New DWTS “Paper Moose” Controversy

Last week, to get in the mood for our Dancing with the Stars quick step to “Redneck Woman,” Mark and I went to a shooting range.

Twitchy reports on some of the Twitter backlash against me, because I shot a paper target imprinted with the image of the moose.  Not a moose, mind you.  But a moose outline.

Guess what, paper moose lovers?  It gets worse than that.  A few weeks ago, my dad took Willow and me on a moose hunt.  In case you who don’t know where food comes from, this is what keeps our freezers full at home.

If who’ve never been to a range, don’t knock what you haven’t tried.  When you do it right, target shooting is safe and a whole lot of fun.

As for those whose hearts are full of compassion for paper, I can assure you that the targets don’t feel a thing.

See you at the range!

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  • Cathie

    This is your best blog yet IMHO!! Sadly, I don’t think those “paper moose lovers” have a CLUE as to where food comes from. I thought the shooting range clip was fantastic! I’ve been wanting to go to one myself, but I haven’t worked up the courage to try it yet. I applaud your courage to shoot a gun, and even more, that you hunt! What are those poor paper moose lovers going to eat when times get bad?!?
    Keep up the great work on DWTS!

  • SueB

    Hey, I’d say they’re pretty brave criticizing you considering your shot was spot on! :0)

  • autumng

    @ NancyLeeGrahn is someone on twitter tweeting nasty things about Bristol. Apparently, she is an actress on the soap opera that Kelly Monaco is on. When Kelly was called “in jeopardy” she supposedly looked over to the other actress and smiled sarcastically at her. Of course, Bristol was safe, so there started the nasty tweeting. What a pathetic woman. I tend to agree with those there telling her that the football fans will vote fro Emitt Smith, the soap opera fans will vote for Kelly Monaco, the Olympic fan have some choices too.

    Show your support for Bristol.

    • NanaJ

      Thanks Autumng. We will

  • Sharon

    She and Mark are getting all of my votes!!

  • NanaJ

    LOL. I love how ALL Palin’s exercise their freedom of speech. You inspire our family and many others. We are voting for you and Mark.

    • Grannie Annie

      Yes me too!

  • bellagrazi

    Hahaha, Awesome! Palin haters are deranged. By the way, that paper moose target got a huge laugh from the audience. Super fun segment, Bristol! You’re a great shot. The boys were very impressed.

  • deeann

    You’ve got to be kidding me. People will find anything to attack you about. Good luck on DWTS I voted for ya as much as the polls would let me. I voted for ya the last time u were on the show

  • lois

    Any one, and I do mean every one that needs to try to bully someone as sweet as Bristol truly has mental problems of a hateful heart. There is NOTHING Bristol has done to earn criticism. Now that we see what a fine young woman Bristol has become, I’m sure 100% of it is pure jealousy!

  • Dennis

    As usual I fail to see what business it is of theirs what you or I do…. At sixteen my Father (who are in heaven) bought me a Mossberg 22 target rifle… I used to go to the police shooting range at the sewage treatment plant, to get there I walked though town, Barrington IL and nobody said a thing… SWAT was not called. Jim Brady was not called.. Everything was at peace in the world…. Now only PC things can be talked about… By the way, I like the look that what is face had on when you put three in the head…. Is he going to take you shooting or stick to dancing.???

  • meloryscott

    I agree with Ron Devito.