New DWTS “Paper Moose” Controversy

Last week, to get in the mood for our Dancing with the Stars quick step to “Redneck Woman,” Mark and I went to a shooting range.

Twitchy reports on some of the Twitter backlash against me, because I shot a paper target imprinted with the image of the moose.  Not a moose, mind you.  But a moose outline.

Guess what, paper moose lovers?  It gets worse than that.  A few weeks ago, my dad took Willow and me on a moose hunt.  In case you who don’t know where food comes from, this is what keeps our freezers full at home.

If who’ve never been to a range, don’t knock what you haven’t tried.  When you do it right, target shooting is safe and a whole lot of fun.

As for those whose hearts are full of compassion for paper, I can assure you that the targets don’t feel a thing.

See you at the range!

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  • Rissi

    Seriously!? I thought this was one of the BEST parts of Monday night’s show – loved it. :-)

  • Carrie

    People were upset that you shot a paper moose?!? What about the paper PERSON you guys also shot at?! More concern for a moose than a person. Unbelievable. And the fact that it’s paper makes the entire issue just plain stupid. We live in northern Michigan and LOVE to hunt here (and shoot, too!). Our 10-year-old son, Maguire, had his first deer hunting experience last weekend.

    Don’t ever be swayed by public opinion, Bristol. It’s not worth it. You only live this life once. Make the most of it!

    Carrie :)

  • Justine Stewart

    Wow, they need to get a hobby! I feel like no matter what you do that someone will always find something wrong with it.
    Anyways, happy shooting!! :)

  • Alice

    What an awesome response!!!! You go girl!!!

  • Holly

    LOL .. love your response Bristol. What nonsense … people just “looking” for ways to fuss at you. Keep your chin up and know that people who actual THINK for themselves know that a paper moose is in no way the same as a real one!

  • http://facebook Tina Yancey/Walters

    You have improved so much and it ooks like you really enjoy dancing now. It’s knowing you were not dropped. Nest week you number s will start to climb. Tripp is so-o cute !

  • charli chad

    Give em something to talk about! Nothing better than a girl who can shoot, hunt and protect herself! Apparently they’d rather eat leaves and bark if they had to live in the wilderness. Keep it up!

  • deedee

    I don’t get all this hate. And I thought you danced great. Loved the shooting range part.

  • agrams

    enjoy those moose steaks Bristol,, good eatin’

  • Michael

    You go girl. Keep shooting. :) All of your fans love you.