Dad Takes Breathtaking Video of His Premature Son’s 107 Days in the NICU

This is amazing and so flippen sweet!

Benjamin Scot is a photographer for Abercrombie & Fitch and a filmmaker, so what better way to capture son Miles’ fight for life than in video form? Beginning when wife Lyndsey was finally able to hold their little guy four whole days after birth, the video of Miles’ first year is a tribute to her and to the doctors and nurses at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. And, well, it’s pretty much the most life-affirming thing I’ve seen in weeks.

Watch it here:

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  • David

    Watching the first part of the video was rough.
    I’m glad that I watched the whole video
    because it had a very Happy Ending.

  • Itarion

    All praise be unto science and technology for granting the miracle of life to this child!

    Alternatively, who are you to decide who lives or dies? Why must you play at being a god, to grant life to that which should be dead?

    • Abe Green

      Dude, science is a gift from God, it has nothing to do with Atheism.

      • Itarion

        Um. No.

        Well, you’re half-right. Science has nothing at all to do with religion or lack thereof, excepting significant correlation – not causation, mind you – between irreligion and scientific awareness.

        Also, where did I thank atheism? I thanked science and technology.

        • Abe Green

          You miss the design of science, by only looking at the discovery not its invention. A discovery through the use of math etc is possible for every human who tries to do. But creating the possibility of math, the root core for science is only possible by God.

          • Itarion

            Your God gave humans math. Defend.

            Required supports: Your god exists. Your god converses with humans. Your god gave us math. Your religious texts are not support for your god.

          • Abe Green

            I am perfectly happy with my God giving humans math, no need to defend his action.

          • Itarion

            Then you can take your comment elsewhere, because you’re off topic and not contributing.

          • Abe Green

            You have no basis for coming onto Bristol’s blog and demonizing God. This is a place where believers in God unite. Your comments slandering God are so inappropriate, that it is a wonder how come your Atheism hasn’t taught you one bit of morals to respect people in their own autonomy.

            The topic in this blog post is showing the wonders of God and how one’s sacrifice not to abort was a good choice. There you come and with no morals stonewall this story as an invention of science and technology, not God. You obviously did not like my comment that God is the source of science, so you are saying I am off topic. This is atheism logic, NO MORALS and NO RESPECT. How about you take your comments elsewhere, where atheism is sought?

          • Itarion

            I’m not demonizing anything. Original post didn’t insult god at all. I have not insulted your god, read back over my comments. More to the point, I actually implied that gods are ABOVE humans in my original comment.

            As for respecting people: neither have I insulted you. I have no desire to force your beliefs away, I asked for you to explain them to me, which you then actively neglected to do.

            The topic in this blog post is only recently possible, and only with intense neonatal care. This child spent three and a half months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where modern medicine bent itself to keeping him alive. God’s contribution to this was allowing him to come out of the womb early.

            What I did not like was your refusal to explain your beliefs to me. On Cross Examined, an atheist blog I frequent, we have at minimum 2 religious commenters. I think that it would be quite rude to ask them to leave, and equally rude to not explain my position to them after making it painfully clear what they are, and getting a request to defend them.

          • Corrie Nance

            Are you saying God caused the baby to be born early, but it was plain humans that made him well? Well, if God caused him to come early then don’t you think he could give the wisdom to man to keep him alive?

          • Itarion

            Ah, of course that’s what happened. Humans have been saving hyperpremature babies ever since religion was discovered.

            Presuming God exists, God screwed this up. Do not thank God for the tools to fix God’s mistakes. God could have just as easily caused this child to be born on time. If every child was born perfectly healthy at exactly the right time, THAT would be thoroughly impressive to me. INSTEAD, we find many children born so early that they are unable to survive at all. Miscarriages are not uncommon, which means God is constantly jacking crap up, since it is – by the omnipotent argument – entirely within his power to craft every child perfectly.

            You insult every scientist, doctor, scholar, and engineer who has ever lived. More to the point, you neglect your own story. Man STOLE knowledge, and was punished for it. It was not given. Stolen knowledge saved this child.

          • Abe Green

            We have had this discussion before in another post, I have explained myself then. You have a premature understanding of what God is so you blame God for the early child birth. Can you explain yourself, yes I can. God is the creator of darkness and light, even of what you cannot see.

          • Itarion

            Surely you would agree that it takes more than one discussion for a difficult and complex topic to be fully explored?

            I understand that my understanding is “premature” in your words, incomplete in mine, understanding of “what God is”. Which is why I’m asking for your help. What is your god? Why is your god the right god?

          • POAmerican

            What is your god PLEASE explain… I would love to hear it>>

          • Abe Green

            You are obviously a pissed off American and blame God for everything. Your piss is so visible that you have yet to comprehend that only humans can do math, not animals. The human ability to calculate with a consistency numbers that fall within the measurements of physics could have not been invented by human only by God because it is so perfect and we humans are not perfect, indeed we humans pissed off like you.

          • POAmerican

            My “name” is referenced to this gov’t and Obama.. not this article or God. And by the way not only humans do math .. Dogs and monkeys can do math as well. If god invented physics or calculus for that matter.. Where is your proof?


