3 Words Would’ve Saved This Guy’s Life; Officer cleared in fatal shooting

Screen cap from below video

Screen cap from below video

When a police officer has to use deadly force in a situation, the media booms it from every station.  But when that same office is exonerated in the incident, not as many people hear about it.  That’s why I wanted to tell you about Officer Timothy Corcoran: [Read more…]

Kurt Schlichter: The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.

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Do you ever look around at the leftists freaking out after the election of Donald Trump, unable to move forward with their lives, seemingly losing their minds.  Well, Kurt Schlichter has written the definitive guide to life in the post 2016 election world.   [Read more…]

How Ronald Reagan Dealt with Commie Thugs

We don’t have leaders like this anymore… When Ronald Reagan delivered a speech in 1964, he could’ve been delivering it to the liberals of our age.  In part, he said: [Read more…]

Obama ran from his biracial roots when he decided to go into politics

Image Credit: TravelingMan Flickr

Image Credit: TravelingMan Flickr

David J. Garrow won a Pulitzer prize for his book on Martin Luther King, Jr. and now he’s turned his sites on Barack Obama. His book, called Rising Star, has an interesting tidbit of information in it about the former President’s relationship with a woman he apparently dated… while dating Michelle. [Read more…]

A liberal talking point about the way black people view crime was just demolished by a Yale prof


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Looks like at least some liberals are waking up.  When I hear lefty politicians spreading the myth of black incarceration, it doesn’t resonate with my experience on the street, on the job.  Their “soft-on-crime” philosophies sound nice and sweet, coming from the comfort of their television studios.  But do you know what I hear from black people whose communities are riddled with bullets?  “Please enforce the law! Please get tougher on these criminals.” [Read more…]

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin a member of the anti-fascist Facebook group


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Well, well, well.  Breitbart has some scoop on a possible reason why the Berkeley riots resulting from the Milo Yiannopoulos got so out of hand. [Read more…]

The AP doesn’t want you to know the Fresno shooter’s words were ‘Allahu Akbar’


Tuesday, Kori Ali Muhammad went to downtown Fresno and killed a passenger in a a Pacific Gas & Electric truck.  Then, he tried to shoot a random person, but missed the shot. Then, he went into the parking lot of Catholic Charities and killed someone there.  His .357 revolver fired 16 rounds. [Read more…]

Unarmed black man killed by black perp; Black LIES Matter and other Race Baiters SILENT

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This is horrific. A man named Steven Stevens went out and shot a complete stranger, to get back at his girlfriend breaking up with him.  On Facebook, he claims to have killed fifteen people in an “Easter Day Massacre” — and this murder he posted to his social media for all to see.

Heat Street has the details: [Read more…]

The Cowboys’ Dez Bryant sends a message the black community really needs to hear


As if my hat wasn’t a clue, I’m a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. My Uncle Frank used to play for them, too.  So, it makes me quite proud to see a current player use his success for something positive. [Read more…]

Grandfather of burglar says it’s not ‘fair’ to defend home with an AR-15; here’s my response


Recently, three criminals were shot and killed during a home invasion robbery and now the grandfather of one of the suspects is complaining that it wasn’t a “fair fight.” [Read more…]

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