Justin Bieber’s Mom: Pregnant at 17, Advised to Abort

Well, we already knew this about Justin Bieber.  Now, we might know why.  According to a new book, “Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom,” his mother was advised to abort Justin when she got pregnant at 17 years old.  Today Entertainment Reports:

By the age of 17, Mallette became pregnant with Justin, and at the time, she was encouraged to abort the baby. Of course, Mallette said that was an option she couldn’t consider. “I just knew I couldn’t. I just knew I couldn’t. I just know I had to keep him,” she told Gifford. “And, do the best. I — you know, I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But I just knew that I couldn’t — I couldn’t abort. I had to do my best. I had to see what I could do. And I was determined to do whatever it took.”

Now, that’s a determined woman, and – as someone who also got pregnant at 17 – it’s so inspirational to hear her story!  I love hearing stories about people getting back up! It’s not about the fall, it’s about getting back up, and accepting your circumstances and making the best of them… Actually, one of my family’s favorite quotes is, “Buck up or stay in the truck!”   So to honor Pattie’s strength, let’s do a book giveaway!  There are two ways to win:

1.  Tweet @BristolsBlog and @pattiemallette with the hashtag #NowhereButUpGiveaway to enter to win a copy of Pattie Mallette’s new book! (I’ll pick a winner randomly on Friday at noon eastern, so stay tuned!)

2. On Facebook, tag me on your own wall with the language “Bristol Palin is giving away Justin Bieber’s mom’s new book Nowhere But Up!”  When you tag me, I’ll get an alert and you will be entered to win.

Thank you, Pattie, for telling your story!  And let’s have fun with this giveaway!

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  • http://twitter Elwanda Burrell

    You just got to wonder what our Country would be like without abortions. It is hard to understand why any mother would abort her own baby and why any father would want their baby aborted!!!

  • gina lee

    We have lost many talented people due to abortion, maybe one of them would of discovered a cure for Cancer, or HIV patients. Maybe they would of been another Donald Trump. Let’s stop killing our babies.