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For MaryAlice on Michaelmas

Unsurprisingly, we have been slaying cupcakes for years on this feast day  at the Incredible household.Here is a requested picture. This is Incredibaby at 14 months in 2009 (apparently we also painted that day!): … [Read more...]

Thoughts for Thursday — We haven’t forgotten it!

What am I cooking? I have been copying Kat's habit of cooking larger batches of food and freezing, so will have lasagna tonight, and I don't have to cook!What are my weekend plans?  A long run, a charity pancake breakfast, a birthday party, a CCD dinner, a christening.  Is your head spinning?  Mine is!What are my prayer intentions for the day?   For peace of mind and the mental space to parent intentionally.  Our school year got off to an odd start because we had to deal with remediation fro … [Read more...]

Shower of Roses: Michaelmas

    Shower of Roses: Michaelmas. Okay, so we are a bit cupcaked out around here, but if you are up for cupcakes in your house, I LOVE this idea of devils food cupcakes which you stab with little cocktail swords in honor of St. Michael.  Love, Love, Love.  Please, somebody do it, and send me pictures!  I'm looking at you, Tex, if not this year, file it away for the future. PS I have read this blog before, but I came upon this post through a facebook li … [Read more...]

Birthday Week

It is September birthday week here, we have celebrated John and Mary's 7th birthday with pancakes and cupcakes, and today we lit the candles for Peter's 10th birthday.Peter is the oldest builder kid, and as you can see in the picture above, 10 is really big!  Peter contributes so much to our home life, and he has had a strong role in forming our other children, he is like a builder on a different level, the one who can see the low details which the adults often miss.  I love how his younger s … [Read more...]

Ode to My Husband’s Risotto*

Last week we had a joyful day While Mr. Incredible worked far away. We wanted to share it while he was far from home, so we emailed him pictures to his iPhone.The three happy brothers reacted with glee to see our new little one floating on the little TV! That's right....we have a tiny new one who just can't wait to join the fun!For weeks now my stomach has done flip flops And sometimes there is just one thing to make it stop. Last week the baby wanted risotto at nine o'clock. My husband … [Read more...]

On Being Home

In what has been for me a very busy week, I really appreciated this post. … [Read more...]

The Vacuum Cleaner: Just Another Tool in the “Love and Logic” Arsenal

The other night, I casually told Christopher that I would be vacuuming the next day, and that his room would be on my list of rooms to vacuum. The next morning, I found him frantically cleaning up his Legos from the floor before school. When I told him that he didn't have to clean up just then, he said, "But Mom, you're going to be vacuuming my room today!"Logical consequences/motivators at their best :)A blessed Monday morning to all of you! … [Read more...]

Peace Out, Facebook?

Well, I know that it is much discussed over on FB itself, but the feed stream is so confusing there that I thought I would solicit comments here. I am thinking that I may have to bow out of the facebook community. Figuring out the new privacy details seems trying, and I don't love that comments on friends posts will be seen in another feed. I find looking at the screen pretty confusing.Sadly, several of my friends who used to blog a lot are now mostly FBers, so I will be sorry not to hear … [Read more...]

The Anti-Galante

Tomorrow is cleaning day in G-Ville. Awesome, amazing, wonderful, breathe-new-life-into-our-home-and-my-mothering cleaning day. I love cleaning day. It is the day I return home from the world and find my floors sparkling and shelves dusted... It is the day my shower gets a facelift and so does my cooktop. It is the day GG and I take a deep breath and sigh because life is in order for a split nanosecond; and enjoy it we will. Our wonderful cleaning team are treasured guests in our home. They are … [Read more...]


With all of the recent political discussions regarding taxation, I thought it would be appropriate to share my son's recent first experience with sales tax. Christopher had been saving his money for over half a year to buy a certain toy, and was very excited to finally go to Radio Shack to make his big purchase. After buying some batteries myself, I stood at the register and chatted with the friendly sales clerk. Christopher came up with his toy, put it on the counter, and began counting out the … [Read more...]