          • Abe Green

            You are mad at this government lead by the Atheist Barack Obama…? That is interesting.

            Even if animals can use math, the intelligence for math comes from God.

          • Itarion

            That dog is incredible. An absolutely brilliant animal, with an unbelievably skilled trainer.

          • Denise Peters

            ok here’s my explanation, its something your born knowing instinctively that there is a God how can you not he created you, you don’t over think it you just know it.. there are benefits to that . Its called faith, believing in something you cant see, just trusting and knowing , You should really ask God in your heart and ask him to forgive your sins and believe Jesus died on the cross for you. ( don’t try to figure it out) just do it what will it hurt. smile..after you do that, God will take over your life which is not a bad heart will change, you wont be the ‘ pissed off American” well maybe…because believing in God DOES NOT make you perfect it just helps you deal better with things in life. I’m not sure if you really wanted someone to explain, or just to give you something to bash on , but I hope its the positive one. I will pray that God touches you to turn to him . get ready to have peace in your life and see the world in a whole new way.

          • goprenzlergo

            Not “what”…but “who”… until you get it…there’s no reason to explain. God “Is…Was…and ALWAYS WILL BE”… Pissed off is where you’ll be until you know HIM…. Can’t explain. You wouldn’t get it anyway.

          • Corrie Nance

            God is who created this earth. He created you too.

          • POAmerican

            Really … How is ONLY possible by god and what is god??

        • Corrie Nance

          Without God, there would be NO science and technology

          • Itarion

            Explain to me how. God gives knowledge? That makes worthless, absolutely worthless, all of the contributions that hundreds and thousands of people have given to humanity.

            Look at the Middle East. Hyper-religious, and extraordinarily unscientific. The Catholic church. The Middle Ages. Religion is often the greatest enemy of learning and discovery. God does not give knowledge, men and women wrack their brains finding it.

      • Guest

        Science is a gift that religion has fought tooth and nail for thousands of years.

        • Itarion

          Thank you!

        • Corrie Nance

          Science has proven God is real !

      • POAmerican

        It has nothing to with God… Its people and innovation and technology! Why is everything always about god and religion????

        • Denise Peters

          that’s why your always pissed off you don’t know God ,knowing God gives you instant peace, I hope you find him , you’ll never regret it.

        • goprenzlergo

          Because that’s the ONLY thing that counts in the end!!! Maybe if you respected God and religion a little more…you wouldn’t be such a “PissedOffAmerican”. Good profile photo…by the way.

        • Corinne

          Because everything is about GOD.Believe it or not He created even you.

        • Marc

          Because ALL things were made for Him and by Him!

  • Alberta Brett

    Kleenex warning. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Shaun Salvetta

    Wow, that was incredible Bristol, thank you for posting this. It is so easy to get caught up in the world’s woes that sometimes, well sometimes we just need to get back to basics and remember just what really matters in life.

  • Sharon

    This was my life in 1979, now my little one is 35 years old. Thank God for miracles everyday!

  • Colorado_Mom

    The article says the son’s name is Miles……the video says the son’s name is Ward. Which is it?

    • Cindy Germino

      I believe it is Ward as the mommy has a “W” on her chain around her neck

    • Wolfpack93

      The name of the video is “Ward Miles – First Year”. Perhaps Miles is a middle name being used as the everyday name.

  • Ron Gilmer

    I think one of the most beautiful sights is watching a Mother and her smile’s as she holds her child that she has loved way before the child was born! Those smiles say more than anyone could ever put into words! I have seen several photos of Bristol and always smiling holding her child! These ladies, all, give the world a testimony that teaches! My wife was exactly the same way and I remember so much!

  • poptart

    Oh how I can relate to you, my son was born 3 full months early…so I can for sure feel all the emotions coming back during this time and can see the LOVE you have for your son….He is now 29years old and 6′ doing just fine!!! God Bless you and your family!!! They are worth it……..


    just totally love it. it is so amazing at how young a child can be and all complete with all the parts needed. how when so you there little body fights for life……….. who are we to say this life or that life doesnt matter or is not important. there is a purpose for every life even the ones that have not lived to experience life without the support of a mothers womb. R.I.P. ANGEL & ANGELO & the many others

  • Kristy Patullo

    Oh my gosh, that is amazing. An absolute miracle. God bless this healthy, happy

  • Ben Jameson

    My son was born 14 weeks early and dropped in weight to 1 pound 14 ounces. The video looked very similar to our experience. The doctors gave us very little hope that he would live due to numerous complications, but one Sunday morning God did a great miracle in his life. His NICU doctor, who is an atheist, told me later that my son is the only thing he has ever seen that makes him think their might be a God because there is no medical or scientific reason why he should be alive. Today, my son is a terrific young man and this video just reminded me of how blessed I am to be his dad. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • onesoldiersmom

      Wow, great story! God truly is great.

  • Kristina Rogers Jeffries

    Anyone know what this song is called? I love it.

  • Sue Lynn


  • idesign2

    So beautiful, tears….

  • onesoldiersmom

    God is great!

  • Blackburn Review©®™

    Those titties tho

  • Debbie Jewell

    Beautiful story. Similar to my daughter born at 30 weeks.