How To Dress For A Christian Wedding

How should guests of a Christian wedding dress? Ask the Couple If you know the bride or groom, it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask them. If you’re a man, ask the groom or one of his groomsmen or their friends, but if you’re a woman, then ask the bride or the bridesmaids or one of their friends to see what they should wear. The last thing you want is to underdress or overdress and either overshadow the bride and groom or be less than appealing in their wedding party. You wouldn’t want to wear somet … [Read more...]

How To Take Care Of A Leather Bible?

If you have a leather-bound Bible, here’s how you can best take care of it.Leather Bibles I have a leather Bible that has outlasted every other Bible I have. My leather-bound Bible takes a lot of rough treatment (not purposely), but since I try to take care of it, it seems to have lasted me very well. I know many people who have leather Bible’s that are personalized with their names on it and this makes them even more valuable to them so naturally, they want to take care of their lea … [Read more...]

How To Prepare For A Bible Study?

How can we prepare ahead of time for Bible study? Read the Bible Verses or Chapters When we have a particular subject that we are covering in our Bible studies, we will often take a look ahead of time at the next week’s study material so that we can read it over ahead of time and write down any questions we might have that we’re not sure about and then research the Bible for answers to those questions. You might even want to access a Bible dictionary, concordance, or a study Bible to see what i … [Read more...]

How To Study For A Bible Test?

How can you study for a Bible test? Read, Write, Highlight When a person reads a book, they only retain a small portion of what they’ve read, at least for most of us, but when you read a book and find a very significant point, you can highlight it in yellow like I do because I buy the books. If you want to avoid marking the book up with highlights, you can always write down certain quotes out of a book and keep them in a notebook, along with the page number of the book you were reading at the t … [Read more...]

How To Search For A Bible Verse?

Here’s how to make a thorough search for a Bible verse. Use the Index or Concordance If you are new to the faith, I hope this can show you where to start in your study of the Bible. You may have interests in certain areas and have a lot of questions, but it is my hope that the resources mentioned here can help you have a better understand of the Bible and of God but particularly on topics that you are interested in. The first place I try to search for a Bible verse is in my Bible. I hope I k … [Read more...]

7 Questions To Ask An Atheist?

Do you know any atheists? Here are seven questions you can ask them.Why did you become an atheist? I have no animosity towards atheist because I used to be one. Christians are in no way superior to non-believers because God is no respecter of a person’s ability, social standing, or wealth (Acts 10:34; Rom 2:11). God doesn’t look at the outside as we do, rather He looks at the heart (1 Sam 16:7). We too must look, not at the outside, but at the soul of that person as someone that needs sav … [Read more...]