For Those of You Looking for a Certain Type of Man


Hipster style bearded man

This is hilarious, and actually could be useful for those of you who thought the whole “lumbersexual” thing was cool! [Read more...]

Duck Dynasty Wife Lisa Robertson Regrets Her Abortion Every Day


Stressed young woman in front of christmas tree

Every so often, we hear about a woman who had a secret abortion years ago, who’s finally found the courage to tell the world what a mistake she made. These stories are sometimes hard to find because the mainstream media doesn’t want to acknowledge the pain that abortion causes. [Read more...]

Sportscaster Slams Marching Band – and the US Army Responds!

Army Field Band

Glad to see the U.S. military setting an example of how to respond to criticism. [Read more...]

Mysterious “Tips for Jesus” Customer Leaves Thousand-Dollar Tips

Tips for Jesus

Talk about extreme generosity! [Read more...]

You Won’t Believe How United Airlines Treated this Family with a Special Needs Child


Life for special needs families is hard enough without people making it more difficult by their ignorance! [Read more...]