BREAKING NEWS: Trump wins New Hampshire! (You won’t believe the current margins)

HUGE win for Donald Trump in New Hampshire!  According to USA Today:

Billionaire businessmanDonald Trump rode his anti-establishment message to an easy win in the New Hampshire primary, news networks projected Tuesday, with a tight race shaping up for second place.

Right now, Jeb Bush is in second place, but he’s way behind.  As of 9:10 Eastern (thanks to the Drudge Report for the big dramatic font!) here are the numbers:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.08.49 PM

UPDATE: Fox News just declared John Kasich as the 2nd place winner.

I’m so happy that New Hampshire is seeing what a great leader Donald Trump will be for this nation.  (Also proud of my mom for seeing it before some of the other so-called Republican leaders.)

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