Trump Weighs In on Saeed: Obama “Didn’t Even Ask”

As the clock keeps ticking down on Pastor Saeed’s life, President Obama continues to ignore the plight of this American pastor imprisoned in Iran’s worst prison.

In a Breitbart interview, Donald Trump explained the situation in the direct way only he can:

Trump’s interview with Breitbart News came as he had just wrapped up a meeting with Pastor Abedini’s wife, Naghmeh Abedini. “She wanted to thank me because it was something that I picked up on a couple of months ago that while they’re negotiating, they should ask for his release,” Trump said of the meeting. “He’s only in jail because he’s Christian. They should ask for his release.”

“I have many millions of followers; I have two and a half million on Twitter and millions on Facebook. I have a lot of people watching, and they’re people like you. They’re the right people,” he continued. “And it got an amazing response. It brought it into the limelight and the unjust thing that’s taking place. So what happened is she came up and wanted to thank me. She came up with two very excellent lawyers.”

When President Barack Obama’s administration, led by Secretary of State John Kerry, negotiated the new nuclear sanctions deal with the Iranian government and other world leaders, U.S. negotiators made no effort whatsoever to press for the release of the imprisoned Abedini. During the negotiations, Abedini was moved to one of the deadliest prisons in the world–at which, according to American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) attorney Jordan Sekulow, he faces an uncertain future. Even so, despite calls from lawmakers on Capitol Hill and from public policy and political leaders throughout the U.S., Kerry and other State Department negotiators made no effort whatsoever to press Iran for his release.

Trump said he told Pastor Abedini’s wife on Tuesday that it is “a shame” the Obama administration left her husband in the Iranian prison and made no effort to fight for his release.

“The Iran deal is a ridiculous deal to start with,” Trump said. “But to end sanctions before the deal is negotiated is just insane. It’s called ‘Negotiation 101’ and they don’t know it. But they could have just for the sake of asking, they could have had him released. They never even asked.”

“If they said, ‘We really feel it would be good for all of us,’ they would have released him,” he claimed. “They absolutely would have released him. But nobody even asked. They didn’t even have the time to ask.”

As we begin to celebrate Christmas, Saeed’s kids wait for their Daddy to come home, his wife hopes her husband can overcome the lice, rapists, and lack of medication, and our country prays that our President could muster up the courage to demand this American’s release.

You can sign a petition here.  You can tweet about it here.  You can even write a letter to Iran’s new president here.

(I know many of have already done this – thank you!  I think it helps him to know we haven’t forgotten about it, though Obama has intentionally closed his eyes to Saeed’s suffering.)

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  • Rob Hart

    Unfortunately, it is out of sight out of mind policy for the loons in the current administration. The Light will shine in the darkness one day and justice will be served.

  • JuVen Luis

    You Know Bristol, Yes our president is selfish in his ways, but in this particular case he should not have his noes in it, it is because of this reason.Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend. Pastor Saeed’s cause Jesus, this pastor knew his cause when entered in to Iran. Let me assure that this pastor is full of peace and Joy, because our God gives it.Let you heart not be troubled for our God is with him.

  • Guest

    Hoped this help ease your mind a little bit…:)

  • JuVen Luis

    Hope this help to ease your mind a little bit, in any case best way to help is to pray…:)

  • JuVen Luis

    Best way to help Bristol is to pray…:)

  • Carolyn

    this is nothing new, with this present administration. I hate what this man, called the president is doing to this country. (no capital letter P because I do not respect him) We will pray for this poor poor man, and his family

  • Yukon36

    Obama is like every other Muslim. They want all Christians dead.

  • yaya

    Obumer will let them keep the pastor so he can plan some kind of fake rescue and then lie somemore how he savd him…..He’s too late, everybody is wise to his fake life with his hate for all of America!!!!

  • PatriotinCali

    Governments create the business environment. You may consider it a sweatshop, but for some of those working there (maybe many), it’s the only way for them to make money to eat. Onshore this production and many more will starve, while you won’t be able to afford the GAP products and they’ll go out of business, leaving many more without jobs. Derp!

