yourself can have their say

      • Pam O

        I agree! The Lord works in everyone’s lives and I pray that he helps “Phea” come to reality and quit believing everything he/she hears in the media. Do your own research and quit depending on society to tell you what’s right/wrong, etc.

    • Mirror Mirror

      Since when do you handle what she handles? Pretty sure you don’t have a ton of people yelling hate at you when you do or say something good and of value? Or maybe…you don’t stand for anything good? Sympathy is not your strongsuit by any means. Leave her alone.

    • Revenna

      Listen up Phea, You have no right to say that. You’re the one praying for Bristol and her family “because they need a lot of help”. How are Bristol and Sarah bullying? Technically you’re the one who is bullying, spouting off all this bullshit. If you don’t like her, why are you on her website? It is high time you stop being a hypocrite and go bullyrag someone else.

    • Michelle

      Phea: Get some counciling…..soon

    • paul muller

      my how incredibly tolerant…. no name calling here…backwards…ignorant … irrational … bigoted and racist…for example- and no bullying here either -hummmm
      Phea Croissant, my dear-
      it seems the old adage ….you just can’t fix stupid applies here.

    • Cindy

      Pretty sure that by calling Bristol and her mother names in every sentence makes you a bully. stfu. people are allowed their own opinions about life. why is it ok for the liberal dems to force their idea of tolerance and acceptance of things i dont agree with on me?? thats why we live in America. So we can express our own ideas. Grow up ! i think its great she decided not to use Twitter…some people actually act like adults….maybe you should learn a lesson or two how to do that.

  • Robert Mugabe

    Sadly, Bristol, neither you nor your mom seem to have yet realized that when you CHOOSE to make yourself a public figure by, oh, I dont know, starring in a REALITY SHOW, you no longer have control on how the public perceives you or what they choose to say about you publicly- it doesnt even matter whether what they say is fair or not. YOU chose to accept the paycheck and step into the public arena, and it’s called an “arena” for a reason. In short you sold both your right to privacy and the right to be the sole arbitor of how others view you. Many people rightfully see you and your mother as grasping publicity hounds and we can only laugh dismissively when we see you whine over the kind of attention you get. Shut up and take it. it’s ostensibly what you wanted in the first place.

    • Ruth Friesen

      Dear Bristol: I think you are great…..and so is your mother. I wouldn’t know why people hate you….they must be sick or something is wrong with them. Hang in there….love your son, your mother and your family.
      I think you are great and wonderful! There are a lot of sick people in this world…please do not listen to them.

  • Raffaela V. DiBella

    Michelle Malkin is on your side, Bristol. I know you realize that. BTW….your blog on Fathers Day was awesome! Going to repost it!

  • http://propheticministriesinternational.org Susan Sundem

    Love your blogs, Bristol! Keep them coming!!