New DWTS “Paper Moose” Controversy

Last week, to get in the mood for our Dancing with the Stars quick step to “Redneck Woman,” Mark and I went to a shooting range.

Twitchy reports on some of the Twitter backlash against me, because I shot a paper target imprinted with the image of the moose.  Not a moose, mind you.  But a moose outline.

Guess what, paper moose lovers?  It gets worse than that.  A few weeks ago, my dad took Willow and me on a moose hunt.  In case you who don’t know where food comes from, this is what keeps our freezers full at home.

If who’ve never been to a range, don’t knock what you haven’t tried.  When you do it right, target shooting is safe and a whole lot of fun.

As for those whose hearts are full of compassion for paper, I can assure you that the targets don’t feel a thing.

See you at the range!

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  • Michael

    You go girl. Keep shooting. :) All of your fans love you.

  • Lindsey

    So wait, people are more upset that you shot a fake moose than Mark shooting a fake human?? Wow

  • Jessica

    This is fantastic!!!! People get more and more ridiculous everyday. Target shooting and hunting for that matter are both fun. These critics need to get a life.

  • pkay

    Bahahaha. That’s crazy. Your doing great, Bristol. Stay focused on the job at hand and don’t let the naysayers get ya down. I am so impressed with you AND your family ! Team Bristol and Mark all the way !! Kick it in high gear girl. From one redneck girl to another !!

  • Firelight

    LOL! Some of these people have no idea how badly they are in need of a mental enema! Crying over a paper moose, what’s next? Are they going to force kids to eat the black organic jelly beans too because they might get lonely if they are the only ones left in the bag and we wouldn’t want to hurt their natural jelly self-esteem?

    You are doing good Bristol! Keep it up and ignore the haters!!

  • Debbie

    Bristol, liberals are just idiots if this is all they have to gripe about. They are so threatened by you and your mom, that they will search for anything to bring you down.

    Keep using the animals for exactly what God placed them here for – food!

  • Nightbird

    I saw this nonsense of the Facebook DWTS post. Honestly. Have people heard of the right to bear arms? You know what it is, Bris? City people. Some. They think meat comes from the grocery store and they can but their alternate proteins there. :)

    • Nightbird

      ‘on’ and ‘buy’ Bad spelling, me!

  • sandy churchill

    forget about what other people think you go girl

  • Arlene

    Fussing over paper moose???? Wow!!! Unbelievable. There are better things to be worried about. They just have to find something to say again. Just ignore these people. Keep smiling

  • Laurel

    People, and by that I really mean the media, are always on the hunt (pun intended) for things to be offended by…..and unfortunately, people, and by THAT I mean bored people with no real opinions of their own, are always ready to jump on a bandwagon to defend any percieved offense-valid or not.
    I guess no one has anything better to do or be offended by this week than a shot up paper moose. lol :-)
    And that says a lot about the state of our culture….
    BTW- You’re not only a great shot, but you have charm and grace on the dance floor and I’m voting for you! Good luck next Tuesday!