3 Words Would’ve Saved This Guy’s Life; Officer cleared in fatal shooting

After talking to witnesses and hearing testimony, a court cleared this officer of wrong doing. Read more

Kurt Schlichter: The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.

We must RESIST their resistance. Read more

How Ronald Reagan Dealt with Commie Thugs

Trump has revived this spirit. Read more

Obama ran from his biracial roots when he decided to go into politics

Obama “fakes the funk.” Read more

A liberal talking point about the way black people view crime was just demolished by a Yale prof

Please stop helping us. Read more

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin a member of the anti-fascist Facebook group

Why are Democrats so tolerant of violence and suppression of thought? Read more

The AP doesn’t want you to know the Fresno shooter’s words were ‘Allahu Akbar’

I have no idea how these so-called journalists sleep at night. Read more

Unarmed black man killed by black perp; Black LIES Matter and other Race Baiters SILENT

Cleveland police are out there trying to find justice for this unarmed black man while these black activists do NOTHING. Read more

The Cowboys’ Dez Bryant Sends a Message the Black Community Really Needs to Hear

This is powerful. Read more

Grandfather of burglar says it’s not ‘fair’ to defend home with an AR-15; here’s my response

Fair? If you are in my house un-invited as in a burglary, the owner (me) doesn’t have to look for “fair.” Read more

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