  • otlset

    Obama (or rather all his underlings who actually do the work he claims credit for — I don’t think Obama ever worked a day in his life) could have included Saeed’s release as part of the conditions for whatever it was we got in the recent negotiations. But who cares about an obscure Christian pastor’s fate when a ‘squirrel’ like an Obama “breakthrough” with Iran to distract from the utter failure of his “signature achievement” (lol) Obamacare and sinking approval ratings at home is within reach?

  • Michael L Clark

    why not it worked for BHO

  • otlset

    Her incompetence cost four American lives in Libya. But yeah, what difference, at this point, does it make?

  • otlset

    She, and Obama have blood on their hands. Americans will not easily let this slide by. If she is foolish and vain enough to run, this episode will dog her throughout the campaign. But unfortunately low-information and ‘look the other way’ fools like you will vote for her, just like you voted for the liar in the White House right now the country is suffering from.

  • Michael L Clark

    are you serious? I can’t count the people that have died around her and bill, oh wait the last I heard it was 42. I do not know anyone outside of war and mass murder that has seen that many people die. Her law partner, why did it take over 6 month’s for her to hand over papers? not because she was shredding them. How about Bill’s body guards, what did they walk up on. It’s strange how a democrat can tell me he was a great president and what he did was ok because he was the President of America or Governor of Arkansas Having people killed to keep them silent is wrong all the time. then again you sound a little bit gangster yourself.

  • otlset

    If the Embassy in Benghazi was properly secured, as it certainly should have been in that Islamist-filled craphole over there, they might still be alive. If Ambassador Steven’s many requests and concerns about his safety and obvious Islamist activity in the area was taken seriously, they might still be alive. If a certain ‘someone’ in the administration had not ordered a ‘stand-down’ to potential rescuers after (and during) the attacks, they might still be alive. This administration including the State Department was derelict in their duty to provide adequate security there, and should be held accountable for it.

    But no, they all lied — “A hateful YouTube video was to blame!” Hillary and Obama and all the rest of them failed in this matter, then lied about it to cover their incompetence, resulting in the four bodies being dragged around the filthy streets of Benghazi as the Islamist and Al-Queda murderers howled with delight.

  • Carolyn Nuss

    Whatever….This pastor deserves to be released from that hell hole he’s in. In fact, I wish those Iranians would trade him for Obama. Let Obama spend the rest of his sorry azz life in that hell hole.

  • glennisw

    Neither you nor Donald Trump have no way of knowing what might be going on diplomatically regarding this situation, one way or another. So your entire post is nothing but a gratuitous display of your irrational hatred of the President. You really should stop buying into your mother’s resentment. It’s not good for a young woman, especially a mother, to harbor that much hatred and negativity.

    • Jennifer von Essen

      Hey Glennisw…maybe you should take your own advice on judging.

    • Renny

      His wife knows what’s going on. Are you that stupid?

    • Tiffany L

      Glenn, exactly.

    • SheilaRich

      Glennisaw, even as you were writing this, Secretary of State John Kerry was telling Congress that Pastor Abedini’s name was not even mentioned in talks with Iran. Wake up!

  • Bill589

    Thank you for bringing this up Bristol. Maybe enough public pressure on Obama will make him do the right thing. Apparently, he doesn’t have personal principles motivating him to do so.

  • Jean_A

    Why don’t you go back to HuffNutPost and spread your hate?

  • Tiffany L

    I can’t even take Donald Trump seriously. He has bashed Obama for years. He’ll find anything to use against him. I’m so sure Donald really gives a crap. Ok…

  • Edward R Barnett

    If he wasn’t Christian maybe Obama would help…

    • SheilaRich

      You are correct. You people out there: think about why Obama won’t/can’t help Christians.

    • 1MiddleRoader

      There is also a Muslim American being held in Iran, and the Obama administration has fared no better in getting him released.

    • Birdwatcher1

      What a stupid thing to say.

  • Guest

    I praise god every day for Obama and the hard work he does no the behalf of the American people.

    • Phyllis

      you have got to be kidding————all his lies????

    • Joe Harris

      What hard work

  • Lisa Bruno

    Father God, i break ALL the evil stringholds or Generational curses on Pastor Saeeds life right now in the name of our Living lord and savior Jesus Christ!! Send him home now from those disgusting heathen and heal his body, mind and restore his spirit. Let this poor family have peace this Christmas and get the Gift of their father/husband back to where he belongs at home. Father please protect him and infuse him with inner strength and safety somehow until he returns safely. Forgive him if he has done anything wrong and send him home . In the name of Jesus Christ we pray – Amen!

