Good Riddance

This is great news!

The Huffington Post assessed the “dramatic toll” that recent pro-life laws have taken on abortion clinics, with Arizona leading the way:

More than 50 abortion clinics across the country have closed or stopped offering the procedure since a heavy wave of legislative attacks on providers began in 2010, according to The Huffington Post’s nationwide survey of state health departments, abortion clinics and local abortion-focused advocacy groups.

At least 54 abortion providers across 27 states have shut down or ended their abortion services in the past three years, and several more clinics are only still open because judges have temporarily blocked legislation that would make it difficult for them to continue to operate.

According to Christianity Today, “abortion centers are shutting down at an unprecedented rate. The total so far this year is 44, according to a pro-life organization that tracks clinic operations.”

Let’s keep the momentum going:  Support The Perry Center in Fargo, North Dakota and Lifehouse in Louisville, Kentucky!

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  • adapto1432

    If Bristol had stopped by the local Wasilla Planned Parenthood and
    gotten some, oh, I don’t know, contraception, before she had
    sex with whatever the hell his name is again.

    • otlset

      Maybe something good can come out of Obamacare if nuts like this dude might be taken care of. But watch out if you’re young and healthy, ya still gotta pay a TAX fools! Yay Obama!

      • Jeff

        Young and healthy people without insurance go to the ER when they are sick and WE pay for their care FOOL.

        • Jeff

          And you can thank the patron saint of jelly beans for that.

        • otlset

          Well, with Obamacare you’re going to pay more, much more, along with a drastic reduction in the quality, and even amount of that ‘care’. It’s the worst job-killing, personally intrusive, quality-reducing, shortage-causing boondoggle of a socialized-medicine law we’ve ever seen.

          Dump Obamacare!!! For the country’s own good!

    • hibiscus72

      she was drunk so it was the wine cooler’s fault and Levi raped her …. or so her book says – there’s no way she headed out camping and drinking in the woods thinking she’d be having sex, right?

  • adapto1432

    “Mine was unplanned and so should yours!”…..Love bristol

    • otlset

      Dude looks like Johnny Cash with constipation.

  • adapto1432

    The Palin household should be “the Faces of Meth” billboard for family planning.

  • adapto1432

    Do any people in the palin family ever have kids after they get married or is it to hard for them to wait?

  • Beebo

    I went to Planned Parenthood for a while to get birth control so I wouldn’t get pregnant right away after getting married. Planned Parenthood also did my pap-smears and other feminine checkups. They aren’t all about abortions. They don’t pressure people into having them, either. Would you rather have a dominion or a theocracy instead of a democratic republic?