Church Sign Epic Fails, Advent Onslaught Edition

I gotta tell you, these sign are better than fruitcake. At least I don’t lose fillings looking at church signs…

Yeah, but returning them is a massive pain in the ass without a receipt.
Hey, what did that little donkey ever do to him? Better hope PETA doesn’t hear about this.
Word is that you can get away with fifty-one skips a year, but you are automatically on Jesus’ “naughty and condemned to hell for eternity” list if you skip out on this one.
Kinda like the original, but with more boring, monochromatic costumes. Oh, and they genuflect to the sugar plum fairy.
A nice, warm and fuzzy sentiment for the holidays. And I love that they blurred out the name of the church but not the pastor. Fan mail time!!!
Yes, these pagan symbols we co-opted and repurposed from paganism for our own religion are only for Christians. And PS, that ain’t a good deal, at least in Portland.
Yeah, cause if you’re a turkey, you’re dead, which, yaknow, would make it hard to be thankful.

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  • Chad


  • Old Ben

    Ironic how a quote attributed to Cesar: veni, vidi, vici is now used to described Christ….

    • We Christians have a knack and very storied history of “repurposing” things.

  • David Starner

    I like how they obscured “ass”. Either use the word yourself or find some more appropriate way to say it; don’t bleep yourself.

  • TheRidger

    So, do the tree sellers have a catechism? Make you swear on the Bible? What?