  • Lisa Bruno


  • S Davis

    Its not about strongholds, in his life he is being persecuted for his Beliefs and those in Christ will suffer persecution 2 Timothy 3:12,

  • Jane Graham

    White House didn’t even protect the doctor and his family when they went after Osama and now he is in prison for treason… why should be be surprised that this White House doesn’t look after people……He also let Americans die in Benghazi that should NOT have died….please people realize that these Benghazi murders didn’t have to happen at all. Please hold those that are guilty accountable…..if these mentioned above were your loved ones your would want accountability!

    • Jimmy

      Prove it?

  • Jimmy

    As usual the idiots are out in full force on this one. If god is so powerful then he should rescue the man?

    • otlset

      He should make me rich too, and give me all the things I ask for. But He doesn’t — not even close. In fact the way I see it, there seems to be an inordinate amount of difficulties, pain, disappointments, setbacks, and other crap that comes out of nowhere to make things difficult for me in life despite my best efforts to succeed and get what I want.

      But that’s only how I see it, from my narrow viewpoint of immediate self-interest. I’ve gradually come to realize though, mostly in retrospect, that what I want is not necessarily the best thing for me in the long run, and I find that as more difficulties are overcome, the more I am able to take on more of the difficulties that come my way and not dwell on what could have been. And I realize I never would have that ability, that strength, without going through those difficulties and handling them with Christian principles of living as best I could — again seen in retrospect (experience). And I also realize that life is brief here on this planet, and death and suffering are all part of the plan of physical existence, and we must have faith no matter what happens until the end, and face death with a pure heart as best we can — which is likely what Pastor Saeed is doing right now, knowing he is in God’s hands, no matter the outcome in this impermanent world.

  • Joey Casey

    Wasn’t he warned that if he went back to Iran he would be jailed? Why do people travel to these places and then expect the government to help them? I thought it was all about personal responsibilities?? Surely the government has more important things to deal with, like nuclear weapons!

  • David

    Whenever Trump gets in front of a News Media Camera, he should keep making more comments about Obama doing nothing to help Pastor Saeed …. maybe that will convince Obama to do something.

    • Jerry Lee

      Earth to David- Donald Trump’s an idiot.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    How on earth can Trump say that if we had asked, Iranian authorities “absolutely would have released him”.??? Obama expressed his concern about Abedini and the 2 others being held in a phone call with the Iranian Pres. in late Sep., (BTW, Naghmeh Abedini said she was grateful to Obama for “standing up for Saeed and for the other Americans,” saying that the phone call was the answer to her prayers, a fact which Bristol conveniently omits from her posts.) Iran moved Abedini to the more dangerous prison in early Nov.) Asking nicely (or even not nicely) isn’t enough. I do not blame Mrs. Abedini for being disappointed and feeling abandoned, but diplomacy, especially with Iran, takes time.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Trump wrote The Art of the Deal. He knows how to negotiate. Obama is clueless.

    • 1MiddleRoader

      Business is not diplomacy. BTW, Trump criticized Condi Rice and the Bush administration’s diplomatic efforts too.

  • Birdwatcher1

    Someone must have dropped Trump on his head when he was little. The man is nothing but a self promoter. Absolutely ridiculous. Pathetic.

    • Jerry Lee

      That’s what he has in common with Sarah Palin- they’re both idiotic self-promoters.

  • GDH

    Donald Trump is a big millionaire who can’t keep his mouth shut. He is a man who wants attention so badly he weighs in on everything. Its a good thing he didn’t run for President because he couldn’t have accepted a defeat from Obama with his enormous ego. He is like Sarah Palin. He and Sarah know they can’t win because they don’t represent anything but negativity, but that ok because they just want the attention of talking about things they know nothing about. Go away Donald. Go count your money and get out of our face..

  • Jerry Lee

    Bristol, why was your Mom so upset when Martin Bashir used his freedom of speech? Why isn’t she helpin’ him get reinstated like that Phil Robertson idiot?

    • S Davis

      If you can read, he resigned from the network on his own, he was not fired just suspended.