Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin a member of the anti-fascist Facebook group


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Well, well, well.  Breitbart has some scoop on a possible reason why the Berkeley riots resulting from the Milo Yiannopoulos got so out of hand. [Read more…]

The AP doesn’t want you to know the Fresno shooter’s words were ‘Allahu Akbar’


Tuesday, Kori Ali Muhammad went to downtown Fresno and killed a passenger in a a Pacific Gas & Electric truck.  Then, he tried to shoot a random person, but missed the shot. Then, he went into the parking lot of Catholic Charities and killed someone there.  His .357 revolver fired 16 rounds. [Read more…]

Unarmed black man killed by black perp; Black LIES Matter and other Race Baiters SILENT

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This is horrific. A man named Steven Stevens went out and shot a complete stranger, to get back at his girlfriend breaking up with him.  On Facebook, he claims to have killed fifteen people in an “Easter Day Massacre” — and this murder he posted to his social media for all to see.

Heat Street has the details: [Read more…]

The Cowboys’ Dez Bryant sends a message the black community really needs to hear


As if my hat wasn’t a clue, I’m a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. My Uncle Frank used to play for them, too.  So, it makes me quite proud to see a current player use his success for something positive. [Read more…]

Grandfather of burglar says it’s not ‘fair’ to defend home with an AR-15; here’s my response


Recently, three criminals were shot and killed during a home invasion robbery and now the grandfather of one of the suspects is complaining that it wasn’t a “fair fight.” [Read more…]

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Berkeley vandals call for beheading of College Republicans


Ever since The University of New Haven “disinvited” me from speaking on FORENSICS, because of #BlackLivesMatter, I’ve been paying particularly close attention to the terrible state of higher education.  It is so corrupted by radical leftism, it would be funny if these weren’t very serious issues. [Read more…]

Why it’s good news that Jeff Sessions is reviewing all so-called ‘police reform’ activities


The Federal government’s infusion of race politics into local policing, one that undermines law enforcement, has been dealt a blow by Attorney General Jeff Session’s recently released memo to review all so-called “police reform” activities. [Read more…]

NBC News keeps talking to Muslim doctor accused of kidnapping journalists as ‘expert’ on the Syrian chemical attack

The media continues to do their job as the propaganda wing of the socialist left.  But doing so in the middle of an international crisis, such as the sarin gas attack perpetrated against innocent children and other civilians this week, brings it to a new low. [Read more…]

‘War on Cops’ author shouted down at UCLA by Black LIES Matter, but the police should’ve arrested the rioters

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The highly esteemed author (and friend) Heather Mac Donald spoke at UCLA on Wednesday after being invited by the Bruin Republicans.  They wanted her to speak about her fantastic book The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe. [Read more…]

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The Black Panthers just requested something ridiculous, and very racist

The New Black Panther Party want a lot of things, not the least of which is a war with white people and the heads of anyone who has shot a black man. But their latest demand has to be the most racist of all. [Read more…]